Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jason Bartlett wins me a free taco

Ok, Off my withdrawal of no twins baseball (it's hard...very very hard), I am now cheering for the Rays more than ever before. I have a good feeling for them. And, Jason Bartlett is the player for October on my Twins calander (yes, they obviously made it before he was traded). Is that a sign or what?

Ok, so they lost the first game, but they still have a whole bunch of power (aka my Rays Fav. Evan Longoria) and Talent (Jason Bartlett) to win the World series. They are not going to let the little phillies beat them. The only person I root for on that team is Chase Utley. He is the coolest....but Rays are better...don't worry!

Anyway...Good Luck tonite Rays. I will be watching from my couch downstairs. Go Bartlett...and Garza from the bench :)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Oh Twins...

Sorry this took so long to post. It really took me a while to think of what to say but here goes...

First of all, Nick Blackburn, you pitched one helluva game. If stupid Danks hadn't been on a great streak and our offense (oh Cuddyer was SO close to scoring!!) had been a bit better. One run is really good expecially against HR Chicago.

It was really tough for me when we lost. It was so heartbreaking that the Twins lost that I was in just a glum mood the whole day friday. Just thinking about it made me almost cry.

The game gave me alot of "what if's"
What if we had beaten the worst Seattle more than we did?
What if Detroit actually tried in the chicago game?
What if Cuddyer's leg hadn't been broken and he could have beaten the throw to the plate?
What if Neshek was still with us?
What if chicago had lost just one more game in the season. What if we had won one more?

Ah....There is alot to think about...but I know that next year the Twins are going to fight so hard. And hey, we were the only ones to beat Cliff Lee this season!

We deserved to be in the post season. The white sox can't beat the sox, rays, or angels...while the twins can beat the Rays and Angels.....and sox but not that often.

Oh, and Tampa will take care of the sox....don't you worry.

P.S. At least we got ourselves a batting champion...AGAIN!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Walking on eggshells

Twins, you are SOOOO lucky that Chicago lost yesterday. Today, lets win and keep the sox from sneaking up on us.

I am really excited for Mauer right now because he is sooo close to becoming a batting champ for the second time around. He is currently 6 points up of Pedroia with 2 games left. C'mon Mauer!!

Some more great news is Slowey's MRI came back and there is nothing wrong but a bruised wrist (whew!).


Do you want the playoffs? You gotta play tough and earn that spot. I really don't want a tie breaker game as most twins fans don't, and you Twins don't want to either. So lets take care of buisness now, and cruise through the playoffs!


As of 3:04 PM, Twins are leading 2-0. Keep it up guys!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oh, Kevin Slowey...

Why do thou hurt me? We need to sweep these guys! We can't be doing throwing errors at this time of year! Why Slowey? why?

Well, even if we do lose this (score as of 8:34 PM: 6-2 Sox) we still have a chance to get in. But...oh man. It would have been grand to be in first!!

Kudos to the rest of the team tho. Kubel in the First game, Young in all games, Gomez and his spectacular catch and countless other things we have been doing great.

Well, good luck vs. KC boys. And remember, there still is hope!....hopefully... :)

P.S. OUR BULLPEN IS ROCKIN! And are one excited fella.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ok Boys. Here we go.

First off, sorry for the blogging delay. I didn't really want to blog during the Rays series, but it turns out they won 2 of 4! Go Twins!

Tonight (and the next 2 days) are the biggest games this year. The Sport Announcer dudes on ESPN say the Twins NEED to win at LEAST 2 games in order to stay in the race. This makes me nervous, but when you think about it, the Twins are:

~Have homefield advantage
~Have Slowey pitching the last game (yay!)
~Are basically at the same level as the White Sox
~We have excellent offense (some days, please be on during this series) and defence.
~WE HAVE 2 CHAMPIONS IN THE MAKING!! i.e. Justin Morneau (MVP) and Joe Mauer (Batting Champ)
~The last series' (if we are still in this race) are against KC (us) and Cleveland (C.Sox) and the Indians are playing some GREAT baseball right now...lets hope Chicago has to face Cliff Lee!

ESPN guys say that Chicago is going to have alot of trouble scoring if they don't hit homeruns (Yay! and...oh god! at the same time) 1. Thats good news that they won't be able to score that easily, 2. We have given up like 1000 HR's in the past week.... yikes.

WE DO NOT NEED TO BE GIVING UP HOMERS HERE (ok starters and Joe Nathan??!)

Twins, don't be nervous. Play Hard and Play Smart. The whole state of MN is rooting for you!!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Well. That was a great season to watch and such a fun year with all the youngsters. But unfortunatly the loss tonite to the Indians (the game isn't over but we all know what's gunna happen), the White Sox win (no, they haven't won yet but the yankees having 3 hits over 7 innings means bad news). And the Rays are going to beat the Tar out of us and by the time we even get to the White Sox series, we will be so far back, that Cleveland might be in second place.

Oh man. I have a case of baseball blues. It makes you feel like you got punched in the stomach. At least we may have a MVP this year, and maybe a rookie of the year.

Why do the Twins have all the bad luck? 4 games with the Bestest Rays, a game with the Cy Lee, WhiteSox Series, and all the other crap in between like our SUCKY BULLPEN.

All I can say is that I am praying for a miracle....and if that fails, GO RAYS!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

'Bulls Eye'

And the new name for the Twins ballpark is...*drum roll*...Target Field? uh...ok. I kinda thought they'd name it something a little more sparklier than that. Maybe it means the Twins will hit a bulls eye with their homeruns....who knows.

Today the Twins are 1.5 games behind when they were tied (and could have been .5 over if it weren't for the Twins' sucking yesterday.

And tonite, Kevin Slowey pitching a quality start (so far) giving up 3 runs (so far) on 2 homeruns. Grr...those homeruns kill us.

We've had people in scoring postition with NO OUTS TWICE and no runs coming in. Does this mean we don't deserve to win? If they don't produce runs, yes.

So much for the series win because the chances of winning cliff lee are SLIM. And then we go to Rays' park o doom to try to win against the best team in baseball.

Good Luck Twins, Good Luck.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rain Rain go away....

Cuz I wanna watch some Twins Baseball here!!!

Ok, I am a very lazy blogger and am sorry of the delay(s) so here we go on the recap of the week:

~We gained a whole 1.5 games in 1 day
~As of Today we are 1 game behind, have 2 games today while the sox have ZERO! (yay!)
~Blackburn and Slowey got a win!
~Guerrier blew another game on a day we could have gained ground...darn Guerrier...
~We lost both coinflips on who gets home-field advantage in a tie situation :(
~Morneau is only 4 RBIs behind Hamilton for RBI leaders!!!!!
~Liriano got cheated Thursday :(
~Twins are awesome (cept Matt Guerrier as of now)

Yes. A good and bad week. Mostly good.

And as of now, Morneau is only 2, yes, TWO! RBI's behind Hamilton. hoorah! And we are beating the Orioles! Hoorah again! (In game uno)

I have also come to a conclusion on why we have been so terrible the past 3/4 weeks: It's because Harris hasn't been able to play that often. And when you think about it, he didn't get to play hardly at all. Brenden Harris is the Key to Success! :-D

Anyway, lets hope the Twins win tonite, and they will [most likely] win tonite unless the Birds can come back from being down 7-2 in the 7th against BOOF-ie.

I can tell you know that I am really nervous for when we go to St.Petersburg....soooo nervous.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Why Now?

Why Twins? Why do you have to be so sucky when this is the time to be on the top of your game?First being Swept by Toronto. So then I thought, well, they'll be so much better at home. WRONG. We sucked at home (except for the first game). We haven't lost a series at the dome since May!!

Well, then again, we aren't the only ones losing when we need to win. The Red Sox are only 1.5 games away from Tampa when they used to be 3 plus games out.

Did you know that in the last 10 games we are 3-7? That is pathetic. We don't deserve to be in the playoffs playing like this. Thank goodness that Chicago lost today or we'd be 3.5 games out and by tomorrow we could be 3 games out without the Twins even playing. (Or 2 games out...lets hope!)

I really appretiated Morneau Today and Yesterday. Sure, you got the last outs in both games with men on base, but know what? You hit that ball so hard both times. If there was anybody but Polonco at 2nd, that would have tied the game yesterday. If only Mauer did what he did to Toronto...if only.

Please Please Please Please PLEASE take advatage of Kansas City and get back into first place. You cannot keep on playing like crap. It makes your fans VERY angry.

Love, Me

P.S. Will someone PLEASE slap Matt Guerrier??

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Running Out Of Gas?

Wow. The Twins have been exceptionaly suckish on this road trip.
Bullpen: Suckish
Offense: Suckish
Defense: Suckish
Starting Pitching: Decent

We are pretty much looking at a sweep here in Toronto unless the Twins can pull off 4 runs in to innings... Kevin Slowey gives up 3 runs, you seriously can't blame anything on him. Why do we do so bad against bad teams!?!? I can tell you right now that the way the Twins are playing right now is NOT going to take them to the playoffs.

I am so scared for the Tampa series. Even more scared than the White Sox Series. If we lose all 4 games against the Rays, we are screwed, done, no playoffs, nothing.

But didja here? Carlos Quentin has an injury! Cha Ching! The Karma is sneaking up on them!

