Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dare I say this?

Ok, ok. I know, and you know, that I hate Delmon Young right?Yeah...um, but yesterday, he really made me happy. Anytime anyone helps the Twins beat the Yankee's makes me happy. I guess Young would be my, as Twins bloggers call it, Boyfriend of the Day. Yes, Delmon Young.

2 doubles was ok, but 3 made it even awesome-er. And Cuddyer must have been sending messages to Young at home because Delmy batted in Cuddyer every time.

In the game yesterday, the Yankee's would bite, and we would bite right back.

Also, that was an awesome first homerun for Mauer. Nearly upper deck, and agaist the Yankee's made it even better.

Casilla's not-so-suicide-squeeze was pretty cool too. And he even beat the throw for an infield hit. The 2 Speedie's are best friends, and joined at the hip, as you can tell:

I call them: Gosilla

Note to Livan: You scare me alot. I hope you get a win soon.

Twins News: Boof Bonser has officialy been moved to the Bullpen to make room for Baker who will be pitching Thursday.

Other Facts: Cuddy Still won't shave. In my opinion, the clean-shaven Cuddy is my favorite. ^-^

Tonite is the one and only **Slowey** against....*giggle* Oriole's: Radhames Liz *giggles*

1/2 games behind the Chic Sox. It would be grand to be on top.

ILY Slowey!


Tricia said...

Alexi Casilla is a totally different player than he was last year. I like the new Alexi a lot. He and Go Go are quite a pair, aren't they?

S.Rail said...

Like I said, they are joined at the hip ;)

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