Sunday, June 1, 2008

Not Right

Twins: You are soooo capable of beating the Yankees....yet you just act like idiots in Xtra innings. We had last nights game. Bottom of the ninth, HEART of our lineup: ALL, yes ALL strike out. Yay for: Lamb (nice triple), and Casilla (nice patience)...who are the only ones who did something to try to win. And then Rincon comes in and yeah, we lose...wayy ta go Rincon...way ta go.

Guess what?!? Young still sucks! What a surprise!

Both Morneau and Cuddy have gotten homeruns in the past few games that I missed. Cuddy is finally getting some power back in him.

AND: Nick Punto returned Saturday (nearly sleepless) and didn't do that bad...he even got INTENTIONALLY WALKED!!

I didn't get to post on the Slowey game, but I was SOOO pissed when he didn't get the shutout. Blackburn and Slowey (aka my favorites) are cursed. Both took shutouts into the ninth innings...neither got their shutouts. Only Slowey completed the game.

Weird info: Apparently Cuddyer doesn't want to shave...he is too busy driving in runs and being Mucho Cududdud

I think we should blame all our problems on Delmon Young from now on...for example:
~Ball gets past Mauer/Redmond....YOUNG'S FAULT
~Casilla makes a bad throw....YOUNG'S FAULT
~Gomez gets caught stealing (2 times in 1 game on Thursday!!).....YOUNG'S FAULT
This is what Delmon Deserves for being terrible...I will change my mind about him if he hits a homer....

Addition to the Roster: Craig Breslow....who pitched Awesomly yesterday night.

Also: Congratulations to Nick and Natalie Punto on their birth of a baby Girl, Nicole Jayne Punto, on Friday.


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