Saturday, September 27, 2008

Walking on eggshells

Twins, you are SOOOO lucky that Chicago lost yesterday. Today, lets win and keep the sox from sneaking up on us.

I am really excited for Mauer right now because he is sooo close to becoming a batting champ for the second time around. He is currently 6 points up of Pedroia with 2 games left. C'mon Mauer!!

Some more great news is Slowey's MRI came back and there is nothing wrong but a bruised wrist (whew!).


Do you want the playoffs? You gotta play tough and earn that spot. I really don't want a tie breaker game as most twins fans don't, and you Twins don't want to either. So lets take care of buisness now, and cruise through the playoffs!


As of 3:04 PM, Twins are leading 2-0. Keep it up guys!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oh, Kevin Slowey...

Why do thou hurt me? We need to sweep these guys! We can't be doing throwing errors at this time of year! Why Slowey? why?

Well, even if we do lose this (score as of 8:34 PM: 6-2 Sox) we still have a chance to get in. But...oh man. It would have been grand to be in first!!

Kudos to the rest of the team tho. Kubel in the First game, Young in all games, Gomez and his spectacular catch and countless other things we have been doing great.

Well, good luck vs. KC boys. And remember, there still is hope!....hopefully... :)

P.S. OUR BULLPEN IS ROCKIN! And are one excited fella.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ok Boys. Here we go.

First off, sorry for the blogging delay. I didn't really want to blog during the Rays series, but it turns out they won 2 of 4! Go Twins!

Tonight (and the next 2 days) are the biggest games this year. The Sport Announcer dudes on ESPN say the Twins NEED to win at LEAST 2 games in order to stay in the race. This makes me nervous, but when you think about it, the Twins are:

~Have homefield advantage
~Have Slowey pitching the last game (yay!)
~Are basically at the same level as the White Sox
~We have excellent offense (some days, please be on during this series) and defence.
~WE HAVE 2 CHAMPIONS IN THE MAKING!! i.e. Justin Morneau (MVP) and Joe Mauer (Batting Champ)
~The last series' (if we are still in this race) are against KC (us) and Cleveland (C.Sox) and the Indians are playing some GREAT baseball right now...lets hope Chicago has to face Cliff Lee!

ESPN guys say that Chicago is going to have alot of trouble scoring if they don't hit homeruns (Yay! and...oh god! at the same time) 1. Thats good news that they won't be able to score that easily, 2. We have given up like 1000 HR's in the past week.... yikes.

WE DO NOT NEED TO BE GIVING UP HOMERS HERE (ok starters and Joe Nathan??!)

Twins, don't be nervous. Play Hard and Play Smart. The whole state of MN is rooting for you!!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Well. That was a great season to watch and such a fun year with all the youngsters. But unfortunatly the loss tonite to the Indians (the game isn't over but we all know what's gunna happen), the White Sox win (no, they haven't won yet but the yankees having 3 hits over 7 innings means bad news). And the Rays are going to beat the Tar out of us and by the time we even get to the White Sox series, we will be so far back, that Cleveland might be in second place.

Oh man. I have a case of baseball blues. It makes you feel like you got punched in the stomach. At least we may have a MVP this year, and maybe a rookie of the year.

Why do the Twins have all the bad luck? 4 games with the Bestest Rays, a game with the Cy Lee, WhiteSox Series, and all the other crap in between like our SUCKY BULLPEN.

All I can say is that I am praying for a miracle....and if that fails, GO RAYS!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

'Bulls Eye'

And the new name for the Twins ballpark is...*drum roll*...Target Field? uh...ok. I kinda thought they'd name it something a little more sparklier than that. Maybe it means the Twins will hit a bulls eye with their homeruns....who knows.

Today the Twins are 1.5 games behind when they were tied (and could have been .5 over if it weren't for the Twins' sucking yesterday.

And tonite, Kevin Slowey pitching a quality start (so far) giving up 3 runs (so far) on 2 homeruns. Grr...those homeruns kill us.

We've had people in scoring postition with NO OUTS TWICE and no runs coming in. Does this mean we don't deserve to win? If they don't produce runs, yes.

So much for the series win because the chances of winning cliff lee are SLIM. And then we go to Rays' park o doom to try to win against the best team in baseball.

Good Luck Twins, Good Luck.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rain Rain go away....

Cuz I wanna watch some Twins Baseball here!!!

