Friday, June 27, 2008

Super Sweepz

I am so excited for the Twins, but I am keeping this short because nobody wants to jinx anything here.

Morneau, you suck one day, then the next you are the superstar. You won that game for us yesterday and you should be very proud. ...And Mike Redmond, without his beautiful tag that kept the Twins in the lead, they may have lost.

And No forgetting about Baker. Not only did he pitch great...He got his first Major League Hit and His first Major League Run Scored (he scored from second!!).

Thoughts: I saw that secret handshake of Gosilla's like 50 times yesterday and Everytime I see it I laugh on how cute those two are together.

That game was a great game both ways. I love the games where the Twins are down and rebound to come back to win. It makes you just love baseball a teensy bit more...

Up next is Red Hot Twins against the Red Hot Milwaukee Brewers...C'mon Twins...we want 1st place!


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