Thursday, July 30, 2009


Oh, its been so long since those brooms have been out of the closet!

It feels so good to get a sweep, expecially of our rival. :)

Lots of trading going on and there are two teams that basically got slapped: Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

*Cleveland: Lost their ace Cliff Lee (which is good in our case) to the Phillies. What is up with the phillies? They have everybody! I wouldn't be surprised if they got Halladay too.

*Pittsburgh: Trades away their players like candy. LaRoche, and now two others including a 3 time All Star in Sanchez. How could they split up the LaRoches!!

Anyway, back to the Twins...
You could so tell that Ozzie Guillen was pissed off during his news conference after the game. He tried to handle it in a calm matter. Hey, thats what you get when you kick the complimentary bubble gum bucket!

Congrats to....
-Nathan, for getting 3 saves in 3 days.

-Casilla, for breaking Buehrle's 45 consecutive retired batters and driving in 2 of 3 last night
-Mark Buehrle, for breaking an MLB record. He was on
Letterman. hahaha.
-Bullpen, for not blowing our 1 run leads
-Cuddy, for the go ahead homerun
-Duensing, for pitching really well in his "debut". I just realized I got an autograph from him at Twinsfest in the Free department. What a deal! :)

Can you imagine having Pat Neshek back? It feels like he isn't on our team, but then when you think about him, you are like: "oh yeah! He's good!" Oh, next year will be grand to have our sidearm slinger back! It feels like he's been gone forever!

Oh yeah! He's number 17!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Bye Bye, Kevin Slowey

Heard the news via Anthony LaPanta today. What a shame. We needed him! (No offense to Mr. Swarzak. He is good, but is it good enough to get to the playoffs?)

Speaking of starting pitching, Swarzak showed all of our "veterans" how to do it in Anehiem. Why can't Baker and Liriano seem to Jumpstart their season? We need them more then ever as we are facing our divison rivals so much in these next few months!!

Liriano ----> Leonardo

Tonight is the Suck Sox. Perkins, you are wearing the Navy. Make us proud!

Only about 60 games left. Where has baseball season gone?! :(

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kubel the Angel slayer

It is really a shame that we couldn't do anything to get this race interesting when Chicago and Detroit were playing eachother. From 2 GB, to 5 GB. Ouch. Well, at least the white sox are only 2 games ahead! (yay?)

Ugh, I just HATE those extra inning games and when we are ahead but then lose in the end. The Oakland game was UG-LY and I won't even speak of it again. It feels like we've had a bajillion extra inning games lately. I hope we end that soon, it makes me so nervous and really spazzy.

Anyway, I hope we can beat up on the sox and then come back to do better against the Angels at home. Jason Kubel better play every game vs. the Angels because he is amazing!

Feel Better Joe Crede, we need you. (Whoa! You got a haircut!)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sox invading Twins Territory

So I was in Minneapolis on Sunday visiting a family member in Abbott Hospital (very close to Metrodome, but sadly the Twins were in Texas). We were in the room when a doctor walked in to talk to my family member about rehab etc. While he was talking, I noticed a pin on the collar of his lab coat. What was it? It was this.

A Chicago White Sox Pin.
....And what was I wearing?

My Carlos Gomez Shirt (since, you know, he's "En Fuego" as Coomer thinks).

I joked with him and asked if I could get him a Twins hat since he's a MN doctor, but he said he was a die hard sox fan. (...Why??) He then said that he could get me a Sox pin (does he keep multiple in his office?), but I faithfully declined. No Twins fan would EVER wear Sox Merchandise! :)

So on to the game last night. Mighty Nick Punto. Homerun. Good For You buddy! Why couldn't it have been a 2 or 3 run HR? It would have been great if we would have won. Everyone in our Divison lost (Detroit to Yanks. HA!) so we would have been only 1 game back. Lets hope for a win tonight since Detroit isn't playing. Dang 9:10 games....

