Sunday, July 5, 2009


We didn't get swept! I am so proud at all the games the boys played, even if they didn't win that tough one on Friday. Just to say, wishing at 11:11 doesn't work. I tried it on the day the played 16 innings. And, it didn't come true [them winning]. Dickey! What the heck man! I thought you were the good one... :(

Morneau has been on fire lately and I am so happy that he gets to go to the All-Star game along with the usual Mauer and Nathan. They will do great, like always. They represent Minnesota well!

Ah, Kevin Slowey. Something is seriously wrong with you. I am happy you are going to the DL because you need rest or something. Don't worry, I'll be happy when you return because you will be better than ever! (Stupid Halladay, now he's going to beat Kevin in wins...)

Haha, Today's Rick Porcello (of Detroit) reminded me SO much of Mr. Craig Breslow. Remember him? It's hard not to. He could never throw a strike...

Their eyes are very shifty... :P

P.S. Yay Kansas City! You beat the White Sox when we needed you to. Thanks a bunch!


Katie said...

It was pointed out to me as I was leaving the game on Saturday how much Porcello looks like Bres!

Kristina said...

Kansas is good at beating our foes when we need them to. Remember 2006 when they beat Detroit in the last game of the season? Man that was awesome...until Oakland destroyed us in the first round of the playoffs. But until then, it was awesome.

S.Rail said...

Kansas City is like our BFF right now. They beat Detroit last night, so the Twins gained ground by doing nothing! :)

Ah yes, I remember 2006. I try not to remember that Oakland series though. Ick. Ick. ICK.

Betsy said...

i saw the resemblance in those 2!! I was the one who pointed it out to Katie! :)

S.Rail said...

Great minds think alike ;)

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