Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Oh No!


No, not by us, by

Ok, For 1 we shouldn't have lost the first two games. Yesterday I wanted to strangle Matt Guerrier for blowing our 5-2 lead. Heck, I would have rather of had Crain come in then watch Guerrier spoil it all.

And did I mention I now HATE Manny Ramierez (yes, 'hate' is a very strong word, and in capital letters and in bold, it's is even stronger). He's so errogant and cheap. When he hits a ball a long way, he stands at home plate and is like: yeahhhhh....*walks around bases* and when it isn't, a double/triple turns into a single. GAH! I Hate him!!

Man oh Man...Today we got SLAUGHTERED. Like a bazillion to 5. Ok, like 18 to 5 but it's still bad. I mean, at 1 point we were leading 3-0 and I thought: yes, we got this one!! But of course, stupid Manny and Youkalis and all the other stupid people on that team blasted us.

We need to win because if we lose another one and Chicago wins, I think I am gunna spaz out. We need to domintate Detroit this next series. Yes, look ahead to the positives. All I want is that they are better than this on the 18th versus Texas because I am going to that game.

Slowey: Please Help us win! Please Slowey! (Wait, Slowey always does good. We are in good hands here!)


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