Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ranger Smashing

Ahh...great game. 14 runs, 4 homers, 5 RBI for Morneau and 3 for Mauer. (They both were on MLB's Last Nights Performers)

Twins got a season high of 4 homers in 1 game. They came from Mauer, Morneau, Young (on his bobblehead day!) and Buscher.

Livan Hernandez didn't blow the lead either (whew) and earned the win by only giving up

Today's game however was heartbreaking. Scotty only gave up 2 hits and yet the Twins lost. They would have won it in the 9th, but the umpire didn't let Justin go to first when he got hit in the hand. I was so sad for Baker since he pitched sooo well, but 1 homerun lost it for the Twins.

Up next is the Yankees. Remember what we did to them last time? Well lets do it again. And you know, we have the 2 best pitchers coming to start it off...Blackburn and Slowey :)


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