Thursday, June 19, 2008

Twins win: Times 2

The Twins are finally going on a winning streak. Can you hear the Twins fans rejoice?

Ju Mo hit his 11th homerun on Tuesday. (He probably didn't like sharing the Top of the Homerun Club with Kubel.)

Yesterday, My Slowey pitched awesomly for the win, and Justin Morneau batted in 3. In my mind, he's not that far behind Josh Hamilton for the RBI leaders.

This is not about the Twins, but it will BLOW your MIND:
Sidney Ponson got traded to the YANKEES. Yes, the terrible Sydney Ponson that pitched for Minnesota Last year, and yes, to the New York Yankees (you know, they team that only takes in good people) I guess they consider Ponson

That is mindboggling.

Twins are looking for a sweep, and I think they'll get it.(ha ha Delmy has bragging rights!)


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