Monday, June 9, 2008

Me = Very Very Fusterated

Sorry about the blog delay. All the games in this series really actually made me not want to blog.

At this point in the Twins season, I really don't want to watch them and I really don't care about them right now. We came in to this series 2 OVER .500, now we are 1 UNDER .500 and hopefully Perkins can pull something out of his ass and get a win and, most importantly, avoid being swept.

So far in this series against the White sox, this is the amount of runs scored:
W.Sox: 33
Twins: 10


The best pitcher so far has been Scott Baker (ha! He hasn't even pitched this series). That's how bad it is. (sorry B-burn and Slowey...)

Young FINALLY hit his first homer of the year on Saturday and Kubel added another one to his pile with a solo homrun Sunday.

I really hope we can win this one and go and sweep Cleveland with Scotty Baker starting against CC Sabathia on Tuesday.

P.S. I am SOOOOO excited because muah Kevin Slowey is starting the series against the Brewers. Since it's National League, Slowey gets to bat! I love seeing the Slowey hit ;)


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