Friday, June 13, 2008

The Curse of the Rincon

Well, apparently Juan Rincon's absence really effected the Twins because they got smacked by the Indians in a 12-2 loss. I truely believe that he was very pissed and decided to secretly put weakning formula in the Twins players' drinks while, as he says, "cleaning out his locker".

He obviously missed Holy Macri's and Justin More-no's drinks because they were the ones who actually did something.

Macri (I like to say, Macaroni) hit his first Major League Homerun yesterday. Wow, he's played in, what, 10 games maybe? He got a homer in 10 games against Youngs Homer within a 2.5 month span. I just think that Young could do better, so that is why I talk so bad about him. I also just realized that Macri has Bartlett's old number. Fascinating.

Hernandez....sucked. Yes I said it and It is no lie. He did terrible and not to mention has done terrible in his past 3 or so starts. He's even on MLB's "Who's NOT" list along with former Twin Carlos Silva. Lamb also used to be on there, but they replaced him. Remember when Livan was 6-1? Yeah....good times.

I wish one of the Twins players could be in MLB's "Who's HOT list". In my mind, they all are. (With the exception of some)

Thank God. Tonite is SLOWEY NIGHT. And it's Interleague, which, you guessed it, Pitchers get to bat. *sighs*

Today is Friday the 13th. Hopefully it is a good thing for the Twins and not a bad one.


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