Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lets play leapfrog!

Hoorah! We are finally in front of the stupid white sox! (Thank you NYY). The next thing on our leapfrog list: The Detroit Tigers.

Great job on winning the series today guys. It would have been even better if Tampa Bay had wanted to be our friend today and beat the Tigers. They must be still mourning the loss of Scott Kazmir.

Whoa. Did we do a suicide squeeze today? Yeah, I think we did and it worked out great! That is punto's specialty right there. It's so fun to watch Minnesota ball where you see more of those plays than homeruns (but it is still fun to watch HRs too).

Jeez Nathan. Could you maybe not make all the Twins fans have a heart attack everytime the game is close in the ninth inning? It is not a happy feeling when there are 3 people on base with no out in a close situation.

Lets keep the Minnesota beating Chicago magic going this next series. We don't want them to leap over us!


Tricia said...

Yeah! A win is great but Nathan has sure been making it interesting lately, to put it kindly.

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