Friday, April 16, 2010

Hoorah Twins!

Sorry for the Delay in blogging! I've been super busy. Leaving a video to keep you entertained for now. :)
(If the movie doesn't show, the URL is

Great job Twins on starting off the year GREAT! Keep it up!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Baseball and Birthdays

Today is my 16th birthday and what a great present MLB brings me every year around this time: Opening Day and the Regular Season.

We have all waited months for baseball to start back up again and I am super excited. We've got new players, a renewed attitude to win the division without an extra game, and, SI rated the Twins to be #1 in the Central Divison (Yeaaaahhhh!)

I was looking at all the new players in each of the teams and I didn't even realize how many NY Yankees were traded/not signed this offseason. Heideki Matsui, Johnny Damon, Melky Cabrera, etc. I couldn't believe it! And, we won't have to deal with pestery Polonco anymore in Detroit :).

~Spring Training stuff and Pre-Season thoughts~

1. I am pissed that Tolbert won't be up in the Majors to start the year.

2. Slowey is going to ROCK

3. Peterson, Revere, and Portes are going to be awesome in the future.

4. Nathan...well, that sucks. Stupid Elbows...

5. Twins beating the Yanks in Spring Training CAN and WILL carry over to the regular season

6. Yay Orlando Hudson and J.J. Hardy!...and Thome I guess :)
7. Punto/Harris at 3rd: So hard! If Punto could just get some spark in his bat he would have that spot so fast! Kudos to Harris however, he has been swinging the bat really well this Spring

8. Mijares still scares me a little.

9. Rauch...he's tall!
10. Outside Spring ball to Outside Summer ball for the first time in a LONG time! Hoorah!

Lets start of the season well...expecially in the new stadium. I sure hope the Gophers didn't curse it!

This is for Harris :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hello Spring Training!

It is FINALLY here! The first step towards baseball season (& the new stadium!!).

Seeing the pitchers and catchers warm up in a video on the news today makes me so excited but also really sad. I absolutly LOVED going to spring training last year and I want to be down there so bad it kills me! Seeing all the fans at the fence reminds me: "Hey! That was ME a year ago!". I am begging to go again next year. It was the best time of my life.

And again, it never fails that we seem to always have somebody with a Visa problem (coughMijarescough). I am glad that people like Mauer and Slowey don't have to worry about things like that :0).

More blogs to come during this pre-season! :)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Almost there!

I am back from my blogging hibernation. Baseball is approaching, so I better "dust off the shelves" and get some typing in!

I sure hope that February flies by. I cannot wait until Baseball season, and I am sure the whole blogging community could agree on that!

This weekend=Twins Fest. Me=Home. I DID get invited to go with a friend, but unfortunatly this weekend is jam packed with busy-ness. Sigh. Last years was great. I got to meet K-Slow for the first time and got my picture taken with him. It was honestly the best day of the year right there and I would kill to go again! (Next year...definite possibility!)

Thoughts on Twins Trades, Twins things, Twins players...etc. :
1. We have Jim Thome. Well, this IS good, if he can stay healthy and do as much damage to the other team like he as always done to us (Kinda reminds me of Joe Crede..).
2. No Mauer contract talk. This really bums me out, but I know that they will have it all under control. He is Joe Mauer after all!
3. Goodbye, Redmond. Ok, half of me is ok with this, and half of me is not. He WAS like a veteran leader on our team and always hustled and had a good personality. But then again, he is aging & he hardly plays with a star like Mauer here, so he probably made the best decision.

Will blog again around Spring Training. It's only a month away! :0)

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