Monday, November 9, 2009

Twins vs. Tigers (September 19th) Pictures

Sorry they are late! Enjoy!

Farewell dome!

My last Twins game at the dome

It says: Countdown to Outdoor Baseball (5)

I had to get a Tolbert picure...or five!

...Tolbert :) :)

Morales, the little slugger.

A gathering at the moud after a ball deflected and hit Pavano.


Yep, He's awesome!


Friday, November 6, 2009

Going, Going, Gone.

And today marks the worst day of Alexi Casilla's life. Gomez has been traded away to our border rivals, the Milwaukee Brewers. On one hand, I am sad. On the other hand, he didn't really get to play much during the season.

Some of my memories of Gomez in a Twins uniform...
-Hitting for the cycle (1st time since Puckett I might add)
-Stealing all those bases on the first day he was in Twins uniform (Opening Day 2008)
-All the nicknames...Go Go, Gosilla, etc.
-His craziness in the duggout
-Well duh, his speed and quickness
-Scored the winning run to take us to the Postseason this year
-His accent! :)

We'll miss ya Gomez!!

...And Hello J.J. Hardy!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Start Spreading the news...

We're leaving today. All thanks to a bunch of chee-eeters...NEW YORK, NEW YORK!!.

A season has to come to an end. I just wish ours could have lasted a few more weeks! I really really wanted to not have the last game in the dome be a loss. Turns out thats how the dome will end, on a stinkin loss to some stupid errogant team. (Do you like all the different words I have been calling "them"? There would be plenty more, but I am trying to keep this blog clean. ;) )

The Twins need to break the curse of running into a brick wall once they get to the playoffs. Remember Oakland? That was ugly. This time, it wasn't too bad. We lost on crap calls and pitchers not being agressive enough...and maybe some offense too. We should be playing tomorrow in our cozy dome because in my book, WE won on Saturday.

I'd just like to say that the Twins gave us an awesome 2009 season. Lets do even BETTER next year!

Note: The blogs from now on will be scarce. I WILL be uploading the pictures of the 9/19 game soon. I WILL be on Twitter blabbing my thoughts on sports/twins/life/etc. So feel free to follow me: MNsliding_into1 :)

See ya next spring everyone!! :) :)

P.S. If Mauer doesn't sign with us, there is something VERY wrong with this organization!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I hate Mark Texiera.

..And whoever was playing left field (Melky Cabrera?) during the DOUBLE that Mauer hit. He is a cheater. The whole Yankee organization are cheaters. I hope whoever that was has enormous guilt....and the umpire too, who should seriously be fined/kicked out/fired/etc. What does he umpire normally? Kinderball?? Gah, this issue bugs me so much!

Here is my song that is for tonight:

"We're gunna win twins, we're gunna score. We're going to kick those Yanks right out the back door. Lets hit a homerun, and show Texeira whose right! Cheer for the Minnesota Twins to-night!"

Gah, I hate those fricken Yanks.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


We have been playing awesome lately! I think we have won 8 out of our last 10. That is great. We are so in this race! Keep pushing guys, we can do it!

So sorry I have been absent a couple weeks. I HAVE been keeping up with the Twins though! I went to last Saturdays game (9/19) to see them kick the Tigers' butt. Afterwards I got to play softball on the field that the Twins were on hours before. GREAT expirience. AND while we were warming up, Justin Morneau was standing right by us giving a Q&A for this kids program. Afterward, he waved at our team. It was GREAT!

I do have pictures from the game, but I haven't had time to upload them. I will soon, promise!

Good Luck to Blackburn tomorrow and all of the Twins in this final road series! Kick Butt! :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Well. That's depressing. 7 games back, with a month left. No, it's not impossible, but it is going to be one heck of a battle. They've got to be like Cleveland from Major League. What does that mean? IT MEANS GET YOUR BUTT IN GEAR RIGHT NOW!

I've gotten some conclusions about where we could be standing now if
1) We hadn't lost ALL games to New York
2) We hadn't lost Kevin Slowey
3) Liriano wasn't such a butt
4) We kept our players healthy
5) We had gotten Crede's back fixed for good
6) We had never called up Keppel
7) We would have had Buscher play more often

And there are plenty more that could be added there.

Just to get it out there so it's not a huge surprise to anyone: On Thursday we have to face Halladay. Brace yourselves folks.

There is one thing that gets my spirits up and hopefully it will lift yours too. You know, we still have 6 more games with Detroit. You know, we could win a bunch of those and be right back in it. Don't give up guys!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Metrodome Magic!