Before I leave and watch the Twins lose (they now have 1 2/3 innings to get 4 runs)...wait make that 1 1/3 innings.

P.S. I LOVE MATT TOLBERT! I am so happy he's back! He did so good yesterday while everyone else sucked (i.e. Pridie, Punto)

Oh by the way, they have 1 inning now.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Thank you Boston

Boston, You did awesome by winning 2/3 from the White Sox. Sadly, we could only gain a game on one of those wins (it should have been 2).

Yeah, about Saturday's game. Um, Nathan, lets just say I wasn't A real big fan of you that night. I was so mad that I shut off the TV and threw the remote mumbling some colorful words about Nathan. Poor Liriano, he pitched SUCH a great game too and everyone thinks when Nathan comes in, we will win. I guess that didn't happen this time.

Last night's game made me feel happier even though the White Sox won, Scoring alot of runs is alot of fun. Morneau is only about 8 RBI's out of first place for the RBI leaders. Can you believe it? About a month ago, he was 20+ RBI's behind.

I have alot of Homeruns to add to my list. Well, it's only 3, but in Twins sense, thats alot of homers. We got Alexi's, Morneau's and Span's (from 2 days ago).

Next is Toronto and lets count our blessings that we don't have to face Halliday.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Twins Domination

Twins: 12 A's: 2
R.Sox: 8 W.Sox: 0

We win, Sox Lose. Twins: 1/2 game behind. We are back where I like it (if only we were a half a game up). I just hate when the Twins drop to 1, 1.5, or even 2 games behind because it takes so much work to get back to the top.

Everybody did good yesterday...except Punto who was o-6, but it's ok, He'll impress us tonight. Slowey pitched an awesome game, giving up only two runs, and that was from a home run, so who even cares. 6 hits over 6 innings, is pretty darn good in my opinion. Mauer, good grief man! 4 RBI's and 5-6? That makes your average skyrocket!

So I read today that Casilla gets moved down to the 8 spot, and hey, That's an excellent idea. He hits better when he and Gomez are hitting next to eachother. Remember when they were 1&2 hitters? Our Lineup is so great starting at the number 8 spot: Casilla, Gomez, Span, and Punto. How can you have a faster lineup than that? And add Ruiz in there and we're good.

What amazes me, is that we scored 12 runs yesterday right? Not ONE run came from a homerun. Not 1. The Twins are so good that they don't need Homeruns (that often) they'll just double, single, double, drive people in while in scoring position. That is how we are still in this race is by Hustle and good, timely hitting when we need it.

Liriano tonight, this should be an excellent game. :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Sorry, that was just me taking my anger out in my keyboard.

I am so pissed right now, and truthfully, I don't know why. Maybe because we just lost the series TO SEATTLE which is the WORST TEAM IN BASEBALL.

Last nights game was terrible. And know what? It was NOT Scott Bakers fault. We just suck, against sucky pitchers.

Right now I feel like we have lost our playoff hopes. Yeah, I know there's still the big Chicago series, and we still have a month plus of baseball left, but 2 games behind feels like a MILLION games behind. And just think, 4 games ago we were in first place! Hopefully Chicago will lose a series and we can get back into first place.

Wow, Blogging this all out makes me feel a whole lot better. The Twins aren't done, no way, far from it. We are going to win today, and win a whole bunch more and Chicago WILL LOSE!!!

P.S. Randy Ruiz!! You hit your first Homer! Nice job buddy! We knew you had the power in there somewhere... ;)

Monday, August 25, 2008


Oh how I wish we could have won the series. But I guess I'll look on the bright side: We won 2 out of 4. That isn't bad or anything, but winning against them is so rewarding that I wanted them to win again. I am such a selfish Twins Fan. :P

At least the 2 games we lost weren't blowouts. Man, we almost had them yesterday! Gomez, keep your eye on the ball please!

I am also very happy with Torii Hunter. It almost seemed like he was telling us: "hey, we have the AL West in the bag, I'll help you guys win the AL Central, ok?" Good Ol' Torii, I miss him, but where would we be if we still had him on our team?

And way to got Justin Morneau of Breaking out of your Angel slump and hitting a homer and a RBI double yesterday. And Slowey, nice pitching, It wasn't your fault we lost!

Up next, Seattle. Twins? PLEASE DON'T BE STUPID THIS TIME!!! We can beat these guys and Liriano is gunna shut them down defensivly, so all we need is the offense!

P.S. Wasn't it funny that Span got ejected AFTER the game was over? That umpire must have lost his marbles!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Starting off Right

Whoa. This is way better than I expected the Twins to play against The Angels. We've guaranteed a split of this series!! And they've come against 2 of their toughest pitchers.

Watching the first 3 innings of the game in which we could have scored 2 runs, I was starting to feel nervous. But Delmy's homer blew my nerves away. Even though we only had a 2 run lead at that point, I knew that Perkins was going to pull through and pitch another great game.

Oh yeah, Ruiz? Man, you can HUSSLE down that line! How DO you do it? I would pinch run you for Morneau any day.

Speaking of Morneau....why does he have to suck against these guys? I bet he felt so good when he got that late hit last night. Poor Morneau, he'll have to wait till Oakland to add to his RBI collection.

Dear Twins: Keep up the good work! Only 12 games left and you can go home! And Blackburn, we aren't giving up a leadoff homer this series, right??

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


What an effort put on by the boys last night. I was just in awe in how nobody sucked! Last nights lineup was by far my favoritest lineup that Gardee could have made. Span, Punto, Mauer, Morneau, Kubel, Ruiz, Buscher, Harris, Gomez, and Slowey. How can you get better than that!!??!

I am going to do a top 10 list of last night's game because there was so much stuff that rocked:
1. Slowey's career high 12 K's
2. Buschbaby's Homer
3. Gomez's Homer
4. Punto's awesome play
5. Bass kickin' ass
6. Everybody got a hit
8. Morneau's doubles
9. 3, 3 run innings, and 1 4 run inning combining a total of 16 hits on the night.
10. We WON!

Does anybody here agree with me that Randy Ruiz frickin' ROCKS?! And they were thinking of sending him down to AAA when Casilla comes up. Um, HELLO? He's hitting AWESOME. Send Everett down or something! Just keep my new Best Buddy (Slowey is still my #1 though...) Ruiz up in the Bigs!

The upcoming road trip scares me so bad. We have the angels first and we happen to be faceing their best pitchers to start off. Then Mariners (you know what happens when we play them...), Athletics (hopefully we can gain some ground there), Jays, Then we finally come home for the Tigers and Royals.

Twins, remember that long road trip last year when you absolutly sucked? This year, lets not suck and do some damage. You are better than last year and you know it!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

An All-Around Awesome Game

Last nights game was a super awesome one. This is what i liked

1. Carlos Silva sucking it up for us (thank you Carlos!)
2. Kubel's homer
3. Brian Buscher (everytime he came up to bat, I screamed: GOO BUSCH BABY!!!!)
4. Liriano
5. Punto's awesome DP
6. Ichiro dropping the ball
7. Jim Riggleman getting ejected (my first ejection!!)
8. Twins winning

Ahh...yes. I was a very loud Twins fan yesterday yelling in my Slowey shirt at nearly every Twins play. I also got my long waited for Gomez jersey (wearing now). And I also decided one thing.....


They are so cute!! I'll have to get one next time I'm at a pro shop. They aren't at the dome....sadly :(

Today: Twins win...but I am so sad how the bullpen was sooo close of making me spaz out if they lost. Thank you Buschbaby for hitting the game winning sac fly. Jesse Crain....I still hate you, and thank you Reyes, for winning.

Lets all go wish for an Oakland sweep of the Sox so we can be 2 games ahead of Chicago. Yay!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Young, Mr.Young

Two 3-run a row?? Yay Young! I can now like you since I now dislike Crain/Everette... :)

Delmy, you really helped out today....but ya know...Slowey deserves some credit. 1 run over 6 innings pitched is pretty darn good In my opinion. Ahh.....2 outa 3 from the Yankees. It feels so good.

Off Day Tomorrow (again?! I want MORE BASEBALL!!) , and then Liriano's game on Friday....can't wait to see him live at the dome.

Dear Minnesota Twins,
Please, PLEASE do not make asses of yourselves against the Mariners again. Please do not leave balls hanging for Ibaniez to hit. And Please have Span and Young play everyday of the series.


Leaving note: Slowey looked absoulutely AWESOME in his navy jersey today (and Blackburn as well yesterday). :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Baby, Baby!

Thank you to Glen Perkins' new daughter (lola? I think...). She made her daddy toughen up and pitch a gem. And what a gem it was. A gem against the YANKEES. Haha...I just LOVE when we beat them!

And Everette, be excited about your homer! In your just were like "it wasn't was just luck." EVERETTE, be proud! You are gunna need to be better since Casilla is coming back and you will be benched.

First place again, We just keep on flipping back and forth: 1/2 game ahead, behind, ahead....lets try to run away with this right now, ok Twins?

I can't wait to see Liriano this Friday as I am going to the game. I am soo wearing my Slowey shirt...or possibly my new Gosilla shirt ( I got it at Scheels...It is SO AWESOME).

Up next, my favorites, Blackburn in Slowey. Can I say...SWEEP?

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Just our luck

And Michael Cuddyer is injured again. Broken Foot by a line drive and 3 days before he was going to rejoin the Twins on Monday. Sad day.

