Sunday, January 25, 2009

Twins Fest

Ah, long time no blog. I better start getting into the routine as Spring Training and the Season will be apon us in no time.

Anyway, I went to me first Twins Fest yesterday and had a GREAT time. Got Pictures with a Panda guy, Span, and (my personal favorite), Slowey! I went to the Slowey Q&A and got to talk to him. This was the coolest expirience. I saw Baker, Blackburn, Mauer, and Morneau as well. I was never more excited in my life! Span was so cool and Slowey was the sweetest guy! ;)

If you haven't gone on the tour of the clubhouse, you seriously should. It is alot of fun. Just seeing their lockerroom and where they have to go everygame was just really cool. While getting a tour of the lockerroom, I found Slowey's locker, and sat in there. I felt very special :)

Well, there will be more to come during Spring Training. I am going to be going to Florida (can't wait) and will get pics and blog about how awesome it is when the time comes.

(Pictures of Twins Fest Below)

Kevin Slowey & Scott Baker Autographing

Twins Fest <3


Big Twins jersey

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