Great win last night guys! That win sets the tone for the series. We must continue with this confidence and push all the way through September. Don't worry, the September Callups will help get the job done!

Speaking of the callups, I am so happy that Tolbert and Buscher are back. Everyone needs what I call a "Buscher" at bat. An at bat that makes the pitcher throw over five pitches to a batter. Buscher does that nearly every time he is up to bat. Go Buscher! Wear that guy out! Tolbert? Well, he can play anywhere. He is like a Brandon Inge...only he doesn't catch. :)

What ever happend to Pridie? I met him down in Florida and he was such a happy-go-lucky guy. We called him over for autographs but he went the other way. We thought he ignored us, but a minute later he comes back and says "Did somebody call my name?". Ah, what a guy! :)

In other news...Ozzie would like to be apart of the "farewell metrodome" thing. What a scam. He is so sneaky it makes me sick. A quote from the news story on "Actually, Guillen would like to be the individual who blows up the Metrodome" haha. I bet he would. Thank you vikings for not getting a new stadium!

And...Crede is NOT retiring. Don't even think that! ....I just wish he could play vs. the White Sox because he kicks butt against them :(

Good Luck tonight Mr. Manship! Make the rookies proud!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lets play leapfrog!

Hoorah! We are finally in front of the stupid white sox! (Thank you NYY). The next thing on our leapfrog list: The Detroit Tigers.

Great job on winning the series today guys. It would have been even better if Tampa Bay had wanted to be our friend today and beat the Tigers. They must be still mourning the loss of Scott Kazmir.

Whoa. Did we do a suicide squeeze today? Yeah, I think we did and it worked out great! That is punto's specialty right there. It's so fun to watch Minnesota ball where you see more of those plays than homeruns (but it is still fun to watch HRs too).

Jeez Nathan. Could you maybe not make all the Twins fans have a heart attack everytime the game is close in the ninth inning? It is not a happy feeling when there are 3 people on base with no out in a close situation.

Lets keep the Minnesota beating Chicago magic going this next series. We don't want them to leap over us!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"We're down, but we're not dead"

It explains it all.

We're still in it people!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Well it's about time.

Way to sweep those Royals, Twins! I don't know why you couldn't do it last time, but the most importand news is we are gaining ground. I was really worried when we were 6.5 back. Now we are in post striking distance. Hoorah!

Tonight we have the Orioles. You would think "Psh, we got this in the bag" but we always seem to have some troubles with them. At least we have Justin back tonight!

Hopefully we can continue to beat the Royals because our final series is with them. Guess who has to play eachother in the final series? White Sox and Tigers. (snicker snicker)

Ugh, I can't wait until September 1st and Brian Buscher...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Now THIS is Twins baseball!

Wow, I didn't realize that it had been 3 weeks since we had back to back wins. That is all over now!

The past 2 games are the games that are the best to watch. Coming back from 5-0 and 4-1 is great! Do you know how bad it would have been if we had been 7.5 back? Ugh. We need to continue to battle here. Detroit isn't just going to hand us the division!

I am so happy for the following people:
*Delmon Young: You have really stepped it up recently, and I love when you make me happy!
*Denard Span: Such a risky play to run in from second, but hey! You made it (and made pudge look like a rookie!)
*Joe Mauer: Yeah, they so ripped you off of your streak yesterday, but you're average is so high, you'll start a new (longer) streak tonight!
*Jose Mijares: You didn't give up any runs when we were only up by one. Good Job! (You are better than Keppel...aka Krappel according to
Betsy )

Get better soon Morneau. We can't have Cuddy playing 1B forever. And Harris at first base? HA! This is the situation where Buscher would be in....sigh :(

Swarzaky tonight! whoot whoot!

Friday, August 14, 2009

I think I'm sick.

No, not like the coughing, puking, sneezing kind of sick. I think I might be sick because I just don't have the passion for the Twins right now. Oh of course I still love them, but they are being so in consistant that its hard to get excited, you know?

Ugh, our pitching. That is part of the reason why I am "sick". We all know that Pavano did good in his last start and we can't expect him to come here and win every single game. He didn't do that bad. He didn't give up 6 runs in the first inning like some people I know...

Oh my gosh. I am so happy/proud/excited for Liriano. He was like my medicine that one day. Yesterday, my medicine was Mauer, duh. He drove in every run.

Cheers for Cabrera for his TWENTY TWO game hitting streak. Thats amazing!

