Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Go Slowerz!

Slowey! Slowey! Slowey! You pitched awesome last night. I mean, you pitched a shutout to the first place Chicago White Sox!

Span hit a 2 run homer, and Morneau hit a two run homer....and I was just thrilled to know that we were not gunna get swept for sure, and that we were gunna gain a game on them for first. I can just taste first place for the Twins!!

I also got really excited when they put GoGo in for the first time since his smash against the wall and he hit a single and eventually scored on Harris's two run double. You could sooo tell by the way he ran that he was still in some pain from the accident...but hey, he still runs as fast as lighting!

Tonite is the Perkins, who lost for only his first time in nearly 2 months in his last start and he is going up against someone who has not pitched in the majors this year. This is the time for the Twins to capitalize!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Big Series

4 Game Series against who? The Leading (by only two and a half games) Chicago White Sox.

I am soooooo excited for this series. We have a great oppertunity to take the lead in the AL Central AND we are the home team.

Saturday's game was a great Game for Brian Buscher. I didn't get to watch the first half, but when I was watching the second half on TV, the got 9 runs by that time and they wouldn't say who drove in all those runs until the end when they told everyone Buschbaby had gotten 5 RBI's. Way to go Buschbaby!

Well Twins, I do hope you win tonite...and tomorrow, and the whole series. Just please don't make Asses of yourselves.

And one more thing, GO SLOWEY!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Don't worry folks!

Forget about last nights' game against the Yankees...tonight we Have *Kevin Slowey* pitching and so It should be a great game. We gotta win this one!!

For some reason it is really hard for the Twins to win at Yankee Stadium. So It would be great to win at least 1 and even better to win 2. However, Yankee Stadium doesn't seem to effect Casilla who had a great game yesterday.

And lets just say we are damn lucky that the White Sox have been losing on the days we have so we can maintain that 1/2 games behind...and hopefully we can find a game to win, and have the White Sox lose. All I can say is, GO TEXAS!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ranger Smashing

Ahh...great game. 14 runs, 4 homers, 5 RBI for Morneau and 3 for Mauer. (They both were on MLB's Last Nights Performers)

Twins got a season high of 4 homers in 1 game. They came from Mauer, Morneau, Young (on his bobblehead day!) and Buscher.

Livan Hernandez didn't blow the lead either (whew) and earned the win by only giving up

Today's game however was heartbreaking. Scotty only gave up 2 hits and yet the Twins lost. They would have won it in the 9th, but the umpire didn't let Justin go to first when he got hit in the hand. I was so sad for Baker since he pitched sooo well, but 1 homerun lost it for the Twins.

Up next is the Yankees. Remember what we did to them last time? Well lets do it again. And you know, we have the 2 best pitchers coming to start it off...Blackburn and Slowey :)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Into the second half with a blast

The Twins appear to be off on the right foot into the second half *relief*. The game yesterday was so fun to watch. Expecially in the 7th inning when we got 4 runs.

Perkins pitched phenominaly and the offense was on the spot. Bushbaby and Ice Kubes both drove in 2 and Delmy went 4-4.

The Twins also shut out the Rangers for the first time since August 21st and snapped Ian Kinsler's (see photos below) 25 game hitting streak.

Here are some photo's I took at the game yesterday:

Bushbaby at the plate

Nick Blackburn golfing....he won too :)

Ian Kinsler....

Ian Kinsler...again

Brendan Harris :D

The Highsocks boys: Harris and Kinsler

Morneau's Homerun Trophe

Gomez....picking his nose...haha!

The one and only Dirt Shirt

Ian Kinsler...hehe

Josh Hamiltion

Pitchers row

Ian Kinsler...I swear I am not obsessed! ;)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Woah Morneau!!

Homerun Derby King? Scored the winning run in the All Star Game? Woah! You are awesome!

I'd like to say that I am VERY proud of our 3-some at the All Star Game.
~Mauer: Single,walk, awesome STARTER behind the plate
~Nathan: 1 Scoreless inning, 1 Strikeout
~Morneau: Hit a Double, and a Single, and got intentionally walked, Scored 2 of the 4 runs, Hustled ass to get from 3rd to Home on a shallowish sac fly by Mike Young, Scored on JD Drew's 2 run HR to Tie the game, and the night before captured the Homerun Derby Crown.

Now, Alot of People have been giving Morneau Crap about winning the Derby because he is from the Twins, and he beat out Josh Hamiltion, who everybody wanted to win. And yeah, Josh looked like he was gunna win, but in the final round, he didn't hit like he did in the first round and Morneau just kept on sluggin'.

I stayed up all night to watch the all star game. Yes, all 4 hours 50 minutes, 15 innings of it. I wanted Morneau to be the MVP of the game sooo bad that I wanted everybody to get out so Morneau could come up to the plate again. And everytime he did, I was so excited that if he hit a homerun or a big hit to drive in the run, he could be the All Star. And he finally did something when he hit that single (which eventually scored).