But...Alexi Casilla is coming back soon (yay!!) This is great so we can finally get stupid Adam Everette out of the lineup (I strongly dislike him).

Kevin Slowey...did amazing again last night...But Nathan....NATHAN? What are you doing: loading the bases in the 9th inning? Please stop that...we need to beat KC.

And what about the Red Sox? They lose to the White Sox when we need them to beat them...we beat the White Sox bad...but not the Red confusing sport.

Tonite is Liriano and another win! Go Twins!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

And the "Best Burn" award goes to....

...our very own...Nick BLACKburn!

This burn did a very good job (but...did you think he had some trouble with his control? He threw like a bajillion balls!) but there was 1 person who litterally STOLE the show.

Mauer? Nada
Morneau? You wish...
Everette? Yeah right!
Casilla? Close...but he's still on the DL *sob*
Span? BINGO!

Span hit a 3 run triple, hit an RBI bunt (nearly 2) for 4 RBI's on the day...and he robbed the Mariners of a 2 run go-ahead homer (Crain, I just gotta say that you are soooo dang lucky). are THE MAN.

Very catchy new name for the Spanster I'd say...

So, offday I photoshopped some more Reyes...

He sure does love that Bud Lite....

K-Slo on 8/8/08! C'mon Twins....lets sweep KC...again!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Whistling the bad times away...

Ok, So we lost (again) to the worst team in baseball, the worst pitchers in baseball, the worst players in baseball (cept Ichiro and stupid Ibaniez...Ibaniez...yes...HE'S THE SPOILER. 11 RBI in 2 games vs. Us...Get him AWAY!!

We need to win this game in order to keep our reputation. The White sox won, so we are now 1 game behind when we should have had extra ground with a win on Monday.

Thank you to Jason Kubel for actually TRYING last night. And Bullpen...Please start pitching better!! Thank you!

So to make me (and all) happy, I photoshopped some pictures of Reyes... just to keep my mind off the game(s).

Here you are:

I feel soo much better already. And for more happy pictures check out Those Girls' site for some more happiness.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I am really confused...

So we can go and beat Chicago 3 times and let Seattle, who are 27 games back in their division, kick our butts? I am so lost here. 10 runs in the 7th inning? That is PATHETIC.

We seriously need to win the next 2 games or I, and other twins fans, will seriously lose their marbles. Twins! Be glad! You aren't facing Hernandez! You got one of the worst pitchers (at least this year) last night and you couldn't maintain your lead!

1 Positive thing about the game: Nick "Mighty" Punto hit his second homer. Go PUNTO!

I am just so fusterated right now that I could say a million swear words but I am going to keep them to myself, wait till 9 frickin' 10 PM and listen to the game and try to calm myself down hoping they will win.

They have to win right? This is the worst team in baseball! Why can't we win!!??!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Thank you...Thank You, Liriano for pitching SO great today! And now you can celebrate first place with the Twins!

And Kansas City deserves some credit because KC is great at being spoilers and helping teams [The Twins] out.

I'd like to say that when Lamb put the tag on that runner, I bleated out BAH BAH! Really loud...just to show my support of de lamb. :)

I have not yet said goodbye to Monroe and Hernandez thus far so I will say it now: SEE YA, DON'T THINK WE NEEDED YA. (Although, I think I will miss Monroe for some reason...)

This weekend I accomplished the task of recieving my long waited for Slowey T-shirt that I can tell you, will wear it to every Twins game I go to from now on no matter who is pitching just to show the love and support of the Slowey. :)
Ah! There it is!! :D

Now, with Liriano up, I don't have to wince about who is pitching anymore because I reeeely didn't want to see Hernandez pitch when I went to a game. I would have wanted to see Slowey or Blackburn expecially, and Baker and Perkins aren't that bad...but I did not want to watch Hernandez pitch just because he scares me every time he pitches. But Now with's all good to watch!

Some little things I'd like to throw in here: Welcome to the club Randy Ruiz. You are a BIG boy but you have so much power in you. I am gunna like you...I know it. Also, I wish a happy (belated) birthday to Matt Guerrier.

Leaving Note: Juan Rincon...I know you were very sad when the Twins relesed you and I do hope you went over to see your BFF Reyes before the game. He misses you Rin, he does.

Friday, August 1, 2008

I love the Minnesota Twins.

Three out of Four. THREE, OUTA FOUR from the leading White Sox. We could have been 6.5 games back by the end of this series. But where are we? One half of a game game back. We could be in first place by tonite!

I am so happy that I decided to wear my Nathan shirt today to show my love for my team and how they won the series against the sox. I am also bringing my dirt shirt with me this weekend when I go to the cities.

I was very pleased with Kubel last night. I admit in the beginning of the game I was saying "Stupid Kubel" because he wasn't doing anything productive. When he hit the homer I was satisfied. And to think...Gardee wasn't even gunna put him in the lineup in the first place.

Speaking of Gardee....That was a sweet drop kick of his hat there. And whoa...Twins fans can sure show when they are angry. Hats, Baseballs, FOOTBALLS...all over. Ozzy Guillen even had an argument with an old guy over the Sox duggout.

Cleveland is next and this would be a great time to move right up in to first place. Don't you think Twins?

Oh, and Casilla...PLEASE get better! PLEASE!!! We need you! And if you are out for the rest of the season...what will Gomez do? Oh! The tought I cannot bare it!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Go Slowerz!

Slowey! Slowey! Slowey! You pitched awesome last night. I mean, you pitched a shutout to the first place Chicago White Sox!

Span hit a 2 run homer, and Morneau hit a two run homer....and I was just thrilled to know that we were not gunna get swept for sure, and that we were gunna gain a game on them for first. I can just taste first place for the Twins!!

I also got really excited when they put GoGo in for the first time since his smash against the wall and he hit a single and eventually scored on Harris's two run double. You could sooo tell by the way he ran that he was still in some pain from the accident...but hey, he still runs as fast as lighting!

Tonite is the Perkins, who lost for only his first time in nearly 2 months in his last start and he is going up against someone who has not pitched in the majors this year. This is the time for the Twins to capitalize!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Big Series

4 Game Series against who? The Leading (by only two and a half games) Chicago White Sox.

I am soooooo excited for this series. We have a great oppertunity to take the lead in the AL Central AND we are the home team.

Saturday's game was a great Game for Brian Buscher. I didn't get to watch the first half, but when I was watching the second half on TV, the got 9 runs by that time and they wouldn't say who drove in all those runs until the end when they told everyone Buschbaby had gotten 5 RBI's. Way to go Buschbaby!

Well Twins, I do hope you win tonite...and tomorrow, and the whole series. Just please don't make Asses of yourselves.

And one more thing, GO SLOWEY!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Don't worry folks!

Forget about last nights' game against the Yankees...tonight we Have *Kevin Slowey* pitching and so It should be a great game. We gotta win this one!!

For some reason it is really hard for the Twins to win at Yankee Stadium. So It would be great to win at least 1 and even better to win 2. However, Yankee Stadium doesn't seem to effect Casilla who had a great game yesterday.

And lets just say we are damn lucky that the White Sox have been losing on the days we have so we can maintain that 1/2 games behind...and hopefully we can find a game to win, and have the White Sox lose. All I can say is, GO TEXAS!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ranger Smashing

Ahh...great game. 14 runs, 4 homers, 5 RBI for Morneau and 3 for Mauer. (They both were on MLB's Last Nights Performers)

Twins got a season high of 4 homers in 1 game. They came from Mauer, Morneau, Young (on his bobblehead day!) and Buscher.

Livan Hernandez didn't blow the lead either (whew) and earned the win by only giving up

Today's game however was heartbreaking. Scotty only gave up 2 hits and yet the Twins lost. They would have won it in the 9th, but the umpire didn't let Justin go to first when he got hit in the hand. I was so sad for Baker since he pitched sooo well, but 1 homerun lost it for the Twins.

Up next is the Yankees. Remember what we did to them last time? Well lets do it again. And you know, we have the 2 best pitchers coming to start it off...Blackburn and Slowey :)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Into the second half with a blast

The Twins appear to be off on the right foot into the second half *relief*. The game yesterday was so fun to watch. Expecially in the 7th inning when we got 4 runs.

Perkins pitched phenominaly and the offense was on the spot. Bushbaby and Ice Kubes both drove in 2 and Delmy went 4-4.

The Twins also shut out the Rangers for the first time since August 21st and snapped Ian Kinsler's (see photos below) 25 game hitting streak.

Here are some photo's I took at the game yesterday:

Bushbaby at the plate

Nick Blackburn golfing....he won too :)

Ian Kinsler....

Ian Kinsler...again

Brendan Harris :D

The Highsocks boys: Harris and Kinsler

Morneau's Homerun Trophe

Gomez....picking his nose...haha!

The one and only Dirt Shirt

Ian Kinsler...hehe

Josh Hamiltion

Pitchers row

Ian Kinsler...I swear I am not obsessed! ;)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Woah Morneau!!

Homerun Derby King? Scored the winning run in the All Star Game? Woah! You are awesome!