Twins, please make me feel better and win against Cleveland. Please?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Self Destruct

That is basically the button that the Twins are pressing right now and it is really annoying.

Just some things on my mind....
1. We are 3 games under .500?? When did this happen?
2. We are 5.5 games back? Weren't we like 1.5 games back like less than 2 weeks ago?
3. Baker, Baker, Baker. I thought you were the one we could depend on...
4. Woah! Pavano is just what we needed! I like him.
5. Cabrera has a 19 game hitting streak! Yay!
6. The Tigers have to play the Red Sox tonight which is good, because Boston is good, but Boston has only scored 2 runs in the past 5 days and yeah...
7. Very impressed with Mauer and Spans' performace during the Detroit series.
8. Oh my gosh if we lose to KC I am probably going to loose it.

That is all. The Twins better gain their senses during this off day and shape up. Only a month and a half left of play guys!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dear Liriano...

Uh, what is your record now? 4-11? ELEVEN? What is wrong with you? Every start you have I think "ok, he HAS to do better than last time" or "Ok, I will give him one more chance". Well, you blew all those chances. Every. Single. One. I am so sick of you. Basically we can't win more than 4 in a row because you are here. What should we do with you? Send you down? Trade? I don't really know. But the Twins better do something or else this team WILL NOT make it to the playoffs. It's tough to say this, but as of right now? You SUCK.

Thanks for listening. Now if you'll excuse me I have to make a call.

"Hello? 1-800-Duensing? Hey, we'd like to ask you for a favor..." :)

Saturday, August 1, 2009


We cannot solve this angel puzzle. Its really quite fusterating.

...And now the new face of the club. Orlando Cabrera. Welcome. (Do good for us or go home) :)

I don't like his face. It is creeeeepy!

It'll be fun to have another new person in the club. But I feel so bad for Brenden Harris. He got slapped. And Brian Buscher. What did he do wrong? Sure his average was low, but you never let him play! I'll miss you, Brian. :(

Lets win tomorrow. It would suck to sweep and then be swept. Yuck

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Oh, its been so long since those brooms have been out of the closet!

It feels so good to get a sweep, expecially of our rival. :)

Lots of trading going on and there are two teams that basically got slapped: Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

*Cleveland: Lost their ace Cliff Lee (which is good in our case) to the Phillies. What is up with the phillies? They have everybody! I wouldn't be surprised if they got Halladay too.

*Pittsburgh: Trades away their players like candy. LaRoche, and now two others including a 3 time All Star in Sanchez. How could they split up the LaRoches!!

Anyway, back to the Twins...
You could so tell that Ozzie Guillen was pissed off during his news conference after the game. He tried to handle it in a calm matter. Hey, thats what you get when you kick the complimentary bubble gum bucket!

Congrats to....
-Nathan, for getting 3 saves in 3 days.

-Casilla, for breaking Buehrle's 45 consecutive retired batters and driving in 2 of 3 last night
-Mark Buehrle, for breaking an MLB record. He was on
Letterman. hahaha.
-Bullpen, for not blowing our 1 run leads
-Cuddy, for the go ahead homerun
-Duensing, for pitching really well in his "debut". I just realized I got an autograph from him at Twinsfest in the Free department. What a deal! :)

Can you imagine having Pat Neshek back? It feels like he isn't on our team, but then when you think about him, you are like: "oh yeah! He's good!" Oh, next year will be grand to have our sidearm slinger back! It feels like he's been gone forever!

Oh yeah! He's number 17!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Bye Bye, Kevin Slowey

Heard the news via Anthony LaPanta today. What a shame. We needed him! (No offense to Mr. Swarzak. He is good, but is it good enough to get to the playoffs?)

Speaking of starting pitching, Swarzak showed all of our "veterans" how to do it in Anehiem. Why can't Baker and Liriano seem to Jumpstart their season? We need them more then ever as we are facing our divison rivals so much in these next few months!!

Liriano ----> Leonardo

Tonight is the Suck Sox. Perkins, you are wearing the Navy. Make us proud!

Only about 60 games left. Where has baseball season gone?! :(

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kubel the Angel slayer

It is really a shame that we couldn't do anything to get this race interesting when Chicago and Detroit were playing eachother. From 2 GB, to 5 GB. Ouch. Well, at least the white sox are only 2 games ahead! (yay?)

Ugh, I just HATE those extra inning games and when we are ahead but then lose in the end. The Oakland game was UG-LY and I won't even speak of it again. It feels like we've had a bajillion extra inning games lately. I hope we end that soon, it makes me so nervous and really spazzy.

