Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day 2011!

Wow! I haven't blogged on here in over a year and two months! Wow, what a shame! There has been so much that has happened in the past year with the Twins, so I will do a quick recap with thoughts:
  • Twins win AL Central- We all knew it would happen. We were awesome. Too bad we couldn't win in the post season...cough
  • Joe Nathan surgery- This was a bummer. And now he will never be the same [See 2011 Twins season for more]
  • Requiring Nishioka- This was really cool! Too bad he only played a couple days before going on the DL this year...
  • Twins having the worst start of the season ever- This was so depressing. I didn't even want to know what the score was!
  • Everyone going on the DL. Ugh, makes me angry that we have a huge team of call-ups (However, they are pulling their acts together lately!)
  • Harmon Killebew- This ripped the Twins apart. Really cool that there is a picture of him under home plate and a big '3' on the water tower!

Now to today. The Twins have won 14 of their last 16 games and have won seven straight. Who would have thought that this team would make such a turn around after how they played the first two months! We are actually back in the hunt in the A.L. Central. Yay!

Congrats to all the triple A guys who kicked butt in todays game. For real, if the Twins are winning games with our call-ups, then imagine what we can do with our veterans off the D.L.!

Oh and P.S. Casilla? You made everyone pee their pants today. Thanks for that bud.

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