I'd like to say that I am VERY proud of our 3-some at the All Star Game.
~Mauer: Single,walk, awesome STARTER behind the plate
~Nathan: 1 Scoreless inning, 1 Strikeout
~Morneau: Hit a Double, and a Single, and got intentionally walked, Scored 2 of the 4 runs, Hustled ass to get from 3rd to Home on a shallowish sac fly by Mike Young, Scored on JD Drew's 2 run HR to Tie the game, and the night before captured the Homerun Derby Crown.

Now, Alot of People have been giving Morneau Crap about winning the Derby because he is from the Twins, and he beat out Josh Hamiltion, who everybody wanted to win. And yeah, Josh looked like he was gunna win, but in the final round, he didn't hit like he did in the first round and Morneau just kept on sluggin'.

I stayed up all night to watch the all star game. Yes, all 4 hours 50 minutes, 15 innings of it. I wanted Morneau to be the MVP of the game sooo bad that I wanted everybody to get out so Morneau could come up to the plate again. And everytime he did, I was so excited that if he hit a homerun or a big hit to drive in the run, he could be the All Star. And he finally did something when he hit that single (which eventually scored).

I even caught myself cheering on People such as Ichiro, Kinsler (whoa...he is so cute), Sizemore, and....even Jeter...even though I hate him in regluar season, he was a part of the AL, and if he is there to help us win, then GO JETER!

Note to viewers: I will never say "GO JETER!" unless it concerns the All Star Game.

I just loved how even though all the boys were on different teams, they all acted like Best Friends.

And: Yes Morneau, you are safe.

Monday, July 14, 2008

First Half Complete

What a great first half. Here are somethings I am happy about:
>We are in second (almost 1st) place in our division
>We have gone so far without Santana, Bartlett, Hunter, Silva etc.
>Casilla has grown up so much
>Brian Buscher kicks ass
>At one point we had won 10 games streight
>We have so many speedsters now (Casilla, Punto, Gomez, Span)

Here are things I am not so happy about:
>Pat Neshek out for the rest of the year
>Swept by both Sox

There are more happy things than bad things...a good sign.

I am really bummed right now because I am going to the Twins game on Friday and Slowey was scheduled to start but with a finger injury (what a surprise!), got moved back to the end of the now Perkins is pitching.

I'm scared.

Well, The Detroit Series was a great one. 3-4 is not bad. And we are 1.5 back from the Sox. Oooohh! I want them in first place soon!

And one more thing: I nearly forgot that Adam Everett is on our team....

Friday, July 11, 2008

Go Morneau!!

Morneau!! You did AWESOME last night! 5 for 5 with a walk, 2 singles, 2 doubles (1 was a sapposed to be a homer...) actual homerun. Whoa! Your average is almost higher than Mauer's!

Us Twins...rallying back to win like we weren't even losing in the first place...

Poor Slowey... He only lasted 3 2/3 innings. But at least he didn't get the loss! *whew!*Better luck next time Kevin!

And Nathan. What was that!? You are darn lucky you didn't blow the game. I thought you were gunna walk in the winning run from third but you got lucky and struck out Pudge Rodriguez to end the inning.

Oh and by the way: Thanks Matt Joyce for messing up (twice!) and letting us win. :)

(And guess what? The Sox KC! Ha ha!)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Oh No!


No, not by us, by

Ok, For 1 we shouldn't have lost the first two games. Yesterday I wanted to strangle Matt Guerrier for blowing our 5-2 lead. Heck, I would have rather of had Crain come in then watch Guerrier spoil it all.

And did I mention I now HATE Manny Ramierez (yes, 'hate' is a very strong word, and in capital letters and in bold, it's is even stronger). He's so errogant and cheap. When he hits a ball a long way, he stands at home plate and is like: yeahhhhh....*walks around bases* and when it isn't, a double/triple turns into a single. GAH! I Hate him!!

Man oh Man...Today we got SLAUGHTERED. Like a bazillion to 5. Ok, like 18 to 5 but it's still bad. I mean, at 1 point we were leading 3-0 and I thought: yes, we got this one!! But of course, stupid Manny and Youkalis and all the other stupid people on that team blasted us.

We need to win because if we lose another one and Chicago wins, I think I am gunna spaz out. We need to domintate Detroit this next series. Yes, look ahead to the positives. All I want is that they are better than this on the 18th versus Texas because I am going to that game.

Slowey: Please Help us win! Please Slowey! (Wait, Slowey always does good. We are in good hands here!)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Cleveland Sweep!

Whoa! The Twins beat Cliff Lee! I was so happy when they got the lead after being down 3 to nothing for much of the game. I then laughed at how the Twins are so good at rallying back to win.

When the Twins Tied the game, Glen was so happy that he could maybe get the win. He was dissapointed that they didn't send Young who was on second base home on Nick Punto's bases loaded single. His face went from: YEAH!!! To: oh....

I also think Brendan Harris is doing great at 3rd base. Every play he has made has been great and his throws to Morneau are rockets. Brendan Harris: Mr. Infield.

And Today the Indians traded away their Ace C.C. Sabathia to the Brewers. At least the Twins won't have to face him as much anymore. However, they play the Brewers every year in Interleague, so it isn't the last of Sabathia for the Twins.

Twins win streak is at 5 and up next is the Boston Red Sox. It would be hillarious to knock down the Sox in a sweep. The Twins should play well at Fenway. Many Twins players say this is their favorite Park to play in, so they better make it worth while and win!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Little Nicky Punto?

Was that guy out there in the number 8 jersey Nick Punto??

Boy has he ever kicked butt these past few days. The roller to Casilla for the force Wednesday, then the homer and the bases clearing double yesterday. Whew! His new name should be Mighty Nicky Punto!

And, yeah....Delmy did good too (Dam *secret swear*, I hate that I hate him and then he does good...). He is finally getting his swing...but he still has a long way to go to beat last years homerun record (16).

And the Pitching this past week? Awesome....except Jesse Crain, my new target to cuss at when I am mad (I seriously thought we were gunna lose in the 9th yesterday because he was in....thats how much i don't trust him).

Today is Slowey day (yeahaa) and we are gunna K-Y-L those Indians...again! GO SLOWERZ!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Spectacular Slowey's Shutout

And this is why I love Kevin Slowey.

Twi nnz: 5 Mil Walk E: 0 (Thats right, ZERO)

Pitching a shutout, going up against the ace for Millwaukee, Kicking ass: all add up to a perfect game.

Young even hit a homerun! And Gardee put Lamb in the lineup (wow. He looks like crap with that beard) and HE hit a single. Gomez had a great catch and RBI triple to add to the party.

Twins are back on a winning streak and 1/2 game behind Chicago (if they lose).

Boof, I feel a bit sad for you out there isolated from your starter friends, so I decided to photoshop you.

I'm in the mood for some Boof Berry...*ick*

Kevin Slowey sure showed some class today...I hope the other pitchers catch on to his awesome-ness....except Blackburn...he is already awesome...

A fun ride

And the streak is over. I am kind of glad (well, sad that we didn't win..), but we all knew we were gunna lose sometime and all of us were getting nervous on when that would be. So now the pressure is all off...and we can start a new streak!

Twins had a great game Friday with homers by Kubel, Casilla, and the most important homer, Mauer's. It was starting to get ugly when Milwaukee lead 6-3...but like always, the Twins rallied back to make the game exciting. And Mauer's homer capped it all off.

Yesterday's game is when our offense went dead. 3 hits and we nearly got shutout until the 9th inning homer from Kubel. Then again...Hernandez didn't pitch bad, and Milwaukee only got 8 the Twins could have beat them (If Casilla and Cuddy were in the line-up).

Today is Slowey's day so I am going to have a great afternoon in the recliner watching the game. Last day of 2008 interleague, lets make it a great one.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Super Sweepz

I am so excited for the Twins, but I am keeping this short because nobody wants to jinx anything here.

Morneau, you suck one day, then the next you are the superstar. You won that game for us yesterday and you should be very proud. ...And Mike Redmond, without his beautiful tag that kept the Twins in the lead, they may have lost.

And No forgetting about Baker. Not only did he pitch great...He got his first Major League Hit and His first Major League Run Scored (he scored from second!!).

Thoughts: I saw that secret handshake of Gosilla's like 50 times yesterday and Everytime I see it I laugh on how cute those two are together.

That game was a great game both ways. I love the games where the Twins are down and rebound to come back to win. It makes you just love baseball a teensy bit more...

Up next is Red Hot Twins against the Red Hot Milwaukee Brewers...C'mon Twins...we want 1st place!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

First Place, Here we come

Eight in a row. EIGHT in a row. ONE HALF game behind Chicago. *Excitement!*

Harris, you must be eating like 2 steaks a day. 2 homers in 2 days! Amazing! Both breaking the Twins out of a tie.

When the Padres scored 3 runs in 2 innings, I was beginning to worry until we scored 3 in the 3rd inning and Perkins gave up no more runs in the rest of his innings pitched. And when we got the score to 6-3, I knew we were gunna win. I mean, we are the Twins on a roll here...

Poor Justin Morneau...2 errors in 1 game (well, it was one error, but the popfly one should have been ruled as an error). How does a major leaguer's glove break in the middle of a game? How do you miss a pop fly?

Craig Monroe hit a 2 run homerun as a pinch hitter. He is so good at that job. Coming in the game in the late innings and drilling one over the fence.

Perkins, you did well. After the 2nd inning, you were just cruising along. And you got the win. Whoo Hoo Perkins!

