Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Spring Training expirience :)

Ah, just got back from Florida (sadly, it is still freezing in MN). I have so much to blog about that I can't remember half of it so here it goes.
Ok, so the Twins had lost 2 games in a row before I went to Sunday's game vs. Toronto. They then won vs. Toronto when I was there, Then Monday vs. the Orioles when I was there, Then @ the Marlins' stadium (again I was there). Then the next game they played (Thursday @ Reds' stadium) they lost. Coincidence? I sure hope not.....but then again yes :)

Spring Training games are SO MUCH more fun than regular games. The guys are so relaxed and really nice...well, except Morneau who really hates people I think. I got 7 Autographs in 2 days. It was so cool! AND I got 3 of my top 5 players' autographs

(My top 5 (in order of favorites): Slowey, Tolbert (Recently Added), Blackburn , Harris, &Buscher)

In all, I got: Nathan, Span, Buscher, Tolbert, Pridie, Mijares (he is awesome!), and Harris

Probably my most favorite game was the away game against the Marlins because
1)Slowey pitched AND had 3 RBI's! It was amazing!
2) I got 5 autographs

3) (Most Favorite): Brian Buscher tossed ME the game ball :D (Which, as I calculated, had been: Pitched by Slowey, hitten by a bat, touched by Tolbert, caught by Busch, and tossed to me... ah what a great day it was...

Jeez, Outside baseball is 100% better than indoor baseball. The sun, heat, fresh air. Ah, I can't wait till 2010.

Also, I have become attached to Matt Tolbert. He is what I call my new best friend. He played every game I watched and played the whole time. And...I spyed on him through my binoculars... hehe :)

Please Comment this and tell about your favorite Spring Training expirience. (If you have never gone, you should seriously consider it. The people down there are so nice and I seriously cannot wait to go back to Ft. Meyers!)

**Pictures (mostly of Tolbert) coming soon... **

Monday, March 16, 2009

Finally, a win

Ugh, it's been forever since I saw the MIN highlighted on Finally Today we beat the O's 5-3 (and Humber got a start!)

Finally Span is starting to break out and hit the ball. Unfortunatly, Morneau isn't....yet.

And Crede hit his first Homerun as a Twin today!! Whew, the Race between Busch and Crede is pretty close, but I don't think the Twins are going to not start Crede considering they just got him. But Crede is going to be so fun to watch this season!

Well, keep on rollin' Twins. I'll see you down @ Spring Training in 6 days!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Whoa! Nice Job Liriano and Bullpen! 1 hit through 9 innings is awesome! Liriano gave up no hits, walks, and struck out 5....In FOUR innings!

The hitting.....could be better. Only four hits, but I guess it got the work done (thanks to Gomez).

Only one game behind the Grapefruit Leader(s) and 2 games behind the angels in the A.L. (Did I mention I hate the Angels minues Torii Hunter?)

And, A-Rod WILL HAVE surgery. (YES!) He will be out for at least two months :D

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Perfect Slowey

Yeah, it's only 3 frames, but no hits or walks is still pretty impressive.

And might I ask, what is with all these injuries? Blackburn, Nathan, Boof, Mauer. Good Gravy! Have we fallen into a unhealthy plague? We need these guys! Without Mauer, I keep forgetting he is even on our team. Where is he anyway? On the couch? At Morneau's house?

As of today we are 4-2. And behind the Angels (I am so sick of them honestly) Baltimore (who would have thought!) and Seattle (they are makeing a comeback, I swear) in the standings.

And Lil' Gardee got an RBI today! Good for him!

P.S. A-Rod may need surgery that will put him out for 4 months! Cha Ching!

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