IAN MICHAEL KINSLER! How dare you use your good looks to blind us and hit a walk off HR? I thought you were the good Ranger... :(

Mighty Punto!

P.S. Happy Birthday Alexi Casilla! Whooo HOOO! (hit a homerun please)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

All Stars once again

First off, sorry for the delay in blogging. Was on vacation this week so there was no internet access. =)

Secondly, the All Star Game (in my opinion) was quite boring this year. Last year was so intense as it went on and on into the late innings. This game was so short and un-eventful. Congrats to Carl Crawford on winning the MVP (although I was hoping a Twin would win it for once). I am also very proud of how our boys did in the game.

*Joe Mauer- RBI double (Whoop Whoop!) and great catching behind the plate as well.
*Joe Nathan-Scorless 8th. Tried to make it interesting by putting 2 men on and Howard at the plate. Got him to strike out on a not-so-great pitch, but hey, at least he didn't allow runs!
*Justin Morneau-2 solidly hit balls (for outs, sadly) and played an awesome 1B (as always!)

It was a surprise that there were no homeruns in the game. I thought for sure that the NL would get one with Howard, Fielder, and Pujols over there.

Speaking of homeruns, Price Fielder did awesome at the Derby on Monday. He hit that ball so far! Since Mauer was out right away (nice try Joe) I was rooting for Prince all the way. :)

We got another win last night (when Detroit lost) so that is a great way to start the second half. (Second half? The first half just flew by! I don't want the season to end) :(

Something I noticed last night is that Nathan always "Brays" when he is nervous. He looks just like a Donkey when he does that. He does it every game too. Silly Nathan!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stupid, Stupid Yankees.

GRRR! I am so full of anger right now!

My hates of the series: Derek Jeter. Derek Jeters tight pants. Mark Texiera. Mark Texieras stupid smug face. Punto striking out with bases loaded. Baker giving up 5 runs in 3 innings. Us giving up 3 runs in the 2nd inning. Us falling behind so far that we can't catch up. Jeter's leadoff singles. Us giving up on everything. Span picked off 2nd. Getting swept. Getting swept at home. (Plus others that I can't think of at the time)

Even though thats alot of hates, it makes me feel a whole lot better. I needed to tell somebody about my Twins fusterations, so there you go world.

Claps for: Mauer for the HR, Kubel with the HR, Gomez with that AWESOME catch, Morales for being a big boy, Swarzak (he didn't do that bad, we just sucked)
Changing the subject...

I found another look-alike. This time it is A.J. Burnett and Jenna Boyd (She played in movies such as Sisterhood of the traveling pants and Dickie Roberts Child Star)

Poor Picture Quality for Burnett. Best I could find!

Another thing I recently thought of. Remeber Ramon Ortiz? haha! I found him while looking through my 2007 team scrapbook. He wasn't very good, and good thing we traded him!
Remember now? ha.

Thats all for today. Leaving with a quote from Bert Blyleven after the final out of today's game...

"I don't like them"

Me too Bert, and probably alot of other Twins fans too right now.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


We didn't get swept! I am so proud at all the games the boys played, even if they didn't win that tough one on Friday. Just to say, wishing at 11:11 doesn't work. I tried it on the day the played 16 innings. And, it didn't come true [them winning]. Dickey! What the heck man! I thought you were the good one... :(

Morneau has been on fire lately and I am so happy that he gets to go to the All-Star game along with the usual Mauer and Nathan. They will do great, like always. They represent Minnesota well!

Ah, Kevin Slowey. Something is seriously wrong with you. I am happy you are going to the DL because you need rest or something. Don't worry, I'll be happy when you return because you will be better than ever! (Stupid Halladay, now he's going to beat Kevin in wins...)

Haha, Today's Rick Porcello (of Detroit) reminded me SO much of Mr. Craig Breslow. Remember him? It's hard not to. He could never throw a strike...

Their eyes are very shifty... :P

P.S. Yay Kansas City! You beat the White Sox when we needed you to. Thanks a bunch!

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