One more game and we head back to the Metrodome. Keep it going Twins!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

7 Straight!

Wow. How magical the Twins can be. They were just on a 6 game losing streak 2 weeks ago and now they are on a 7 game winning streak!

Last nights game was very boring until later in the game (i.e. The 9th inning). Harris and Buscher both drove one over the fence. Not to mention those homers were back to back.

I was so dissapointed when they had Slowey bunt. DIDN'T YOU SEE HOW HE HIT LAST TIME? Now Slowey won't be able to hit the rest of the season since our last interleague game is at home. However, he did a great job pitching (Heck, when DOESN'T he?), but unfortunatly he gave up one run and so Reyes got the win.

The Twins won, but sadly the White Sox also won leaving the Twins hovering at 1.5 games back. Twins are 5 games over .500, the highest they have been. And what's this? Cleveland nearly in last place of the Central Division? (Probably because they just got Rincon)

One more thing: Twins did awesome hitting against Mr. Cy Young Peavy. Peavy is weird and scares me....
For one, he looks like he is going to throw up, and for 2, Don't his blue eyes just pierce you?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

6 in a Row

This feels Great. Sox Losing, Twins Winning, All 5 pitchers getting a win (and Livan got 2!). And tomorrow's an off day. What more could Gardee ask for? (probably first place)

We are only 2.5 games back and if the sox lose, then we are 1.5 games back from 1st place. 1.5 games! We were just 6.5 games back! The Twins winning puts me in happy spirits.

We do have to give some credit to the Cubs. They are the ones that are helping us climb the ladder up to first place. So all I can say is: SWEEP EM' CUBS! SWEEP EM!

Up next we play San Diego. I think we are gunna end up winning 9 streight! We are doing AWESOME!

Kudos to the Twins pitchers. They are the ones who have carried the Twins through this 6 game winning streak. The bullpen has also done pretty well too.

Keep it up Twins. I can't wait for the SD series!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Twins win: Times 2

The Twins are finally going on a winning streak. Can you hear the Twins fans rejoice?

Ju Mo hit his 11th homerun on Tuesday. (He probably didn't like sharing the Top of the Homerun Club with Kubel.)

Yesterday, My Slowey pitched awesomly for the win, and Justin Morneau batted in 3. In my mind, he's not that far behind Josh Hamilton for the RBI leaders.

This is not about the Twins, but it will BLOW your MIND:
Sidney Ponson got traded to the YANKEES. Yes, the terrible Sydney Ponson that pitched for Minnesota Last year, and yes, to the New York Yankees (you know, they team that only takes in good people) I guess they consider Ponson

That is mindboggling.

Twins are looking for a sweep, and I think they'll get it.(ha ha Delmy has bragging rights!)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Welcome Back Buscher!

Buscher, you make Twins fans very happy. I love when guys come up from AAA and kick ass.

And: WHY wasn't Cuddyer in the line-up? He hit an *unofficial* Innie and drove in 2 runs (besides himself). He is soooo magical....

Today, Baker was cooking up strikeouts (ha ha!funny Joke right?! *sarcasm*). He struck out a career tying high, 9 batters. He also got FOUR strikeouts in 1 inning. This is the first for a Twin!

Cuddy was back today and made an awesome sliding catch and then threw to Morneau for the DP. He also almost got hit again while at bat and had to take a deep breath before coming back into the batters box.

Gardy got ejected for the 8th time yesterday as he was upset how Harris didn't get time and the pitcher through right past him. I was like: WHAAAAAAT? And Brenden was dazed. The umpire must have been going: Man, I wish I could slide down that beer slide over there...

Kubel hit his 10th Homerun tying him with Justin Morneau. Whoa, Kubel, Whoa! Justin, you better start hitting them over the fence if you want to be the Twins's HR King...

Today is an offday, and Blackburn was pushed back to Saturday. So now we have Mr. I-can't-pitch-anymore pitching for us tomorrow against the Nats. (P.S. In case you don't know, It's Livan)

I had a weird dream last night that I was driving Justin Morneau's car and we were laughing at Delmon Young. NOT KIDDING.

.... I WISH I was driving his car....

Saturday, June 14, 2008

ILY, Slowey.

Ha Ha Ha. Walking Lamb to get to Slowey was SUCH a bad Idea. Won't you ever learn that Slowey is the best hitter ever as of Friday? Tsk Tsk Tsk, Milwaukee, Tsk Tsk Tsk.

Watch out baseball. This guy can pitch and *ta da!* HIT!

Brilliant Friday the 13th win.

That double Sloweee hit to the wall was amazing. He can really turn on the ball.. :)

Everything Slowey did yesterday was amazing. He is so awesome and thats why I LUV him!

As of now the Twins are tied up with the bases loaded and if they don't score....we don't even deserve the game. BTW, Nice Blown Save Nathan...

I hope Baker hits a Homer in tomorrow's game. That would be awesome fo shizz.

Also, Welcome back BRIAN BUSCHER!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Curse of the Rincon

Well, apparently Juan Rincon's absence really effected the Twins because they got smacked by the Indians in a 12-2 loss. I truely believe that he was very pissed and decided to secretly put weakning formula in the Twins players' drinks while, as he says, "cleaning out his locker".

He obviously missed Holy Macri's and Justin More-no's drinks because they were the ones who actually did something.

Macri (I like to say, Macaroni) hit his first Major League Homerun yesterday. Wow, he's played in, what, 10 games maybe? He got a homer in 10 games against Youngs Homer within a 2.5 month span. I just think that Young could do better, so that is why I talk so bad about him. I also just realized that Macri has Bartlett's old number. Fascinating.

Hernandez....sucked. Yes I said it and It is no lie. He did terrible and not to mention has done terrible in his past 3 or so starts. He's even on MLB's "Who's NOT" list along with former Twin Carlos Silva. Lamb also used to be on there, but they replaced him. Remember when Livan was 6-1? Yeah....good times.

I wish one of the Twins players could be in MLB's "Who's HOT list". In my mind, they all are. (With the exception of some)

Thank God. Tonite is SLOWEY NIGHT. And it's Interleague, which, you guessed it, Pitchers get to bat. *sighs*

Today is Friday the 13th. Hopefully it is a good thing for the Twins and not a bad one.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thank Goodness for Blackburns

And Morneaus and Kubels and Crains and Nathans and everyone who contributed to the win. (Sorry Lamb, your Sac Fly doesn't count and you are Still in a very big slump.) And thank Goodness for the DETROIT TIGERS for beating the Sox 2 games in a row.

Ah, Relief.

So many positvies of this game.
We won
~Gomez stole a base (finally!)
~Gomez & Casilla extended hitting streaks
~Kubel Homered
~Blackburn got the W
~Nathan got the S
~Morneau hit 2 doubles and drove in 3 runs

I am in a very happy mood right now. If you aren't, go over to
Those Twins Girls' Blog for a good story. (and a good laugh!)

C'mon Twins. Build off this momentum and win some more!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Please Stop the Madness!!

I am so overwhelmed right now. The Twins really bring my spirits down. I am on the verge of rooting for another team. No...No, No, No. Not gunna happen. I still have [some] faith in them...

That was an AMAZING outing by Baker that was wasted. You can't blame ANYTHING on our pitchers, it was all sluggy offense and poor baserunning.

I kept saying to my self in the 9th inning: "Holy Macri. Holy Macri. Holy Macri." During his at bat (didn't help). Gomez came so close of tying the game up 1-1. But Francisco, who basically robbed everything that game, caught it AT THE WALL.

Dear Morneau,

It's ok man. You lined into a double play and flew into one. Don't worry it wasn't your fault. You were just trying TO GET RUNS IN like a normal baseball player. Gomez and Mauer just had brain problems yesterday (i.e. Mauer swings at a high fastball...he NEVER does that!!).

Just hit a homerun and you'll feel better.
~Luv, Me~

Everytime I think of the Twins right now i think: 1) Kevin Slowey! 2) 6 game losing streak :( 3) 6.5 games back :(

I would like to replace those thoughts with: 1) Kevin Slowey! 2) 6 game winning streak! :) 3) 6.5 games ahead of CHICAGO. :)

Save yourself.
Save the dying Twins fans
Save your TEAM.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ick Fest

Ahhh...Damnation. We SOO deserved that game. We were leading 5 to 2 at one point, but knowing Chicago and their stupid Lets-hit-a-homer-in-every-game Pact, you have to be leading 10 to 2 to keep the win.

Poor Gomez. He hasn't stolen a base in AGES. He has 17 Stolen Bases in 25 tries after being picked off/Caught Stealing in yesterday's game.

Ugh, we has SUCH a threat going in the 9th inning, but Mr. I-always-come-through.....didn't come through. Instead, (Mauer...dur) grounded into a double play when we had men on 1st and 3rd and nobody out. And get the point.

I think Perkins did a pretty good job (i.e. not giving up a bazillion runs by the 4th inning...). The bullpen continues to falter.

I hope we sweep the Indians...but what's the use. The Sox will sweep the Tigers and we will continue to drop away from 1st place. 6.5 games isn't terrible...but everytime I think about how far we are back, my heart sinks and I just don't want to watch them suffer. All I want is my Kevin Slowey to be awesome.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Me = Very Very Fusterated

Sorry about the blog delay. All the games in this series really actually made me not want to blog.