Anyway, I hope we can beat up on the sox and then come back to do better against the Angels at home. Jason Kubel better play every game vs. the Angels because he is amazing!

Feel Better Joe Crede, we need you. (Whoa! You got a haircut!)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sox invading Twins Territory

So I was in Minneapolis on Sunday visiting a family member in Abbott Hospital (very close to Metrodome, but sadly the Twins were in Texas). We were in the room when a doctor walked in to talk to my family member about rehab etc. While he was talking, I noticed a pin on the collar of his lab coat. What was it? It was this.

A Chicago White Sox Pin.
....And what was I wearing?

My Carlos Gomez Shirt (since, you know, he's "En Fuego" as Coomer thinks).

I joked with him and asked if I could get him a Twins hat since he's a MN doctor, but he said he was a die hard sox fan. (...Why??) He then said that he could get me a Sox pin (does he keep multiple in his office?), but I faithfully declined. No Twins fan would EVER wear Sox Merchandise! :)

So on to the game last night. Mighty Nick Punto. Homerun. Good For You buddy! Why couldn't it have been a 2 or 3 run HR? It would have been great if we would have won. Everyone in our Divison lost (Detroit to Yanks. HA!) so we would have been only 1 game back. Lets hope for a win tonight since Detroit isn't playing. Dang 9:10 games....

IAN MICHAEL KINSLER! How dare you use your good looks to blind us and hit a walk off HR? I thought you were the good Ranger... :(

Mighty Punto!

P.S. Happy Birthday Alexi Casilla! Whooo HOOO! (hit a homerun please)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

All Stars once again

First off, sorry for the delay in blogging. Was on vacation this week so there was no internet access. =)

Secondly, the All Star Game (in my opinion) was quite boring this year. Last year was so intense as it went on and on into the late innings. This game was so short and un-eventful. Congrats to Carl Crawford on winning the MVP (although I was hoping a Twin would win it for once). I am also very proud of how our boys did in the game.

*Joe Mauer- RBI double (Whoop Whoop!) and great catching behind the plate as well.
*Joe Nathan-Scorless 8th. Tried to make it interesting by putting 2 men on and Howard at the plate. Got him to strike out on a not-so-great pitch, but hey, at least he didn't allow runs!
*Justin Morneau-2 solidly hit balls (for outs, sadly) and played an awesome 1B (as always!)

It was a surprise that there were no homeruns in the game. I thought for sure that the NL would get one with Howard, Fielder, and Pujols over there.

Speaking of homeruns, Price Fielder did awesome at the Derby on Monday. He hit that ball so far! Since Mauer was out right away (nice try Joe) I was rooting for Prince all the way. :)

We got another win last night (when Detroit lost) so that is a great way to start the second half. (Second half? The first half just flew by! I don't want the season to end) :(

Something I noticed last night is that Nathan always "Brays" when he is nervous. He looks just like a Donkey when he does that. He does it every game too. Silly Nathan!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stupid, Stupid Yankees.

GRRR! I am so full of anger right now!

My hates of the series: Derek Jeter. Derek Jeters tight pants. Mark Texiera. Mark Texieras stupid smug face. Punto striking out with bases loaded. Baker giving up 5 runs in 3 innings. Us giving up 3 runs in the 2nd inning. Us falling behind so far that we can't catch up. Jeter's leadoff singles. Us giving up on everything. Span picked off 2nd. Getting swept. Getting swept at home. (Plus others that I can't think of at the time)

Even though thats alot of hates, it makes me feel a whole lot better. I needed to tell somebody about my Twins fusterations, so there you go world.

Claps for: Mauer for the HR, Kubel with the HR, Gomez with that AWESOME catch, Morales for being a big boy, Swarzak (he didn't do that bad, we just sucked)
Changing the subject...

I found another look-alike. This time it is A.J. Burnett and Jenna Boyd (She played in movies such as Sisterhood of the traveling pants and Dickie Roberts Child Star)

Poor Picture Quality for Burnett. Best I could find!

Another thing I recently thought of. Remeber Ramon Ortiz? haha! I found him while looking through my 2007 team scrapbook. He wasn't very good, and good thing we traded him!
Remember now? ha.

Thats all for today. Leaving with a quote from Bert Blyleven after the final out of today's game...

