Thursday, June 5, 2008

Truely Mauer's Power.

Last Nights game is like everyother game: Twins fall behind, then rally to beat them. Mauer added his 2nd homerun (That's 2 in 3 days baby!) and had a 2 RBI Sac Fly. Amayzazing. That hasn't happend since 2001. Go Minnesota Twins Record setters!

I also think it is really funny that the Twins sent Boof to the BP and then he got put in yesterday and Kicked Oriole ass.

Then, After the game, a stupid fan through a ball thing at that 1B Umpire Jerry Crawford. I'm all for Craziness at the game, but that really crosses the line and whoever threw it has A)Anger Management Problems. B)Poor Self Esteem C) A total Jackass
I wonder if it was a Twins fan, or Orioles fan. If it was a Twins fan, they are really representing The Minnesota Twins, and Twins fans real well *sarcasm*

I wonder why other teams' players always seem to fall down in the outfield...specificaly the warning track. I bet Gomez uses his special Turf greaser out there...

Today's game was a heartbreaker. We so could've won...but the balls just did not want to get through the infield. Nick Punto got 2 doubles and I really thought that Casilla was going to go 5 for 5, but when he grounded into a really bad timing double play...I lost that hope. Wow, we had 12 hits....yet only 2 does that work Twins? How does that work?

I was very happy because they put Slowey in to pinch run. I saw them make the change and had to do a double take. I was like: Is that....KEVIN SLOWEY!?! OMGezus! I wonder how he felt when Gardee said: ok, Kevin. You are going to pinch run.
*Kevin: *throws up sunflower seeds* WHAT?!?

Baker, you did really good in your first start since your injury. I am very happy that you are back!! ;)

Draft News: We now have a new (future) Outfielder. Twins picked up Aaron Hicks in the first round of the 2008 draft. It even says that he's one of the best outfield/pitching prospects since Deryl Strawberry. Impressive.

Tomorrow is the Blackburn pitching for the first time since being smacked in the face by a line drive. Good Luck B-burn!


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