At this point in the Twins season, I really don't want to watch them and I really don't care about them right now. We came in to this series 2 OVER .500, now we are 1 UNDER .500 and hopefully Perkins can pull something out of his ass and get a win and, most importantly, avoid being swept.

So far in this series against the White sox, this is the amount of runs scored:
W.Sox: 33
Twins: 10


The best pitcher so far has been Scott Baker (ha! He hasn't even pitched this series). That's how bad it is. (sorry B-burn and Slowey...)

Young FINALLY hit his first homer of the year on Saturday and Kubel added another one to his pile with a solo homrun Sunday.

I really hope we can win this one and go and sweep Cleveland with Scotty Baker starting against CC Sabathia on Tuesday.

P.S. I am SOOOOO excited because muah Kevin Slowey is starting the series against the Brewers. Since it's National League, Slowey gets to bat! I love seeing the Slowey hit ;)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

3.5 back and counting

Stupid Chicago-10 Twins- 6 :(

Ok, everytime we lose in this series, we fall back a game and we were just .5 games behind and now we are 3.5! The Sox with their stupid Homeruns will not lose!

Poor Blackburn. 7 runs on 8 hits is not a very good ratio. At least he has the first game since his incident out of the way, and now he can come back and feel even better next time he pitches.

Gomez and Casilla have a little pact now that whenever Gomez hits a homerun, Casilla will hit a homerun. They both hit one last night (along with Cuddyer...but he's not part of Gosilla). Both Cuddy's and Gomez's were solos and Casilla hit one with Brenden Harris on First Base.

We really need a win and hopefully Livan will help us out so we can actually move UP and not DOWN the ALC standings.

P.S. Slowey pitches tomorrow! (yeaah!)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Truely Mauer's Power.

Last Nights game is like everyother game: Twins fall behind, then rally to beat them. Mauer added his 2nd homerun (That's 2 in 3 days baby!) and had a 2 RBI Sac Fly. Amayzazing. That hasn't happend since 2001. Go Minnesota Twins Record setters!

I also think it is really funny that the Twins sent Boof to the BP and then he got put in yesterday and Kicked Oriole ass.

Then, After the game, a stupid fan through a ball thing at that 1B Umpire Jerry Crawford. I'm all for Craziness at the game, but that really crosses the line and whoever threw it has A)Anger Management Problems. B)Poor Self Esteem C) A total Jackass
I wonder if it was a Twins fan, or Orioles fan. If it was a Twins fan, they are really representing The Minnesota Twins, and Twins fans real well *sarcasm*

I wonder why other teams' players always seem to fall down in the outfield...specificaly the warning track. I bet Gomez uses his special Turf greaser out there...

Today's game was a heartbreaker. We so could've won...but the balls just did not want to get through the infield. Nick Punto got 2 doubles and I really thought that Casilla was going to go 5 for 5, but when he grounded into a really bad timing double play...I lost that hope. Wow, we had 12 hits....yet only 2 does that work Twins? How does that work?

I was very happy because they put Slowey in to pinch run. I saw them make the change and had to do a double take. I was like: Is that....KEVIN SLOWEY!?! OMGezus! I wonder how he felt when Gardee said: ok, Kevin. You are going to pinch run.
*Kevin: *throws up sunflower seeds* WHAT?!?

Baker, you did really good in your first start since your injury. I am very happy that you are back!! ;)

Draft News: We now have a new (future) Outfielder. Twins picked up Aaron Hicks in the first round of the 2008 draft. It even says that he's one of the best outfield/pitching prospects since Deryl Strawberry. Impressive.

Tomorrow is the Blackburn pitching for the first time since being smacked in the face by a line drive. Good Luck B-burn!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dare I say this?

Ok, ok. I know, and you know, that I hate Delmon Young right?, but yesterday, he really made me happy. Anytime anyone helps the Twins beat the Yankee's makes me happy. I guess Young would be my, as Twins bloggers call it, Boyfriend of the Day. Yes, Delmon Young.

2 doubles was ok, but 3 made it even awesome-er. And Cuddyer must have been sending messages to Young at home because Delmy batted in Cuddyer every time.

In the game yesterday, the Yankee's would bite, and we would bite right back.

Also, that was an awesome first homerun for Mauer. Nearly upper deck, and agaist the Yankee's made it even better.

Casilla's not-so-suicide-squeeze was pretty cool too. And he even beat the throw for an infield hit. The 2 Speedie's are best friends, and joined at the hip, as you can tell:

I call them: Gosilla

Note to Livan: You scare me alot. I hope you get a win soon.

Twins News: Boof Bonser has officialy been moved to the Bullpen to make room for Baker who will be pitching Thursday.

Other Facts: Cuddy Still won't shave. In my opinion, the clean-shaven Cuddy is my favorite. ^-^

Tonite is the one and only **Slowey** against....*giggle* Oriole's: Radhames Liz *giggles*

1/2 games behind the Chic Sox. It would be grand to be on top.

ILY Slowey!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Inconvenient Truth

Yesterday's game scared me to death when Blackburn got hit by Abreu's liner up the middle. I care for Blackburn almost as much as I do Slowey...almost. When he was on the mound legs and arms spread, I thought: Oh My Gosh. and then started freaking out...then calmed down when he stood up. I was also relived when the X-rays turned out negative and he only has a bruised upper lip and side of his nose. They said on that if it hadn't hit his glove first, then it could have been a lot worse. AND Blackburn is still expected to pitch on Friday. What made me really happy is that Abreu was praying for Blackburn, and later he went to talk to Blackburn to see if he was ok. Out of all the Yankee's, Abreu is now my favorite.

Despite having little warm-up time, Kick-Ass-Bass did great. To be specific, the whole bullpen did great. They gave up no runs. The only run came from Jeter's homer off Blackburn, and 3 pitches after that, Blackburn was hit and left the game.

Cuddyer drove in most of the runs (3) and Morneau got an unofficial Innie. The outfielders bobbled it so many times, that Morneau just kept going. Unfortunatly, they called it a triple with an error. Morneau got really sweaty... :D

Tonite's game is Hernandez vs. Pettite. I do hope that we can split the series, and the white sox lose so we can be on top!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Not Right

Twins: You are soooo capable of beating the Yankees....yet you just act like idiots in Xtra innings. We had last nights game. Bottom of the ninth, HEART of our lineup: ALL, yes ALL strike out. Yay for: Lamb (nice triple), and Casilla (nice patience)...who are the only ones who did something to try to win. And then Rincon comes in and yeah, we lose...wayy ta go Rincon...way ta go.

Guess what?!? Young still sucks! What a surprise!

Both Morneau and Cuddy have gotten homeruns in the past few games that I missed. Cuddy is finally getting some power back in him.

AND: Nick Punto returned Saturday (nearly sleepless) and didn't do that bad...he even got INTENTIONALLY WALKED!!

I didn't get to post on the Slowey game, but I was SOOO pissed when he didn't get the shutout. Blackburn and Slowey (aka my favorites) are cursed. Both took shutouts into the ninth innings...neither got their shutouts. Only Slowey completed the game.

Weird info: Apparently Cuddyer doesn't want to shave...he is too busy driving in runs and being Mucho Cududdud

I think we should blame all our problems on Delmon Young from now on...for example:
~Ball gets past Mauer/Redmond....YOUNG'S FAULT
~Casilla makes a bad throw....YOUNG'S FAULT
~Gomez gets caught stealing (2 times in 1 game on Thursday!!).....YOUNG'S FAULT
This is what Delmon Deserves for being terrible...I will change my mind about him if he hits a homer....

Addition to the Roster: Craig Breslow....who pitched Awesomly yesterday night.

Also: Congratulations to Nick and Natalie Punto on their birth of a baby Girl, Nicole Jayne Punto, on Friday.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sweet Win

This is why I never give up on the Twins.

Holey Shitz Monroe! YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER! You did you job perfectly (something Casilla could not have done) You are my favorite of now. You should SERIOUSLY give Young some lessons on hitting and fielding. You da man. The best thing about Monroe's was that it was the 9th inning, 2 outs, 2 on, Tying run at the plate, Full count. Wow.

And Morneau, yes, you are important too. You hit the game winner. Nice, very nice. First Pitch Baby.

Ah....and guess who sucked today? Young! (ha! what a surprise!) 2 errors...0 for 3. AHHH! HE is driving me INSANE!!!

Aww, Harris on TV....*faints* He is so...awesome....and dreamy....*faints*

Who's Pissed? HE IS.

Blackburn's Gem....wasted


That was the worst thing ever that could have happend to blackburn. He pitched his ass off, and then Delmy/Nathan....mostly Delmy...just ripped his hard work to pieces. I was so ticked off for Blackburn. I bet that Blackburn wanted to scream and punch Delmy's lights out. I wanted Blackburn to get a shutout so bad!

Delmon ticks me off. Offense: Sucks Defense: was good, now sucks. The only reason they keep playing him is because he is on a Quote "playing streak". But is on a terrible 0 for his last TWELVE at bats. Yuck.

Thank you Cuddyer for getting the game winning hit. If the Twins lost that game, I think i would have probably gone insane.

Please Hernandez, keep the Royals on a losing streak.

Please Gardee, Bench Young.

Please Gomez, keep being speedy.

Please Morneau, when running bases, at least give SOME effort.

