Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hey Sox,

Whaaa? Whats this? Who's gunna be in First place soon? NOT YOU! ha haaa.


~Twins win (yesterday) 3-1
~Twins win (today) 4-3

Tink! Another coin in the Kubel homerun can.
....and 2 coins in Nathan's save jar.

Today, they said Gomez won the game, when actually, the whole team contributed (i.e. Morneau, Harris, Blackburn) But if there was a player of the game, Gomez is him. Wow Speedy have 11 stolen bases, you lead the list in the AL :)

Also, kudos for Bonser. YOU ACTUALLY GOT RUN SUPPORT *cough*. 8 K's...weeka wee...

Twins Tidbits: Everette is coming back on Friday....yaaay *rolls eyes*

It would make me feel really good if we were in first place for once...(or a long time)

Go Twins, Go.

-pssst: Now lets sweep Detroit ;)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Random thoughts

So, another off day. What the heck is with all these off days!? They need to stop...because..If I don't have Twins game to watch, me go a little bit crayzeee.

I am just going to ramble on some thoughts

~Mauer has gotten bigger, same with Cuddy. My dad thinks Cuddy is on steroids...

~Punto has turned into a mad man...makes me think of The Incrible Hulk...The Incredible Punto....hmm

~Everett looks like a little girl with brunette name for him: Everette

~Liddle likes to pretend to be an astronaut in his helmet down at third base

~I think Gomez is hot...and I am not ashamed to say it!!

Really bored this offday? Go check out this
awesome vid on Kayla's blog. *hint hint* It has slowey in it *hint hint*

Up next? BitchSox: Take Two

Sunday, April 27, 2008




Being shut out 10 to nothing is NOT what we want. Watching you guys ground into DP after DP was just nauseating. I think Gardee wanted to have an emotional breakdown. You guys didn't even have a play of the game! (well, i would pick Kubel's basket catch...yeah sad, it wasn't even that great.)

My feelings of the game (not very good)
~Mauer: you can't run worth crap
~Hernandez: wow, what happend? 2 HR's? sad. very sad.
~I think Bobbie Korecky did better than everyone today
~Why couldn't we score any runs?
~Where is my Gomez?
~Dick Bremer gave up on the Twins in the 4th inning...But good ol' Bert still had faith...well some.

ok, I am sick of thinking about todays game, so moving on...

More HR club news:

Cuddy is now apart of the HR club after hitting a 3 run homer yesterday (Why didn't he save that for todays game when we needed it?)

--HR Club--
-Morneau (6)
-Kubel (3)
-Harris (1)
-Monroe (1)
-Gomez (1)
-Cuddy (1)

And, I just hope they do better this week. They went from number 2 in the ALC, to 4th...u.g.h.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sad Day Liriano, Sad Day

Congratulations to Craig Monroe and Carlos Gomez in becoming the 4th and 5th members to join the Homerun Club.


Yeaah...nice shot. I think you just wanted to add some more RBI's to that game. 3 hits and 3 RBI's? not bad, not baahaaahaad. oh crap i got Lambitis.


YEAHH!! I am so proud that you hit a homerun! (even more excited than Monroe's..shh don't tell him). You are so little, yet have so much powah! =D

---HR CLUB:---
~Kubel (3)
~Harris (1)
~Monroe (1)
~Gomez (1)

Ok, so right now the Twins are playing the A's, and are losing 2 to 11 because Liriano is a...yeah. Liriano gave up 50 bazillion runs and couln't make it past 2 outs before Mr. "kick ass" Bass came in to save him (not really).So much for staying at .500....*UGH*

I am praying Slowey returns soon to save us all.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Could not let this opertunity pass

A blackout by Blackburn; and a great pitchers duel for Baker

Blackburn, You is amazin'. You make Indians sit and cry. I love you :P
Score: Twins 3, Indians NADA

My opinions of the the game:

-Morneau! You gotz 5 HRs!
-Punto, those wildman throws to first for a double play were AWESOME
-Blackburn: Congrats on your first win in the Major Leagues!

Also, Happy Belated Birthday to Mauer and Reyes!
<--Mauer & Reyes Discussing Birthday Party Ideas

*Anyways, For todays game (ha we won! In yo face BYRDIE!) Baker did supah good. And might I add,I have a VERY special announcement: Harris has been excepted to the HR club!
HR Club:
~Morneau: (5)
~Kubel (3)
~HARRIS! (1)

Harris, my opinion was the P.O.G. (ha pog..pogger) because he got the game tying run, and scored the game WINNING run (yes, I know that Morneau pulled through and won for us, but i still think Harris did a better job)

Harris hit a homerun just less than 2 hours after Gardee was asked on "The Gardenhire Radio show" why there were only 2 Twins that had hit homeruns, and his respose was:

"Yeah, you know thats just how the season goes, I know that Young will be hitting
a bunch this year and Lamb is due to hit one and we also know that Gomez and
HARRIS can hit the ball far also."

To Morneau:
Wow, you really surprised me. I thought for sure you were going to strike out there in the 10th inning...but you showed me.Good job budie!

To Gomez:
Nice Catch in Center! That saved the game you know. Good thing you got your wind back so you didn't have to have Span come in for you.

