Saturday, July 19, 2008

Into the second half with a blast

The Twins appear to be off on the right foot into the second half *relief*. The game yesterday was so fun to watch. Expecially in the 7th inning when we got 4 runs.

Perkins pitched phenominaly and the offense was on the spot. Bushbaby and Ice Kubes both drove in 2 and Delmy went 4-4.

The Twins also shut out the Rangers for the first time since August 21st and snapped Ian Kinsler's (see photos below) 25 game hitting streak.

Here are some photo's I took at the game yesterday:

Bushbaby at the plate

Nick Blackburn golfing....he won too :)

Ian Kinsler....

Ian Kinsler...again

Brendan Harris :D

The Highsocks boys: Harris and Kinsler

Morneau's Homerun Trophe

Gomez....picking his nose...haha!

The one and only Dirt Shirt

Ian Kinsler...hehe

Josh Hamiltion

Pitchers row

Ian Kinsler...I swear I am not obsessed! ;)


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