Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kubel the Angel slayer

It is really a shame that we couldn't do anything to get this race interesting when Chicago and Detroit were playing eachother. From 2 GB, to 5 GB. Ouch. Well, at least the white sox are only 2 games ahead! (yay?)

Ugh, I just HATE those extra inning games and when we are ahead but then lose in the end. The Oakland game was UG-LY and I won't even speak of it again. It feels like we've had a bajillion extra inning games lately. I hope we end that soon, it makes me so nervous and really spazzy.

Anyway, I hope we can beat up on the sox and then come back to do better against the Angels at home. Jason Kubel better play every game vs. the Angels because he is amazing!

Feel Better Joe Crede, we need you. (Whoa! You got a haircut!)


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