Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ick Fest

Ahhh...Damnation. We SOO deserved that game. We were leading 5 to 2 at one point, but knowing Chicago and their stupid Lets-hit-a-homer-in-every-game Pact, you have to be leading 10 to 2 to keep the win.

Poor Gomez. He hasn't stolen a base in AGES. He has 17 Stolen Bases in 25 tries after being picked off/Caught Stealing in yesterday's game.

Ugh, we has SUCH a threat going in the 9th inning, but Mr. I-always-come-through.....didn't come through. Instead, (Mauer...dur) grounded into a double play when we had men on 1st and 3rd and nobody out. And Morneau...yeah...you get the point.

I think Perkins did a pretty good job (i.e. not giving up a bazillion runs by the 4th inning...). The bullpen continues to falter.

I hope we sweep the Indians...but what's the use. The Sox will sweep the Tigers and we will continue to drop away from 1st place. 6.5 games isn't terrible...but everytime I think about how far we are back, my heart sinks and I just don't want to watch them suffer. All I want is my Kevin Slowey to be awesome.


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