Monday, August 10, 2009

Self Destruct

That is basically the button that the Twins are pressing right now and it is really annoying.

Just some things on my mind....
1. We are 3 games under .500?? When did this happen?
2. We are 5.5 games back? Weren't we like 1.5 games back like less than 2 weeks ago?
3. Baker, Baker, Baker. I thought you were the one we could depend on...
4. Woah! Pavano is just what we needed! I like him.
5. Cabrera has a 19 game hitting streak! Yay!
6. The Tigers have to play the Red Sox tonight which is good, because Boston is good, but Boston has only scored 2 runs in the past 5 days and yeah...
7. Very impressed with Mauer and Spans' performace during the Detroit series.
8. Oh my gosh if we lose to KC I am probably going to loose it.

That is all. The Twins better gain their senses during this off day and shape up. Only a month and a half left of play guys!!


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