Sunday, September 27, 2009


We have been playing awesome lately! I think we have won 8 out of our last 10. That is great. We are so in this race! Keep pushing guys, we can do it!

So sorry I have been absent a couple weeks. I HAVE been keeping up with the Twins though! I went to last Saturdays game (9/19) to see them kick the Tigers' butt. Afterwards I got to play softball on the field that the Twins were on hours before. GREAT expirience. AND while we were warming up, Justin Morneau was standing right by us giving a Q&A for this kids program. Afterward, he waved at our team. It was GREAT!

I do have pictures from the game, but I haven't had time to upload them. I will soon, promise!

Good Luck to Blackburn tomorrow and all of the Twins in this final road series! Kick Butt! :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Well. That's depressing. 7 games back, with a month left. No, it's not impossible, but it is going to be one heck of a battle. They've got to be like Cleveland from Major League. What does that mean? IT MEANS GET YOUR BUTT IN GEAR RIGHT NOW!

I've gotten some conclusions about where we could be standing now if
1) We hadn't lost ALL games to New York
2) We hadn't lost Kevin Slowey
3) Liriano wasn't such a butt
4) We kept our players healthy
5) We had gotten Crede's back fixed for good
6) We had never called up Keppel
7) We would have had Buscher play more often

And there are plenty more that could be added there.

Just to get it out there so it's not a huge surprise to anyone: On Thursday we have to face Halladay. Brace yourselves folks.

There is one thing that gets my spirits up and hopefully it will lift yours too. You know, we still have 6 more games with Detroit. You know, we could win a bunch of those and be right back in it. Don't give up guys!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Metrodome Magic!

Great win last night guys! That win sets the tone for the series. We must continue with this confidence and push all the way through September. Don't worry, the September Callups will help get the job done!

Speaking of the callups, I am so happy that Tolbert and Buscher are back. Everyone needs what I call a "Buscher" at bat. An at bat that makes the pitcher throw over five pitches to a batter. Buscher does that nearly every time he is up to bat. Go Buscher! Wear that guy out! Tolbert? Well, he can play anywhere. He is like a Brandon Inge...only he doesn't catch. :)

What ever happend to Pridie? I met him down in Florida and he was such a happy-go-lucky guy. We called him over for autographs but he went the other way. We thought he ignored us, but a minute later he comes back and says "Did somebody call my name?". Ah, what a guy! :)

In other news...Ozzie would like to be apart of the "farewell metrodome" thing. What a scam. He is so sneaky it makes me sick. A quote from the news story on "Actually, Guillen would like to be the individual who blows up the Metrodome" haha. I bet he would. Thank you vikings for not getting a new stadium!

And...Crede is NOT retiring. Don't even think that! ....I just wish he could play vs. the White Sox because he kicks butt against them :(

Good Luck tonight Mr. Manship! Make the rookies proud!

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