Ok, I am a very lazy blogger and am sorry of the delay(s) so here we go on the recap of the week:

~We gained a whole 1.5 games in 1 day
~As of Today we are 1 game behind, have 2 games today while the sox have ZERO! (yay!)
~Blackburn and Slowey got a win!
~Guerrier blew another game on a day we could have gained ground...darn Guerrier...
~We lost both coinflips on who gets home-field advantage in a tie situation :(
~Morneau is only 4 RBIs behind Hamilton for RBI leaders!!!!!
~Liriano got cheated Thursday :(
~Twins are awesome (cept Matt Guerrier as of now)

Yes. A good and bad week. Mostly good.

And as of now, Morneau is only 2, yes, TWO! RBI's behind Hamilton. hoorah! And we are beating the Orioles! Hoorah again! (In game uno)

I have also come to a conclusion on why we have been so terrible the past 3/4 weeks: It's because Harris hasn't been able to play that often. And when you think about it, he didn't get to play hardly at all. Brenden Harris is the Key to Success! :-D

Anyway, lets hope the Twins win tonite, and they will [most likely] win tonite unless the Birds can come back from being down 7-2 in the 7th against BOOF-ie.

I can tell you know that I am really nervous for when we go to St.Petersburg....soooo nervous.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Why Now?

Why Twins? Why do you have to be so sucky when this is the time to be on the top of your game?First being Swept by Toronto. So then I thought, well, they'll be so much better at home. WRONG. We sucked at home (except for the first game). We haven't lost a series at the dome since May!!

Well, then again, we aren't the only ones losing when we need to win. The Red Sox are only 1.5 games away from Tampa when they used to be 3 plus games out.

Did you know that in the last 10 games we are 3-7? That is pathetic. We don't deserve to be in the playoffs playing like this. Thank goodness that Chicago lost today or we'd be 3.5 games out and by tomorrow we could be 3 games out without the Twins even playing. (Or 2 games out...lets hope!)

I really appretiated Morneau Today and Yesterday. Sure, you got the last outs in both games with men on base, but know what? You hit that ball so hard both times. If there was anybody but Polonco at 2nd, that would have tied the game yesterday. If only Mauer did what he did to Toronto...if only.

Please Please Please Please PLEASE take advatage of Kansas City and get back into first place. You cannot keep on playing like crap. It makes your fans VERY angry.

Love, Me

P.S. Will someone PLEASE slap Matt Guerrier??

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Running Out Of Gas?

Wow. The Twins have been exceptionaly suckish on this road trip.
Bullpen: Suckish
Offense: Suckish
Defense: Suckish
Starting Pitching: Decent

We are pretty much looking at a sweep here in Toronto unless the Twins can pull off 4 runs in to innings... Kevin Slowey gives up 3 runs, you seriously can't blame anything on him. Why do we do so bad against bad teams!?!? I can tell you right now that the way the Twins are playing right now is NOT going to take them to the playoffs.

I am so scared for the Tampa series. Even more scared than the White Sox Series. If we lose all 4 games against the Rays, we are screwed, done, no playoffs, nothing.

But didja here? Carlos Quentin has an injury! Cha Ching! The Karma is sneaking up on them!

Before I leave and watch the Twins lose (they now have 1 2/3 innings to get 4 runs)...wait make that 1 1/3 innings.

P.S. I LOVE MATT TOLBERT! I am so happy he's back! He did so good yesterday while everyone else sucked (i.e. Pridie, Punto)

Oh by the way, they have 1 inning now.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Thank you Boston

Boston, You did awesome by winning 2/3 from the White Sox. Sadly, we could only gain a game on one of those wins (it should have been 2).

Yeah, about Saturday's game. Um, Nathan, lets just say I wasn't A real big fan of you that night. I was so mad that I shut off the TV and threw the remote mumbling some colorful words about Nathan. Poor Liriano, he pitched SUCH a great game too and everyone thinks when Nathan comes in, we will win. I guess that didn't happen this time.

Last night's game made me feel happier even though the White Sox won, Scoring alot of runs is alot of fun. Morneau is only about 8 RBI's out of first place for the RBI leaders. Can you believe it? About a month ago, he was 20+ RBI's behind.

I have alot of Homeruns to add to my list. Well, it's only 3, but in Twins sense, thats alot of homers. We got Alexi's, Morneau's and Span's (from 2 days ago).

Next is Toronto and lets count our blessings that we don't have to face Halliday.

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