Thursday, May 28, 2009

Not Bad...Not bad at all!

Twins: 5 R.Sox:6 (L) Liriano
Twins: 5 R.Sox: 2 (W) Blackburn
Twins: 4 R.Sox: 2 (W) Slowey
Twins: 1 R.Sox: 3 (L) Salami (Swarzak)

Splitting the series against the "Big, Tough, Homer-happy" Red Sox isn't that bad considering what happend to us in New York... (cough)

Sure, it we could have done better, but, we could have done worse. Poor Mauer, didn't do so well against Boston, so hopefully he will do alot better against Tampa in this next series.

And, What are the chances that BOTH managers and BOTH catchers get ejected from the same ballgame? At least Redmond didn't go and break the teams' drink machine with a bat like
Carlos Zambrano. Jeez, that guy is nuts!

Dear Delmon Young,

Yeah, um, you are making me kinda mad in how you are not doing so well. So, do you think that you could maybe do better? You really need to work on your 1) Hitting 2) Hustle 3) well, yeah there is only 2 but the 3 makes it look professional. So, yeah. Please get on that or you may have some fans not very happy (if they already aren't happy).

*Love you lots [not really]

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Interleague Rockstars

That is us. We rock when playing the N.L.

Congrats Justin Morneau, who, being agressive as always, launched one to the second deck with the bases loaded (farther than Mauer's, which he loves to do) right after a spat of Gardenhire and the HP ump.

and whoa, Gardee couldn't have gotten his face closer to the umpires'. But, I guess that's what you have to do to get the call reversed!

And...The First Aid Package(s) go to:
~Crede, who got hit hard in the hand that made him hurt so bad he took himself out of the game.
~Kubel, his knee is acting up agian. Hope he gets better so he can continue his home-running
~Span, had some evening sickness today.
~Mauer, just so we can keep him playing ;)

*Note for yesterday's game. Anthony Swarzak (Salami, as I call him) did AWESOME against the brew crew. As not ever seeing him pitch, I had my doubts....which have now been erased. :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Cycle, Baybay!

Congrats Michael Cuddyer! Yet another Twin to hit for the cycle, and coming just over a month of Kubel's cycle too! So proud Cud, so proud!

I just happend to come inside to hear that Cuddy was only a triple shy of the cycle. I thought "oh, how extremely hard it would be to hit a triple to get the cycle" and BAM he does it (on the LEFT side too!). It kinda looked like he was crying at 3rd too. Love you Cuddy!

Anyway, SO glad that we ended that nasty streak of losing games and are back on track. 20 runs against the Sox? We should do that more often! Hoorah to Mauer on the GS, and Tolbert, just cus he's tolbert ♥

And Boy, do I LOVE interleague play. Cause we ROCK! Kevin Slowey is like the ace of Interleague, if only we were in Milwaukee so he could hit some more!

~And....2 pictures that make me laugh~ :)

haha. They look upset. I wonder why??

These people were embarrased after looking up at the board at the end of the game...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


We need to end this losing streak or I may lose my hair. Just when you think "oh, they are doing really well! Maybe they'll win!" The starter and/or bullpen lets them pull right back in the lead. I think I may go crazy if we get swept twice.

Trying to keep my mind off my Baseball fusterations, I tuned in to watch the American Idol finale (this was at the point of when the twins were trailing 7-2). I am not a Idol-Fanatic, but I did want Kris Allen to win, and hey! at least something went my way today.

He's my boyfriend of the day since me and the Twins are having a disagreement right now.

Anyway, with the twins' loss tonight, I will be more crabby tomorrow. And people will give me crap at school about how much they suck and blah blah blah. UGH! WE NEED TO END THIS MADNESS TO-MORR-OW. 'nuff said.


P.S. if the Yankees win the A.L. East, would we be to blame? We sure led them onto a streak...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mission: Impossible?

Question of the day: Can we beat the NY Yankees? Well, The Twins abviously don't think so.

Every game. EVERY-GAME. We led and our bullpen blew it all away. On Friday, our bullpen Could-NOT-throw-a strike!

Ugh, I hate Mark Teixera. I hate him so much. I hate him more than Derek Jeter, and I hate Derek Jeter. M.T is so full of himself, and I can't stand it!

Also, Bert commented we were about 3-27 in this series with runners in scoring position. That stinks! We better win tomorrow, and if not, it's going to be a long roadtrip when we go to Chicago. Oh my gosh this could be bad.

Please stop this Twins fan grieving Glen, Please.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Homerun Happy

Ok, we can't hit homeruns ever, but when we do, their all in a cluster. Just like yesterday's and todays games.

I honestly think Morneau gets jealous of Mauer. 2 days in a row Mauer has homered, and Morneau has followed with an even better homer (his usual upperdeck type stuff). Well, I guess if Morneau will get a homer everytime after Mauer, I won't be complaining! :)

I am going to seriously have to update my HR list with these two games. Yesterday: Harris, Mauer, Morneau, and Buscher. Today: (as of 7th inning) Mauer, Morneau, Cuddyer. I amliking this power boost!

Also, great job of eating those worms today bert. You looked like a master at that! It was for a great cause too. :D
Whatta guy :)

P.S. I am LOVING Matt Tolbert right now! ♥

Saturday, May 2, 2009

"April Showers Bring May Joe Mauers!"

And that indeed, is a true statement.

**Sorry for my delay in blogging, so here is a quick mop up of the series' I missed**

Ok, Starting off with the most important guy: Joe Mauer. I was sitting watching the first inning of the game yesterday and was so excited about this new addition to our team (which we really needed). I was thinking "How awesome would it be if Mauer got a huge hit in his first at bat? Then everybody would go crazy!". Well, it happend! What a guy that Joe Mauer is!

I think Morneau is going to be REALLY good this year am I right? And with his BFF back, he's gunna be even better!

I am very impressed with the series against the Rays. You made them look so stupid on wednesday! And Cleveland was very good as well. And Boston....yeah, we don't even mention that team.

Another thing: How is Mijares SO DANG GOOD!?! He can go 3-0 in a count and come back to strike them out! He has a wicked breaking ball as well. He pitched against John Buck (whose name makes me laugh every time) and threw him the nastiest curve ever!

Something that makes me laugh:
I found this lady in a magazine. Looks like a female version of Kevin Slowey.

What do you think? :)

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