Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lets play leapfrog!

Hoorah! We are finally in front of the stupid white sox! (Thank you NYY). The next thing on our leapfrog list: The Detroit Tigers.

Great job on winning the series today guys. It would have been even better if Tampa Bay had wanted to be our friend today and beat the Tigers. They must be still mourning the loss of Scott Kazmir.

Whoa. Did we do a suicide squeeze today? Yeah, I think we did and it worked out great! That is punto's specialty right there. It's so fun to watch Minnesota ball where you see more of those plays than homeruns (but it is still fun to watch HRs too).

Jeez Nathan. Could you maybe not make all the Twins fans have a heart attack everytime the game is close in the ninth inning? It is not a happy feeling when there are 3 people on base with no out in a close situation.

Lets keep the Minnesota beating Chicago magic going this next series. We don't want them to leap over us!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"We're down, but we're not dead"

It explains it all.

We're still in it people!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Well it's about time.

Way to sweep those Royals, Twins! I don't know why you couldn't do it last time, but the most importand news is we are gaining ground. I was really worried when we were 6.5 back. Now we are in post striking distance. Hoorah!

Tonight we have the Orioles. You would think "Psh, we got this in the bag" but we always seem to have some troubles with them. At least we have Justin back tonight!

Hopefully we can continue to beat the Royals because our final series is with them. Guess who has to play eachother in the final series? White Sox and Tigers. (snicker snicker)

Ugh, I can't wait until September 1st and Brian Buscher...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Now THIS is Twins baseball!

Wow, I didn't realize that it had been 3 weeks since we had back to back wins. That is all over now!

The past 2 games are the games that are the best to watch. Coming back from 5-0 and 4-1 is great! Do you know how bad it would have been if we had been 7.5 back? Ugh. We need to continue to battle here. Detroit isn't just going to hand us the division!

I am so happy for the following people:
*Delmon Young: You have really stepped it up recently, and I love when you make me happy!
*Denard Span: Such a risky play to run in from second, but hey! You made it (and made pudge look like a rookie!)
*Joe Mauer: Yeah, they so ripped you off of your streak yesterday, but you're average is so high, you'll start a new (longer) streak tonight!
*Jose Mijares: You didn't give up any runs when we were only up by one. Good Job! (You are better than Keppel...aka Krappel according to
Betsy )

Get better soon Morneau. We can't have Cuddy playing 1B forever. And Harris at first base? HA! This is the situation where Buscher would be in....sigh :(

Swarzaky tonight! whoot whoot!

Friday, August 14, 2009

I think I'm sick.

No, not like the coughing, puking, sneezing kind of sick. I think I might be sick because I just don't have the passion for the Twins right now. Oh of course I still love them, but they are being so in consistant that its hard to get excited, you know?

Ugh, our pitching. That is part of the reason why I am "sick". We all know that Pavano did good in his last start and we can't expect him to come here and win every single game. He didn't do that bad. He didn't give up 6 runs in the first inning like some people I know...

Oh my gosh. I am so happy/proud/excited for Liriano. He was like my medicine that one day. Yesterday, my medicine was Mauer, duh. He drove in every run.

Cheers for Cabrera for his TWENTY TWO game hitting streak. Thats amazing!

Twins, please make me feel better and win against Cleveland. Please?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Self Destruct

That is basically the button that the Twins are pressing right now and it is really annoying.

Just some things on my mind....
1. We are 3 games under .500?? When did this happen?
2. We are 5.5 games back? Weren't we like 1.5 games back like less than 2 weeks ago?
3. Baker, Baker, Baker. I thought you were the one we could depend on...
4. Woah! Pavano is just what we needed! I like him.
5. Cabrera has a 19 game hitting streak! Yay!
6. The Tigers have to play the Red Sox tonight which is good, because Boston is good, but Boston has only scored 2 runs in the past 5 days and yeah...
7. Very impressed with Mauer and Spans' performace during the Detroit series.
8. Oh my gosh if we lose to KC I am probably going to loose it.

That is all. The Twins better gain their senses during this off day and shape up. Only a month and a half left of play guys!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dear Liriano...

Uh, what is your record now? 4-11? ELEVEN? What is wrong with you? Every start you have I think "ok, he HAS to do better than last time" or "Ok, I will give him one more chance". Well, you blew all those chances. Every. Single. One. I am so sick of you. Basically we can't win more than 4 in a row because you are here. What should we do with you? Send you down? Trade? I don't really know. But the Twins better do something or else this team WILL NOT make it to the playoffs. It's tough to say this, but as of right now? You SUCK.

Thanks for listening. Now if you'll excuse me I have to make a call.

"Hello? 1-800-Duensing? Hey, we'd like to ask you for a favor..." :)

Saturday, August 1, 2009


We cannot solve this angel puzzle. Its really quite fusterating.

...And now the new face of the club. Orlando Cabrera. Welcome. (Do good for us or go home) :)

I don't like his face. It is creeeeepy!

It'll be fun to have another new person in the club. But I feel so bad for Brenden Harris. He got slapped. And Brian Buscher. What did he do wrong? Sure his average was low, but you never let him play! I'll miss you, Brian. :(

Lets win tomorrow. It would suck to sweep and then be swept. Yuck

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