Thank you Twins.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Kudos to Kubel

Kubes! You rock my world right now. Every time the bases are loaded and you are up, I know that something is going to happen. I called those Grand Slams both times this year. I always think: Yah! It's Kubel! He's gunna hit a Grand Slam! And you always pull thru for me. And to top it all off, it was his Birthday Yesterday too. What a great present for him.

Ah, what a way to start an off day. Knowing that you are in the winning column must make the Twins (and Twins fans) feel great.

And about Saturday's game. Lets just pretend that didn't happen. Lets only think of the Casilla's home run (He has more HR's than cuddy! :O )

Now they are off to face the KC Royals (all except Justin Morneau, who wants to watch Hockey).

And who better to start off the series than Nick Blackburn. :)

And then after KC, We go home to play the Yanks. Who actually aren't doing that great this year. Normaly when i hear: Twins vs. Yankees; I cringe. But I am actually doing quite well. Because WE are gunna WIN.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Satisfied Slowey

Slowey got his first win of the season and It couldn't have come at a better time. Everybody in the American League Central is on a losing streak (Cleveland, 7 game losing streak..ouch) except for our wonderful Twins. We are only 2 games behind Chicago, who lost to LAA, and are 2 games ahead of the Indians.

Lamb scored 4 of the twins' 9 runs. He hit his first homer which I knew was gunna happen soon. (Now all we need is for Young to hit one out). Everyone in the lineup got at least one hit, and many got walked more than once.

Ah, I feel very happy when the Twins win. It gives me a boost of happiness for the day.

I think we should sweep them again, and I think that the LA Angels should beat the crap out of the Chisox.

BOOF. here he comes.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

...We just got whipped by Ponson...ouch

Yeah....this is really depressing.

We lost (by alot) to the Rangers, and Sidney Monsoon kicked, our, ASSES.

It was a terrible game to watch expecially during that 7 run inning. Poor Blackburn...

At least we didn't get shutout.

And Today's game wasn't much better. We lost in Xtra innings when Hamiltion hit a homer ( I hate Hamilton with a passion) and we lost in the 10th. Gomez was 4-4 in normal innings, but 0 for 1 in Xtra innings. Livan got shaken quickly in the first when the Rangers scored 4 runs, but we came back (including 3 RBI's for Gomez...that is with a HR).

The Rangers and the Twins had like the same games. First we win in extra innings, then beat the crap out of them...then They beat the crap out of us, and win in extra innings...weird

U.G.H. We need Wins! If we could have won all them, it would have been helpful because Cleveland was playing Chicago.

Know what would make my day? If the Twins swept the Tigers again....


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

An awkward, yet awesome, game

It appears that the Interleague games provoked Gardee to have the pitchers bat in the game yesterday. And If he didn't do that, then Bobby Korecky Wouldn't have gotten his first Major League hit...and win for that matter.

Extra inning games are the Best. Expecially when we win.

Bonser pitched a really good game, yet they couldn't maintain a 4-2 lead.

But good ol' Mauer always comes through when you need him. I know that the Twins would win this game because I never give up on them anymore.

And Alexi Casilla hit a 3 run homer, yes, HOMER. That made me nearly faint. He's trying to prove gardee that he can do good...

We need a sweep bad. We gotta knock those Sox off the top...because thats where we belong.

One more thing. Brenden Harris' at bat in the 9th scared the crap outta me. On the radio, Gordon's says: He sets (heart races) and here's the pitch (shudders) STRIKE THREE? NO!!
Me: AHHHHHHH...whew...and then he walked...huzah

Monday, May 19, 2008

A bowl full of sadness

Apparently, on Saturday, the Twins had a big bowl of sadness and pathetic-ness for breakfast. The did TERRIBLE (cept Slowey...I always gotta back him)

Twins, YOU CANNOT LEAVE A MAN AT 3rd WITH NO OUTS/ 1 OUTS. Nearly Every hit was a Extra base hit and we couldn't score. Morneau was the only one that took charge. After Leaving Harris on 2nd with no outs in the first, I was like, ok...we'll get it next time...I was very wrong. We left Cuddy (who by-the-way, almost got an innie...) at third base with no outs. We should have EASILY had won that game. Good Job Slowey. Bullpen: ouuuuchhhhie.

We are back at home which is somewhat comforting. Then again...we are playing the Rangers who, right now, are better than us. Stupid Hamilton...

Another HR was added to who else, Justin More No.

Poor Slowey had another loss, which wouldn't have happend if...I am not even going to go there. He even almost got a single that would have scored a run. And Everette got intentionaly walked...I bet he feels like a Macho Everette now.

Slowey is dreaming for a win....we should give it to him. If we can get him some run sapport...

He's day dreaming for a win....

And...Poor Gomez may be going to the DL. That means that darn Span is going to be called up.

Know what I think of Span?

Nuff' Said.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Ah...a win. Finally...and it's against the runner up world champions! (Well, actually...they Kinda suck...). The first time the Twins francise plays at Coors Field is a win....ah..rejoice

Blackburn NEVER STRUCK OUT ONCE! Very good for someone who never bats. And he even got a single! Huzzah Blackburn! He also pitched very well.

Young went 3-4 (he reached base 4 times). I think it is time for him to hit a homer ay? Morneau says: yus.

Also: Gomez, please suck the wall bang up. We CANNOT afford another person on the DL. We already have: Neshek, Baker (should be playable soon), Punto, and newly added Tolbert.

Poor Tolbert. Gardee said his thumb looked like a balloon and it was black and blue.

*Just somthing that made me laugh*
During last nights game, I was listening to the last few innings on the Radio. It was down to the last out and the ball was hit to deep center. Gomez jumped up to catch it and crashed into the wall. And this is what I heard on the Radio...

Dan Gladden: *calmly* I think he just got the wind knocked out of him, John.

...ugh that spazzy John...

Tonite is our ace vs. a pitcher who is 0-1. I think Livan deserves a 7. Come on Leeevan!

*oh geez i think Halladay is playing today...*

Thursday, May 15, 2008


ok...well, uh...that was super.


I felt so good coming into these games....but now I feel worse going into the next few games vs. the Runner Ups (i.e. the Colorado Rockies)

We WERE in the lead of the AL by 3 games...and now we're down to Cleveland by 1.5 and only .5 ahead of Chicago.

I get very fusterated when they do this kinda stuff....

Dear Gomez, Casilla, and Lamb:
You seriously need to STOP striking out. Good Golly Gosh...on Wednesday, you guys were HORRENDOUS. 2 strike outs each? Sad. Very Sad. You guys should take lessons from Tolbert! ;)

Also: Happy (27th) Birthday to Justin Ernest Morneau. For his birthday present, he added an RBI to his collection. He now has 32. He keeps them in a box under his bed...

Twins: PLEESE get back on the top of the ALC. Pah-Leeeez!!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another Perfect Slowey day ruined.

Ahh Slowey. I am deeply saddened by the lack of run sapport for you. (Kubel, Morneau, Gomez: you are off the hook this time) Twins won the first place ALE team, and they can't even win the ALE's LAST place team! (WTF!?) It's ok Slowey... In my mind, you did great always ;)

Don't be fooled on Slowey's record (0-3) Because he is actually doing good...and the Twins just don't like giving him run sapport thats DON'T DARE think it.

Kudos to: Kubel (solo HR) (5) (oh no Morneau! He's almost caught up to you!!), Gomez: (solo HR) (3), and Morneau ( Triple...aka almost HR..)...and Slowey for doing awe-sum

We have GOT to win tonite (ha! no problem, we gotz da BOF on the mound!) Maybe Morneau will hit a am not jinxin' no-bodee...

C'mon twins...please don't let stupid Cleveland take of 1st place...PLEASE!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Feels like a Sweep to me.

Ok, so we lost one of four games therfore not sweeping the Red Socks. But Holy Goloshes. Taking 3 of 4 from the Champions? That feels great.

Yesterday, Craig Monroe kept swingin' a hot bat. With 2 homers Sunday, and 2 RBI's Monday, HE is telling Gardee to keep him in the lineup. (This makes Kubel Cry...and hit people)

But Lamb's luck stopped Dead. 3 Double plays ( was Delmy's fault) but still.

And sad day for Gomez. He got picked off, therefor getting a 'Caught Stealing'. he is now 16-3 on stolen bases :(

But tonite, my Favvvvorettest pitcher is pitching: *Kevin Slowey!!*

Wow, if we just had that Punto back...

Tonite's line-up vs. the Jays is nearly perfect:

Gomez=Harris=Mauer=Morneau=Cuddyer=Monroe=Young=Lamb=*enter Punto here*Everett
...and of course, Slowey

How perfect.

We gotta win these guys...expecially Shannon Stewart...dun dun dunnnn

Can I get a 21-17??

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Twins Tidbits

Ok, Right now, I am in amazement because Adam Everette hit a 2 run HR against Wakefield.

And Know what jerks my chain? (which favors teams like Yankee's and Boston) said in an article: "Wakefield is 13-4 against Minny"

Minny? MINNY? WHAT?!?!? That is the GAYEST name for us I have ever seen in mah LIFE. is stupid...just downright gay.

Anyway, so the game right now is 7-4....and it WAS 7-1...but nooo (blackburn...u.g.h. man)

So, Wakefield had to leave in the 3rd. Ha Ha. *stupid*

I hope that Blackburn can maintain a lead and NOT HIT 2 BATTERS IN A ROW. thank you.

