Thursday, July 30, 2009


Oh, its been so long since those brooms have been out of the closet!

It feels so good to get a sweep, expecially of our rival. :)

Lots of trading going on and there are two teams that basically got slapped: Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

*Cleveland: Lost their ace Cliff Lee (which is good in our case) to the Phillies. What is up with the phillies? They have everybody! I wouldn't be surprised if they got Halladay too.

*Pittsburgh: Trades away their players like candy. LaRoche, and now two others including a 3 time All Star in Sanchez. How could they split up the LaRoches!!

Anyway, back to the Twins...
You could so tell that Ozzie Guillen was pissed off during his news conference after the game. He tried to handle it in a calm matter. Hey, thats what you get when you kick the complimentary bubble gum bucket!

Congrats to....
-Nathan, for getting 3 saves in 3 days.

-Casilla, for breaking Buehrle's 45 consecutive retired batters and driving in 2 of 3 last night
-Mark Buehrle, for breaking an MLB record. He was on
Letterman. hahaha.
-Bullpen, for not blowing our 1 run leads
-Cuddy, for the go ahead homerun
-Duensing, for pitching really well in his "debut". I just realized I got an autograph from him at Twinsfest in the Free department. What a deal! :)

Can you imagine having Pat Neshek back? It feels like he isn't on our team, but then when you think about him, you are like: "oh yeah! He's good!" Oh, next year will be grand to have our sidearm slinger back! It feels like he's been gone forever!

Oh yeah! He's number 17!


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