Sunday, June 29, 2008

A fun ride

And the streak is over. I am kind of glad (well, sad that we didn't win..), but we all knew we were gunna lose sometime and all of us were getting nervous on when that would be. So now the pressure is all off...and we can start a new streak!

Twins had a great game Friday with homers by Kubel, Casilla, and the most important homer, Mauer's. It was starting to get ugly when Milwaukee lead 6-3...but like always, the Twins rallied back to make the game exciting. And Mauer's homer capped it all off.

Yesterday's game is when our offense went dead. 3 hits and we nearly got shutout until the 9th inning homer from Kubel. Then again...Hernandez didn't pitch bad, and Milwaukee only got 8 the Twins could have beat them (If Casilla and Cuddy were in the line-up).

Today is Slowey's day so I am going to have a great afternoon in the recliner watching the game. Last day of 2008 interleague, lets make it a great one.


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