Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Woah Morneau!!

Homerun Derby King? Scored the winning run in the All Star Game? Woah! You are awesome!

I'd like to say that I am VERY proud of our 3-some at the All Star Game.
~Mauer: Single,walk, awesome STARTER behind the plate
~Nathan: 1 Scoreless inning, 1 Strikeout
~Morneau: Hit a Double, and a Single, and got intentionally walked, Scored 2 of the 4 runs, Hustled ass to get from 3rd to Home on a shallowish sac fly by Mike Young, Scored on JD Drew's 2 run HR to Tie the game, and the night before captured the Homerun Derby Crown.

Now, Alot of People have been giving Morneau Crap about winning the Derby because he is from the Twins, and he beat out Josh Hamiltion, who everybody wanted to win. And yeah, Josh looked like he was gunna win, but in the final round, he didn't hit like he did in the first round and Morneau just kept on sluggin'.

I stayed up all night to watch the all star game. Yes, all 4 hours 50 minutes, 15 innings of it. I wanted Morneau to be the MVP of the game sooo bad that I wanted everybody to get out so Morneau could come up to the plate again. And everytime he did, I was so excited that if he hit a homerun or a big hit to drive in the run, he could be the All Star. And he finally did something when he hit that single (which eventually scored).

I even caught myself cheering on People such as Ichiro, Kinsler (whoa...he is so cute), Sizemore, and....even Jeter...even though I hate him in regluar season, he was a part of the AL, and if he is there to help us win, then GO JETER!

Note to viewers: I will never say "GO JETER!" unless it concerns the All Star Game.

I just loved how even though all the boys were on different teams, they all acted like Best Friends.

And: Yes Morneau, you are safe.


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