"I don't like them"

Me too Bert, and probably alot of other Twins fans too right now.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


We didn't get swept! I am so proud at all the games the boys played, even if they didn't win that tough one on Friday. Just to say, wishing at 11:11 doesn't work. I tried it on the day the played 16 innings. And, it didn't come true [them winning]. Dickey! What the heck man! I thought you were the good one... :(

Morneau has been on fire lately and I am so happy that he gets to go to the All-Star game along with the usual Mauer and Nathan. They will do great, like always. They represent Minnesota well!

Ah, Kevin Slowey. Something is seriously wrong with you. I am happy you are going to the DL because you need rest or something. Don't worry, I'll be happy when you return because you will be better than ever! (Stupid Halladay, now he's going to beat Kevin in wins...)

Haha, Today's Rick Porcello (of Detroit) reminded me SO much of Mr. Craig Breslow. Remember him? It's hard not to. He could never throw a strike...

Their eyes are very shifty... :P

P.S. Yay Kansas City! You beat the White Sox when we needed you to. Thanks a bunch!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Two of Three?

I'll take that! I was really worried coming into this series. The Cardinals are a tough team, but WE won the series! Now if only Detroit could have some bad luck...

Game One...
FABULOUS job by G-Perk. He went the distance in pitching AND laid down two great sacrifice bunts. Close game, but we held on.

Game Two...
Poor Kevin Slowey. He got beat up early and was taken out in the third. He only got to bat once (sadly) and didn't get win number 11. GREAT performance by Bobby Keppel however. New guy pitching against his idols. What a dream come true that must have been for him! Dang Pujols has to ruin all of our fun...

Game Three...
Hands down Liriano's best performance of the season (sadly, it came 3 months into the season). Congrats to Morneau who hit a homerun. He hadn't hit one in SO long. The fans needed that excitement again :)

Busch Stadium looks amazing...and that was just on TV. It makes you really excited for next year doesn't it? I like to call Busch Stadium "Busch-er Stadium" because everytime I see BUSCH behind the batters it makes me think of Brian. And he got to play in game three at his stadium. Hoorah!
Busch-er Stadium.

Now that interleague is done, we need to focus on winning this thing. Lets go and beat up KC. Be fortunate guys, because we don't have to face Greinke. (yesss!)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Down under

Again. We try so hard to go over .500 let alone reach .500, and then just fall. Today's bat's were ICE. We got nothing.

Can we just forget that game? It's kind of hard too. 4 games back, 1 game ahead of Chicago, and once again 1 below .500. I guess there is some positives....

1) We are going to Milwaukee, and they just got swept and so it's the perfect time to beat them again.
2) Kevin Slowey gets to bat on Thursday in Milwaukee... (LIE! he is batting when in St.Louis on the 27th because of "sore ribs". Sad day folks, sad day)
3) I hate Detroit >:(

Congrats Cuddy, on your homerun for the only Twins run today and to Brian Buscher who got the other hit.

Not much else to say about today's blah game. So sorry to all the dads that came out to the dome to see a pittiful performance, and to Joe Mauer, whose 12 game hitting streak ended today.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Oh, Delmon Young!

How you please me! I quote from the post below "Keep it up Delmon (and hit a homerun...that will make me EXTRA happy!) ;) "

And what does he do? He hits a homerun in the bottom of the second (his 1st at bat).

He heard me! I swear it!

*sigh* :)

Forever Young

Twins baseball for ya last night. No Homeruns or big stuff like that, just the old fasioned bunts, singles, and sacrifices. Just how we like it!

First off, Nick Punto's bunt for the squeeze was PERFECT. Young (we'll talk about him more later) ran it perfectly as well.

Slowey, that superman, got his 10th win. Tied with Halladay, which is pretty spectacular. Can you say SLOWEY THE ALL-STAR? :)


Any last but not least, Delmon Young. He has made me happy these past few weeks, and yeserday, he won the game with his hitting...and fielding. The homerun saver was amazing (even though Gomez did look awesome scaling that wall...). Keep it up Delmon (and hit a homerun...that will make me EXTRA happy!) ;)

Baker tonght=Lots of K's. Run support tonight please!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Love Interleague

Top 3-4 Reasons for Interleague:
1) We rock
2) It is fun to watch teams we never play
3) We get to hit when away from home (i.e. Kevin Slowey=Best pitcher/hitter)
*4) Kristina thinks Andrew McCutchen is pretty hot. ;)

Have we gone over the .500 mark yet? Seems like we crawl to .500, then slip away, then crawl back etc. etc. etc. Today, our goal is to go over .500, and I think we have a pretty good chance at it.