I even caught myself cheering on People such as Ichiro, Kinsler (whoa...he is so cute), Sizemore, and....even Jeter...even though I hate him in regluar season, he was a part of the AL, and if he is there to help us win, then GO JETER!

Note to viewers: I will never say "GO JETER!" unless it concerns the All Star Game.

I just loved how even though all the boys were on different teams, they all acted like Best Friends.

And: Yes Morneau, you are safe.

Monday, July 14, 2008

First Half Complete

What a great first half. Here are somethings I am happy about:
>We are in second (almost 1st) place in our division
>We have gone so far without Santana, Bartlett, Hunter, Silva etc.
>Casilla has grown up so much
>Brian Buscher kicks ass
>At one point we had won 10 games streight
>We have so many speedsters now (Casilla, Punto, Gomez, Span)

Here are things I am not so happy about:
>Pat Neshek out for the rest of the year
>Swept by both Sox

There are more happy things than bad things...a good sign.

I am really bummed right now because I am going to the Twins game on Friday and Slowey was scheduled to start but with a finger injury (what a surprise!), got moved back to the end of the rotation...so now Perkins is pitching.

I'm scared.

Well, The Detroit Series was a great one. 3-4 is not bad. And we are 1.5 back from the Sox. Oooohh! I want them in first place soon!

And one more thing: I nearly forgot that Adam Everett is on our team....

Friday, July 11, 2008

Go Morneau!!

Morneau!! You did AWESOME last night! 5 for 5 with a walk, 2 singles, 2 doubles (1 was a sapposed to be a homer...) and...an actual homerun. Whoa! Your average is almost higher than Mauer's!

Us Twins...rallying back to win like we weren't even losing in the first place...

Poor Slowey... He only lasted 3 2/3 innings. But at least he didn't get the loss! *whew!*Better luck next time Kevin!

And Nathan. What was that!? You are darn lucky you didn't blow the game. I thought you were gunna walk in the winning run from third but you got lucky and struck out Pudge Rodriguez to end the inning.

Oh and by the way: Thanks Matt Joyce for messing up (twice!) and letting us win. :)

(And guess what? The Sox lost...to KC! Ha ha!)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Oh No!


No, not by us, by

Ok, For 1 we shouldn't have lost the first two games. Yesterday I wanted to strangle Matt Guerrier for blowing our 5-2 lead. Heck, I would have rather of had Crain come in then watch Guerrier spoil it all.

And did I mention I now HATE Manny Ramierez (yes, 'hate' is a very strong word, and in capital letters and in bold, it's is even stronger). He's so errogant and cheap. When he hits a ball a long way, he stands at home plate and is like: yeahhhhh....*walks around bases* and when it isn't, a double/triple turns into a single. GAH! I Hate him!!

Man oh Man...Today we got SLAUGHTERED. Like a bazillion to 5. Ok, like 18 to 5 but it's still bad. I mean, at 1 point we were leading 3-0 and I thought: yes, we got this one!! But of course, stupid Manny and Youkalis and all the other stupid people on that team blasted us.

We need to win because if we lose another one and Chicago wins, I think I am gunna spaz out. We need to domintate Detroit this next series. Yes, look ahead to the positives. All I want is that they are better than this on the 18th versus Texas because I am going to that game.

Slowey: Please Help us win! Please Slowey! (Wait, Slowey always does good. We are in good hands here!)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Cleveland Sweep!

Whoa! The Twins beat Cliff Lee! I was so happy when they got the lead after being down 3 to nothing for much of the game. I then laughed at how the Twins are so good at rallying back to win.

When the Twins Tied the game, Glen was so happy that he could maybe get the win. He was dissapointed that they didn't send Young who was on second base home on Nick Punto's bases loaded single. His face went from: YEAH!!! To: oh....

I also think Brendan Harris is doing great at 3rd base. Every play he has made has been great and his throws to Morneau are rockets. Brendan Harris: Mr. Infield.

And Today the Indians traded away their Ace C.C. Sabathia to the Brewers. At least the Twins won't have to face him as much anymore. However, they play the Brewers every year in Interleague, so it isn't the last of Sabathia for the Twins.

Twins win streak is at 5 and up next is the Boston Red Sox. It would be hillarious to knock down the Sox in a sweep. The Twins should play well at Fenway. Many Twins players say this is their favorite Park to play in, so they better make it worth while and win!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Little Nicky Punto?

Was that guy out there in the number 8 jersey Nick Punto??

Boy has he ever kicked butt these past few days. The roller to Casilla for the force Wednesday, then the homer and the bases clearing double yesterday. Whew! His new name should be Mighty Nicky Punto!

And, yeah....Delmy did good too (Dam *secret swear*, I hate that I hate him and then he does good...). He is finally getting his swing...but he still has a long way to go to beat last years homerun record (16).

And the Pitching this past week? Awesome....except Jesse Crain, my new target to cuss at when I am mad (I seriously thought we were gunna lose in the 9th yesterday because he was in....thats how much i don't trust him).

Today is Slowey day (yeahaa) and we are gunna K-Y-L those Indians...again! GO SLOWERZ!

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