Saturday, June 7, 2008

3.5 back and counting

Stupid Chicago-10 Twins- 6 :(

Ok, everytime we lose in this series, we fall back a game and we were just .5 games behind and now we are 3.5! The Sox with their stupid Homeruns will not lose!

Poor Blackburn. 7 runs on 8 hits is not a very good ratio. At least he has the first game since his incident out of the way, and now he can come back and feel even better next time he pitches.

Gomez and Casilla have a little pact now that whenever Gomez hits a homerun, Casilla will hit a homerun. They both hit one last night (along with Cuddyer...but he's not part of Gosilla). Both Cuddy's and Gomez's were solos and Casilla hit one with Brenden Harris on First Base.

We really need a win and hopefully Livan will help us out so we can actually move UP and not DOWN the ALC standings.

P.S. Slowey pitches tomorrow! (yeaah!)


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