Last night Glen Perkins didn't wear his ug-ly cut-off jersey during his "debut take two". If you don't know,
For the Love and I HATE when he wears his ugly jersey (and makes everyone else wear them). At least Kevin Slowey doesn't wear those things. Can you just imagine him in those things. Yucky.
Good Bad

...And while looking for these pictures, I came across this one from last nights game (6/16)

Either Mijares doesn't know how to hug, or he thinks Mauer fabrezed his jersey...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Baker Time

Great Performance last night Scotty (well, we won't count the 9th inning). You were nearly unhittable. You were really cookin'!

Great to see some more HR power last night too. Morneau, so happy you are actually thinking and not just trying to be macho. And Kubel, well, you just do your thing! (P.S. Bremer SO called the 3 run homerun last night).

Oh, have you seen this guy who is about 6 foot 1, 210 pounds, and last name starts with 'H' and ends in 'Arris'? Because he, is on Fire right now. The look of dissapointment on his face when his double didn't clear the fence. He tries so hard every game, and that's why he is my BF of the day. (one flaw, he does like to watch strike 3 and make a big deal over how it "wasn't even close")

And....Delmon Young. You proved me wrong last night, and I am glad you did! This was the first time this year I was actually happy you were in the line-up. Now that is something you don't hear from me everyday!!

Thumbs up for you Delmon Young!

Lets focus on winning the rest of this road trip, ok guys? (and please encourage Liriano to do good today...please)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


sigh. I am really not in a good mood since we cannot possibly win against the suckiest teams in baseball. I thought maybe, just maybe, we could end this crappy road record and start winning some more. I was wrong (unless miraculously we win every single game here in Oakland and in Chicago...).

So last night watched a little bit of the game (up until they got 3 Tolbert! hehe ) and then went to bed since these 9:10 games are rediculous, and thought this should give them the win tonight. Wrong again. Our pitchers blow our lead. This same thing happend with Slowey (what?!? exactly.). We built a lead, just for him to give up two HR's that eventually beat us.

And Morneau. You're trying too hard and it's making you look like a big pile of SUCK. When you swing, you don't even look at the ball! and you are missing by a mile! Not only you, but the top of the order is not pulling it's weight. Come ON guys. Wake Up here!

I will blog happy soon because the Twins WILL WIN TONIGHT (provided Delmon doesn't start)

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Off-day Blues

My daily schedule becomes wrecked when there is no Twins baseball on at 7. Is there something wrong with me? Naw, I'm just a die-hard fan :)

So, to keep me busy I have thought of many funny things (Mostly/Kinda Twins related) to post here today.

(First off, Way not to be swept in St. Petersburg twins. And Delmon Young? You are REALLY ticking me off here.)

Ok, back to keeping my mind busy when no Twins baseball is on:

This season we've sucked on the road. This is my interpretation of the situation.

*On the Road: Roadkill
*At Home: Heros

And, Does Anthony LaPanta have real hair? It disturbs me how thick it is in the front. Maybe it's to make Coomer jealous. And when they are broadcasting, Coom might as well kiss Anthony because his face is so close.

LaPanta Hair: Real? or Faux?

And to finish off my rambling, A song I could NOT get out of my head today: Ode To Joy, Twins style.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Not Bad...Not bad at all!

Twins: 5 R.Sox:6 (L) Liriano
Twins: 5 R.Sox: 2 (W) Blackburn
Twins: 4 R.Sox: 2 (W) Slowey
Twins: 1 R.Sox: 3 (L) Salami (Swarzak)

Splitting the series against the "Big, Tough, Homer-happy" Red Sox isn't that bad considering what happend to us in New York... (cough)

Sure, it we could have done better, but, we could have done worse. Poor Mauer, didn't do so well against Boston, so hopefully he will do alot better against Tampa in this next series.

And, What are the chances that BOTH managers and BOTH catchers get ejected from the same ballgame? At least Redmond didn't go and break the teams' drink machine with a bat like
Carlos Zambrano. Jeez, that guy is nuts!

Dear Delmon Young,

Yeah, um, you are making me kinda mad in how you are not doing so well. So, do you think that you could maybe do better? You really need to work on your 1) Hitting 2) Hustle 3) well, yeah there is only 2 but the 3 makes it look professional. So, yeah. Please get on that or you may have some fans not very happy (if they already aren't happy).

*Love you lots [not really]

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Interleague Rockstars

That is us. We rock when playing the N.L.