P.S. You need to learn how to bunt.

Twins are tied for 2nd in the ALC! (2.5 games behind Chicago) (3 games ahead of Detroit)

Up Next (Tuesday) Twins vs. Oakland (the land of oaks, and LeCroy)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cheers for Lamb (and Rincon i guess)

Hey Lammy! Guess what! You won the game! Nice job buddy...You should feel very special. *bah*

Rincon, you got the win, so yaay for you *sarcastic cheers*

Hey Bartlett:

Still wish you were with us? That could of been you that scored the winning run. Too bad you let TWO runs score on your THIRD error with TWO outs. Did you miss the metrodome? (you should cause it's fricken awesome). I bet you miss Punto. Now there are no more parahnaS...just parahnA (single, NOT plural). But you can always pretend...

Even tho you are on another team, I miss you Peary!!
~Yo favritist fan eva,
Anonymous :P

-The Morneau vs. Ice Kubes Battle:
Well Kubes, lets just say your not winning.
HR: 1* Morneau (4) 2* Kubes (3)
RBI: 1* Morneau (13) 2* Kubes (12)

One more thing:
Gomez leads everyone in the American League in Steals! Yeaaah....something to be excited about since nobody else on the Twins Roster is winning at anything ( At this point!) Muhahaha...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

All I can say WOW.

Wow is Tigers...NOT Twins.

WOE is Twins.

So, i guess we are going to blow TWO leads TWICE. That's great....just super. NOT TO HAPPEN AGAIN.


Whoa..rough night huh? You're lucky you dumped the loss on Neshek. I personally think you should have gotten the offense...kay? I hope this doesn't effect your pitching later...but...geez man! You CAN'T leave those pitches hangin' like that! You know what happens then don't you? Homeruns, Extra Base hits...RUNS. We had that game in the bag, and you kinda blew it. Sorry Buddy.

Sincerely Yours (not really),
~A fan that still has faith in you

So last nights game was so exciting...until we started losing. That is when i decided to screw that and go to bed. I was not happy...with Guerrier and/or Neshek at that point. Since then we have reconciled. (I just hope they do better next time....or else)

In other newz:

Morneau vs. Ice Kubes
Back and forth. Morneau homer, Kubel Homer, Morneau RBI, Kubel RBI. They are both tied at 3 Homeruns, 11 RBI's.
Watch out Morneau. You've got compitition. GO KUBES!

Monday, April 14, 2008

TJ Surgery a BAD thing??

Most pitchers who have Tommy John Surgery are most likely done with their career.

In this case, not for Liriano.

Sure, he walked 5 batters, gave up 4 runs. But hey, its his first time in the majors in nearly a year and a half. He DID only give up 6 hits. He DID strike out 4. He's no Santana (btw, Santana's record is 1-2), but he will get better. The Twins didn't exactly have a great day yesterday (yeah really, 3 hits? C'mon boys!). Liriano's ERA isn't bad. Hey, it's only 1.04 more than Rincon's...

On other notes, my "Favoretest" Twin is on the DL, and no, it isn't Cuddyer. I am now going to sit here waiting for the 15 days to be up before Slowey comes back. For now, I am going to have to pick a new favorite twin until he gets back. Hmm...Mauer/Morneau? Nah, too common.'s always gunna be my buddy...Mr.King o' Doubles Lamb? to bah-ey. Harris...ah he's gunna be always my buddy...along with Kubel. Everett? ha..he's a funny lil' guy..and reminds me of an elf when he has his hat on. Ah Ha! Blackburn! (<--Random). He's a really good pitcher...and yeah, i pick blackburn.... Right now, I am eating this Twins malt cup says: "official ice cream treat of the MN Twins"....but every Kemps icecream thing has whats the point...just say; Kemps: official Ice Cream of the MN twins. Tonite the Twins play the Tigers. They SHOULDN'T LOSE....but you never know...If they win...I hope blackburn gets the win. If...If...If...(lolz Bert)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Twins, KC

For Today's game, I am going to go through the play by play, well not really. Just going to pick out some interesting things that happen throughout the innings...

Top o' da First:
~Tolbert bunt singles, in the same spot Gomez did 1 pitch before~
~And, Morneau does what he always does: Grounds out in the infield...~

Bottom o' da First:
Livan walks one, K's one, inning done.~
~Livan's "Livan on a prayer" reminds me of a song by Jon Bon Jovi~
~*breaks out in song*

Score: 0-0

Top of thee Second:
Delmy Walks...and ICE Kubes is next~
~Well, lets just say, Kubel didn't take his Anxiety pills and struck out....~
~Delmy makes it a little easier for Harris, and steals second (2)...good job Delms~
~WiLd PiTcH, Delmy: 3rd, 1 out... cmon' harris old buddy ol' pal, DRILL IT....or..walk i guess...~
~Here's Mike Lamb: The King of Doubles......K's....~
~And the person to step up is: *ta daa* Denard Span! (rbi single) (1st in Major Leegz)~
~Gomez: 2 RBI Double. Nice job Speedy.~
~Wow, Tolbert, wtf is with you? YOU ROCK! (rbi single)~