P.S. Mauer...your average is more I-lead-the-AL-in-batting-AVG. man...HIT THE BALL (like...over the fence for once)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

bah, bah, Mike Lamb. Have you any hits?

Yes indeedily doo.

Mike Lamb (who wasn't even sapposed to be playing...) got the winning hit to lead the Twins over the Red Sox 7-6. Whooo Lamby! *bah*

Just for a note, I DID NOT give up on the Twins the whole game. After being at the Twins vs. Tigers game where they came back from 6, I will never give up on them again.

Now, I can know we won't get swept. huzzah~

Poor Punto wants to play so bad...but he hurts, like heartburn...

It's ok Boof Bonser. I know that you feel like crap since you give up 6 runs per game...but thats what the Twins offense it for! :)

And Tolbert, without you, Young would have never scored! So claps for you.

***Important Twins News***
We most likely saw the last of Neshek Thursday. He tore a legament in his elbow and therapy is between 3-4 months...which equals the entire season. Dang. He was a great threat because he intiminates so many peoples.

~Today is Dice-K (5-0) vs. Perkins (0-0)

You know, Morneau IS due for a homer here....*cough*

Go get em' Twins.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sweet, Sweet Gomez

OMGZ! You do not know how happy I felt when I opened the sports section this morning to relize that you had hit for the cycle? VERY HAPPY. I mean, I was thinking after you hit your triple and Homerun that maybe, just maybe you were gunna hit the cycle...and you did! First time since 1986 Baybee!! Yayaa Gomezzz! **P.S. you know, you don't have to run the bases like a wildman when you get a homer... ;)

Also: Who drove in [nearly] all the runs last night? (Are you thinking Morneau? Well, your WRONG) it was punto, yes, PUNTO. You know, Mr. I-sucked-butt-in-2007-but-am-really-awesome-this-year-so-put-me-in-the-starting-lineup-plz? Yeah. My Jaw dropped to the floor when I read this. more time: P-U-N-T-O batted in 5 runs.

And Livan, who deserve lots of credit too. If it wasn't for stupid Chowmein Dye, you would have gotten a shutout. Nice pitching. 5-1? Not too bad, better than all the other Twins pitchers...

And Today's game...aka SLOWEY'S GAME was at freakin' 1:05...which is the time I am in perfect. *rolls eyes* I sat there all through class wanting to run home to see how the game ended up...

Annnd, they lost. *bubble bursted*

But it wasn't technically Slowey's fault. He didn't do that bad...I mean, he's been gone for a month and 4 GIVE HIM A BREAK JEEZ! *sobs*

Okay, so today we lost 6-2...and you can't complain i guess...the Twins just used up all their runs yesterday. we are 1 game over Chicago...and guess who's coming to the Dome?

Red Sox.

Ohhh great.

Dear Twins:

Love Me ^-^

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Well, That was embarassing...

See, this is what offdays do to Twins.

The slack off for 1 day, and they get CREAMED (1 run, one hit) by a team who has lost 6 in a row and we've won does this work?

At least we got one hit...Thank you Mauer...thank you. (by doing this, Mauer's average jumped .007 points!) I didn't care about the score in the 7th inning on, I just wanted a hit...and thank god we got the 9th inning.

Well, Lets just win tomorrow and everything will be back to normal...sorta.

It appears to be true that Slowey is coming back on Thursday...but with that, Baker has been moved to the DL with a strained groin muscle...ouch. So we have: Hernandez, Boof, Blackburn, and Slowey....who's gunna be number 5? Glen Perkins. (oh joy *rolls eyes*) I don' think they like Liriano anymore...

Stupid Sox....and expecially Jermain Dye...It sounds like Chowmein Dye....yuck.

Obviously I am very bored

Yes, Its a picture of Gomez with the Go-Go' I said..I am bored out of my mind...

Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Redmond!

These off days K-Y-L me.

So Redmond gets a day off for his birthday (like he needs one, he never plays anywayz)

***Important Twins News***

Word on the street (aka
Kayla) says that Slowey may be coming back Thursday...HUZZAAAHH!

I cant wait to see him pitch again...its been too long...

(random letter)

Hey Harris,

Your awesome.

Love, Me.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Todays game was awesome....because I was there

My first live twins game of 2008 was pretty spectacular.

Wow, I almost cried for boof and myself in the first inning. I mean EVERYBODY in Detroits Lineup (cept 1) had a hit for the Tigers in the first cycle of everyone...and then the Twins came in and did nothing...till the 4th inning.

At first, I was fine that we had 1 run...I just thought "well, at least we can't be shut out..."

Punto's little double/triple thing really changed my mind and at that point...I knew we were gunna win.

And, then good ol' Mauer, who always pulls through, got the game leading single.


It was even more awesome because today was Gardenhire bobble head day. Unfortunatly, Gardee wasn't there (mucho condolenses Gardee, mucho, mucho condolenses...) But hey, who says Ulliger is doing bad? He's gotten the Twins a sweep. I am sure Gardee is very proud.

In honor of Nathan making a super save, I bought a Nathan jersey in memory of him. *randomly admires Gardee bobblehead*

BTW, the last game (That Kick ass Bass got the win of) was very awesome. I thought that when Ordoniez tied the game, it was going to be a very close game....wrong i was.

In that game, Brenden Harris hit a homerun, so he is now in 3rd place in the Twins HR club.

Random thoughts:
~Seeing Brenden Harris play up close makes me love him even more...
~Happy Birthday Matt Tolbert AND **KEVIN SLOWEY**

**Today, I also got to see Kubel's new baby in it's stroller being pushed by Mr. Kubel himself.

Ah, Great game...

When is Slowey coming back?

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hey Sox,

Whaaa? Whats this? Who's gunna be in First place soon? NOT YOU! ha haaa.


~Twins win (yesterday) 3-1
~Twins win (today) 4-3

Tink! Another coin in the Kubel homerun can.
....and 2 coins in Nathan's save jar.

Today, they said Gomez won the game, when actually, the whole team contributed (i.e. Morneau, Harris, Blackburn) But if there was a player of the game, Gomez is him. Wow Speedy have 11 stolen bases, you lead the list in the AL :)

Also, kudos for Bonser. YOU ACTUALLY GOT RUN SUPPORT *cough*. 8 K's...weeka wee...

Twins Tidbits: Everette is coming back on Friday....yaaay *rolls eyes*

It would make me feel really good if we were in first place for once...(or a long time)

Go Twins, Go.

-pssst: Now lets sweep Detroit ;)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Random thoughts

So, another off day. What the heck is with all these off days!? They need to stop...because..If I don't have Twins game to watch, me go a little bit crayzeee.

I am just going to ramble on some thoughts

~Mauer has gotten bigger, same with Cuddy. My dad thinks Cuddy is on steroids...

~Punto has turned into a mad man...makes me think of The Incrible Hulk...The Incredible Punto....hmm

~Everett looks like a little girl with brunette name for him: Everette

~Liddle likes to pretend to be an astronaut in his helmet down at third base

~I think Gomez is hot...and I am not ashamed to say it!!

Really bored this offday? Go check out this
awesome vid on Kayla's blog. *hint hint* It has slowey in it *hint hint*

Up next? BitchSox: Take Two

Sunday, April 27, 2008




Being shut out 10 to nothing is NOT what we want. Watching you guys ground into DP after DP was just nauseating. I think Gardee wanted to have an emotional breakdown. You guys didn't even have a play of the game! (well, i would pick Kubel's basket catch...yeah sad, it wasn't even that great.)

My feelings of the game (not very good)
~Mauer: you can't run worth crap
~Hernandez: wow, what happend? 2 HR's? sad. very sad.
~I think Bobbie Korecky did better than everyone today
~Why couldn't we score any runs?
~Where is my Gomez?
~Dick Bremer gave up on the Twins in the 4th inning...But good ol' Bert still had faith...well some.

ok, I am sick of thinking about todays game, so moving on...

More HR club news:

Cuddy is now apart of the HR club after hitting a 3 run homer yesterday (Why didn't he save that for todays game when we needed it?)

--HR Club--
-Morneau (6)
-Kubel (3)
-Harris (1)
-Monroe (1)
-Gomez (1)
-Cuddy (1)

And, I just hope they do better this week. They went from number 2 in the ALC, to 4th...u.g.h.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sad Day Liriano, Sad Day

Congratulations to Craig Monroe and Carlos Gomez in becoming the 4th and 5th members to join the Homerun Club.


Yeaah...nice shot. I think you just wanted to add some more RBI's to that game. 3 hits and 3 RBI's? not bad, not baahaaahaad. oh crap i got Lambitis.


YEAHH!! I am so proud that you hit a homerun! (even more excited than Monroe's..shh don't tell him). You are so little, yet have so much powah! =D

---HR CLUB:---
~Kubel (3)
~Harris (1)
~Monroe (1)
~Gomez (1)

Ok, so right now the Twins are playing the A's, and are losing 2 to 11 because Liriano is a...yeah. Liriano gave up 50 bazillion runs and couln't make it past 2 outs before Mr. "kick ass" Bass came in to save him (not really).So much for staying at .500....*UGH*

I am praying Slowey returns soon to save us all.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Could not let this opertunity pass

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