Congrats Justin Morneau, who, being agressive as always, launched one to the second deck with the bases loaded (farther than Mauer's, which he loves to do) right after a spat of Gardenhire and the HP ump.

and whoa, Gardee couldn't have gotten his face closer to the umpires'. But, I guess that's what you have to do to get the call reversed!

And...The First Aid Package(s) go to:
~Crede, who got hit hard in the hand that made him hurt so bad he took himself out of the game.
~Kubel, his knee is acting up agian. Hope he gets better so he can continue his home-running
~Span, had some evening sickness today.
~Mauer, just so we can keep him playing ;)

*Note for yesterday's game. Anthony Swarzak (Salami, as I call him) did AWESOME against the brew crew. As not ever seeing him pitch, I had my doubts....which have now been erased. :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Cycle, Baybay!

Congrats Michael Cuddyer! Yet another Twin to hit for the cycle, and coming just over a month of Kubel's cycle too! So proud Cud, so proud!

I just happend to come inside to hear that Cuddy was only a triple shy of the cycle. I thought "oh, how extremely hard it would be to hit a triple to get the cycle" and BAM he does it (on the LEFT side too!). It kinda looked like he was crying at 3rd too. Love you Cuddy!

Anyway, SO glad that we ended that nasty streak of losing games and are back on track. 20 runs against the Sox? We should do that more often! Hoorah to Mauer on the GS, and Tolbert, just cus he's tolbert ♥

And Boy, do I LOVE interleague play. Cause we ROCK! Kevin Slowey is like the ace of Interleague, if only we were in Milwaukee so he could hit some more!

~And....2 pictures that make me laugh~ :)

haha. They look upset. I wonder why??

These people were embarrased after looking up at the board at the end of the game...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


We need to end this losing streak or I may lose my hair. Just when you think "oh, they are doing really well! Maybe they'll win!" The starter and/or bullpen lets them pull right back in the lead. I think I may go crazy if we get swept twice.

Trying to keep my mind off my Baseball fusterations, I tuned in to watch the American Idol finale (this was at the point of when the twins were trailing 7-2). I am not a Idol-Fanatic, but I did want Kris Allen to win, and hey! at least something went my way today.

He's my boyfriend of the day since me and the Twins are having a disagreement right now.

Anyway, with the twins' loss tonight, I will be more crabby tomorrow. And people will give me crap at school about how much they suck and blah blah blah. UGH! WE NEED TO END THIS MADNESS TO-MORR-OW. 'nuff said.


P.S. if the Yankees win the A.L. East, would we be to blame? We sure led them onto a streak...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mission: Impossible?

Question of the day: Can we beat the NY Yankees? Well, The Twins abviously don't think so.

Every game. EVERY-GAME. We led and our bullpen blew it all away. On Friday, our bullpen Could-NOT-throw-a strike!

Ugh, I hate Mark Teixera. I hate him so much. I hate him more than Derek Jeter, and I hate Derek Jeter. M.T is so full of himself, and I can't stand it!

Also, Bert commented we were about 3-27 in this series with runners in scoring position. That stinks! We better win tomorrow, and if not, it's going to be a long roadtrip when we go to Chicago. Oh my gosh this could be bad.

Please stop this Twins fan grieving Glen, Please.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Homerun Happy

Ok, we can't hit homeruns ever, but when we do, their all in a cluster. Just like yesterday's and todays games.

I honestly think Morneau gets jealous of Mauer. 2 days in a row Mauer has homered, and Morneau has followed with an even better homer (his usual upperdeck type stuff). Well, I guess if Morneau will get a homer everytime after Mauer, I won't be complaining! :)

I am going to seriously have to update my HR list with these two games. Yesterday: Harris, Mauer, Morneau, and Buscher. Today: (as of 7th inning) Mauer, Morneau, Cuddyer. I amliking this power boost!

Also, great job of eating those worms today bert. You looked like a master at that! It was for a great cause too. :D
Whatta guy :)

P.S. I am LOVING Matt Tolbert right now! ♥

Saturday, May 2, 2009

"April Showers Bring May Joe Mauers!"

And that indeed, is a true statement.

**Sorry for my delay in blogging, so here is a quick mop up of the series' I missed**

Ok, Starting off with the most important guy: Joe Mauer. I was sitting watching the first inning of the game yesterday and was so excited about this new addition to our team (which we really needed). I was thinking "How awesome would it be if Mauer got a huge hit in his first at bat? Then everybody would go crazy!". Well, it happend! What a guy that Joe Mauer is!

