Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dear Liriano...

Uh, what is your record now? 4-11? ELEVEN? What is wrong with you? Every start you have I think "ok, he HAS to do better than last time" or "Ok, I will give him one more chance". Well, you blew all those chances. Every. Single. One. I am so sick of you. Basically we can't win more than 4 in a row because you are here. What should we do with you? Send you down? Trade? I don't really know. But the Twins better do something or else this team WILL NOT make it to the playoffs. It's tough to say this, but as of right now? You SUCK.

Thanks for listening. Now if you'll excuse me I have to make a call.

"Hello? 1-800-Duensing? Hey, we'd like to ask you for a favor..." :)


Katie said...

Apparently Gardy said he gets one more try and if it's not any better that's it for him. I wonder if Bill Smith will actually listen this time?

S.Rail said...

I am so sick of Liriano...UGH! I sure do hope Mr.Smith listens. Gardee knows...he always does. :)

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