Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Please Stop the Madness!!

I am so overwhelmed right now. The Twins really bring my spirits down. I am on the verge of rooting for another team. No...No, No, No. Not gunna happen. I still have [some] faith in them...

That was an AMAZING outing by Baker that was wasted. You can't blame ANYTHING on our pitchers, it was all sluggy offense and poor baserunning.

I kept saying to my self in the 9th inning: "Holy Macri. Holy Macri. Holy Macri." During his at bat (didn't help). Gomez came so close of tying the game up 1-1. But Francisco, who basically robbed everything that game, caught it AT THE WALL.

Dear Morneau,

It's ok man. You lined into a double play and flew into one. Don't worry it wasn't your fault. You were just trying TO GET RUNS IN like a normal baseball player. Gomez and Mauer just had brain problems yesterday (i.e. Mauer swings at a high fastball...he NEVER does that!!).

Just hit a homerun and you'll feel better.
~Luv, Me~

Everytime I think of the Twins right now i think: 1) Kevin Slowey! 2) 6 game losing streak :( 3) 6.5 games back :(

I would like to replace those thoughts with: 1) Kevin Slowey! 2) 6 game winning streak! :) 3) 6.5 games ahead of CHICAGO. :)

Save yourself.
Save the dying Twins fans
Save your TEAM.


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