Bottom of the Second:
Single by Alex Gordon...he scares me and i don't know why...i think he hides in my closet =S~

Score: 4-0 Twins

Top of the Third:
~Justin bombs one over the Right Field Fence~

Bottom of the Third:
~WTF kinda name is Grudzielanek? His new name is Crudzie~

Score: 5-0 Twins

Top of the Fourth:
Wouldn't it be great if Gomez hit a Homerun?~

Bottom of the Fourth:
Creepy Alex Gorden hits a double

Score: 5-0 Twins

Top of the Fifth:
Tolbert has gotten on base every single at bat~
~It is so windy Kauffman Stadium, Garbage is rolling all over the field.~
~Tolbert gets his 1st Majur Leege Steel! *golf claps*~
~Twins had a chance to score runs, but KC Int. Walked Morneau...and Young,grounded into DP.

Bottom of the Fifth:
~Livan gets out of a jam of the bases loaded. Awesome Livan, Awesome.~

Score: 5-0 Twins

Top of the sixth:
~2 K's...1,2,3 inning~

Bottom of the sixth:

Score: 5-0 Twins

Top of the Seventh:
~Gomez hit his first Triple in the Major Leagues~
~It is 42 degrees thats warmer than this cold and SNOW IN MN IN APRIL...~

Bottom of the Seventh:
~1,2,3 Quickie For Livan

Score: 5-0 Twins

Top of the Eighth:
Another Morneau walk...yippee~
~Kubes, Kubes, try soo hard to beat Morneau in most Homeruns don't you? its ok...
~Harris! Single! Harris! Rocks! Harris! <3!~>Bottom of the Eighth:
~Jessie Crain replaces Livan. Livan: You are so awesome. Nice job today! ahem- Livan:3-0~
~1,2,3 inning. Span gets 1st OF assist! ~

Score: 5-0 Twins

Top of the Ninth
~Matt Tolbert is awesome...where the heck did he come from?~

Bottom of the Ninth:
~Joe Nathan replaces Jessie Crain~
~Ross Gload looks like a boy puppet.... kinda looks like this: =D ~
~Nathan strikes out 1~

Score: 5-NADA, ZILCH, ROOSTER EGG (ha, inside joke), ZEEEERO

Twins Win.

Player of the game: Matt Tolbert...just cuz he is awesome...and nobody knows who he is...^_^

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I hate off Dayz

Well, The Twins aren't playing today....but I am finding it quite entertaining watching the Red Socks beat the Tigers quite bad.

And I also find it funny that the Tigers haven't won yet. I mean, they got so many good players this offseason, and i was quite scared....but wow...i was wrong......very wrong feels like Cuddy has been gone for weeks already...yet its only been 4 days.
Cuddy, next time, slide feet first. Don't be like Gomez who slides head first all the time. Somehow he doesn't break his fingers because he's super gomez, but you are no super gomez, you are a cuddy buddy, and Cuddy Buddy's can't do that.

soo, since its an off day, (which is really weird since it's in the middle of a series....) I will go be in denial in my room staring at my poster of Johan Santana that I refuse to take down....


Monday, April 7, 2008

Twins vs. Bitchy Socks

Ok, We WERE ahead of the B.Sox 3-1 but NOO. *darn you neshek..*

Morneau, Morneau, Morneau. Why are thou mean to thy. Hit thy ball, i know thou can.
Young, Everett...OMGWTF? Well, Everett gets a break becuz you do nothing anyway, but YOUNG?

Annddd Neshek just gave up a grand slam...Thats fricken fantastic...

So much for breaking the Bitches' 4 game streak....

Good Job least you tried.

Maybe Morneau will pull something out of his ass and we will win...


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Speedy GonGomez

Twins won over the wait, 3-1 Royals thanks to Scottie Baker and Gomez.

Gomez is now to be called Speedy GonGomez. He has 4 steals in 5 games. He is amazazing and bunts like CRAZY!

Then on the other hand, Cuddyer dislocated his finger, so he is out for 2 weeks at least...and this happened on the day I decide to wear my Cuddy Shirt....coincidence?? scare eey.

Today Livan (on a prayer) starts and I hope they beat the crap out of them.

One more thing.

Detroit Tigers are 0-4! *giggle giggle*

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Starting off on the right foot

Twins Won...and Torii Hunter went 0-4.

Ha Ha Ha

Now I am scared. He will probably go 4-4 tonite....oh wait, we have BOF pitching tonite! I hope that he just knocks them down. *evil laughs*

Is Gomez Playing? He should seriously play every single game....He did sooo many good things yesterday...then he got interviewed by Mr. Bankie (aka Dick Bremer) and he talks soo cute! I loved the way he talked in his Dominican accent.

Also, Morneau needs to STEP IT UP a little today. He cannot hit ANYTHING out of the infield! *headdesk*

The Twins are right up with Cleveland, and KC, (ha ha Detroit Lost =P) at 1 and 0 which makes me feel special since we are kind of like the underdogs.

Good luck tonite Boys, and if you are playing Morneau, HIT THE DAMN BALL.

And Gomez, Keep it up kiddo.


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