I think Morneau is going to be REALLY good this year am I right? And with his BFF back, he's gunna be even better!

I am very impressed with the series against the Rays. You made them look so stupid on wednesday! And Cleveland was very good as well. And Boston....yeah, we don't even mention that team.

Another thing: How is Mijares SO DANG GOOD!?! He can go 3-0 in a count and come back to strike them out! He has a wicked breaking ball as well. He pitched against John Buck (whose name makes me laugh every time) and threw him the nastiest curve ever!

Something that makes me laugh:
I found this lady in a magazine. Looks like a female version of Kevin Slowey.

What do you think? :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

2009's first sweep.

WHAT a series.

First, there was Kubel, and his spectacular game on Friday. Then the Twins' multirun innings in Saturday's game. Then the best pitching performance by Glen Perkins today capped it all off.

I was at today's game and was so glad I got to see Perk Pitch. He did so good! I was shouting "NO! DON'T TAKE HIM OUT! HE WAS DOING SO GOOD!" and, they listened and I was happy. Morales also made me happy today. He is my favorite kid out there!

I also saw a sign today that said: "We have a fever and the only Rx, is more Kubel!" and thought of Karlee from omgmntwins. Ah, I love Kubel...but he didn't get a hit today so I couldn't go super crazy.

And, I almost forgot Mauer's birthday today until I saw this one kids' sign. So, Happy Birthday Joe! Looking forward to you on May 1st! (Also, Happy Birthday to Buscher (yesterday))

Up Next, Boston. (Relax guys, it's only 2 days...please relax). Please take this momentum to Boston with you. please.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Holy Kubel!

A Grand Slam? To win the game? And Complete the Cycle?!? Jason Kubel, you are the cheese to this teams' macaroni!

Kubel, I know you hate the attention, but you need a "Kubel Day" once in a while. Yesterday you were the best player in baseball! That has got to feel good. Unfortunatly, you took away Harris' happiness when he hit his homerun....but, I think he'll forgive you.

All I gotta say is maybe we should put Kubel in Left field more often! Sorry Delmy, but you haven't impressed my as of now. Delmy=Makes me nervous and often mad. I was starting to go into a Twins losing "sad-stage", but thanks to Kubel, I'm cured!

You also gotta give some credit to Span too. That 2 run double helped out alot. Who knew that us lil' Twins could beat the "oh-so-good" LA Angels?

Ok Twins, we are in 4th place. Lets fuel off of Kubes' fire, and win!! (K-Slow tonight. He's been struggling, so lets get some rocket bats going!)

P.S. Hi Torii Hunter. We still love you, so be nice to us please! :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Where are you Joe Mauer!?

'Cause we need you badly. We just lost two [embarrassing] games to the White Sox, and now we are off to play the "Red Hot" Toronto Blue Jays. Please come home soon. Please?

This series reminded me just how much I despise 1) Paul Konerko 2)Jermaine Dye 3) Jim Thome 4) Alexei Rameriez 5) Carlos Quentin & 6) Ozzy Guillen. That is most of their lineup, so basically, I despise the Chicago White Sox. And no, this doesn't include Joe Crede. He has been converted into a mighty fine Twins man.

Finally, Delmon got his batting average off zero, and today he hit a home run. Slowly he is coming back. Lets just say I hope he does better than last year.

Well, Cuddy, I hope you can forgive yourself after making two errors at 1B. But Morneau's kinda been slacking lately, so we needed to mix it up a bit.

Oh, and I love Jose Morales. He looks like a second grader!
Look how innocent that face is. You gotta love it!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The power of the youngins...

That was a GREAT win last night for the Twins! So glad I stayed up to watch. I hate giving up on the Twins because they are the type of team where anything can happen at any time, anywhere. This happend to be one of those games.

I found myself talking to Buscher at his at bat, soothing him by saying "c'mon baby" (after his Nickname; Busch baby). They zoomed up on his head kind of by his ear, so I considered it a sign and kept saying it over. They zoomed up on Morrow (He reminds me of Rob Morrow from 'Numb3rs'), and I whispered to him: "Throw somthing crappy!" And it worked!

I liked how all the young guys came in at the end to put on a show. Way to go lil' ones! I also liked how Casilla came up to bat with an attitude. He took that first pitch, and boy, he didn't miss it. Oh, and Busch hustlin' home was amazing as well. :D

Also, I found this picture of Kevin Slowey with long hair. I like it better short, what do you think?

He has a sunflower on his hat :)

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