Saturday, August 30, 2008

Twins Domination

Twins: 12 A's: 2
R.Sox: 8 W.Sox: 0

We win, Sox Lose. Twins: 1/2 game behind. We are back where I like it (if only we were a half a game up). I just hate when the Twins drop to 1, 1.5, or even 2 games behind because it takes so much work to get back to the top.

Everybody did good yesterday...except Punto who was o-6, but it's ok, He'll impress us tonight. Slowey pitched an awesome game, giving up only two runs, and that was from a home run, so who even cares. 6 hits over 6 innings, is pretty darn good in my opinion. Mauer, good grief man! 4 RBI's and 5-6? That makes your average skyrocket!

So I read today that Casilla gets moved down to the 8 spot, and hey, That's an excellent idea. He hits better when he and Gomez are hitting next to eachother. Remember when they were 1&2 hitters? Our Lineup is so great starting at the number 8 spot: Casilla, Gomez, Span, and Punto. How can you have a faster lineup than that? And add Ruiz in there and we're good.

What amazes me, is that we scored 12 runs yesterday right? Not ONE run came from a homerun. Not 1. The Twins are so good that they don't need Homeruns (that often) they'll just double, single, double, drive people in while in scoring position. That is how we are still in this race is by Hustle and good, timely hitting when we need it.

Liriano tonight, this should be an excellent game. :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Sorry, that was just me taking my anger out in my keyboard.

I am so pissed right now, and truthfully, I don't know why. Maybe because we just lost the series TO SEATTLE which is the WORST TEAM IN BASEBALL.

Last nights game was terrible. And know what? It was NOT Scott Bakers fault. We just suck, against sucky pitchers.

Right now I feel like we have lost our playoff hopes. Yeah, I know there's still the big Chicago series, and we still have a month plus of baseball left, but 2 games behind feels like a MILLION games behind. And just think, 4 games ago we were in first place! Hopefully Chicago will lose a series and we can get back into first place.

Wow, Blogging this all out makes me feel a whole lot better. The Twins aren't done, no way, far from it. We are going to win today, and win a whole bunch more and Chicago WILL LOSE!!!

P.S. Randy Ruiz!! You hit your first Homer! Nice job buddy! We knew you had the power in there somewhere... ;)

Monday, August 25, 2008


Oh how I wish we could have won the series. But I guess I'll look on the bright side: We won 2 out of 4. That isn't bad or anything, but winning against them is so rewarding that I wanted them to win again. I am such a selfish Twins Fan. :P

At least the 2 games we lost weren't blowouts. Man, we almost had them yesterday! Gomez, keep your eye on the ball please!

I am also very happy with Torii Hunter. It almost seemed like he was telling us: "hey, we have the AL West in the bag, I'll help you guys win the AL Central, ok?" Good Ol' Torii, I miss him, but where would we be if we still had him on our team?

And way to got Justin Morneau of Breaking out of your Angel slump and hitting a homer and a RBI double yesterday. And Slowey, nice pitching, It wasn't your fault we lost!

Up next, Seattle. Twins? PLEASE DON'T BE STUPID THIS TIME!!! We can beat these guys and Liriano is gunna shut them down defensivly, so all we need is the offense!

P.S. Wasn't it funny that Span got ejected AFTER the game was over? That umpire must have lost his marbles!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Starting off Right

Whoa. This is way better than I expected the Twins to play against The Angels. We've guaranteed a split of this series!! And they've come against 2 of their toughest pitchers.

Watching the first 3 innings of the game in which we could have scored 2 runs, I was starting to feel nervous. But Delmy's homer blew my nerves away. Even though we only had a 2 run lead at that point, I knew that Perkins was going to pull through and pitch another great game.

Oh yeah, Ruiz? Man, you can HUSSLE down that line! How DO you do it? I would pinch run you for Morneau any day.

Speaking of Morneau....why does he have to suck against these guys? I bet he felt so good when he got that late hit last night. Poor Morneau, he'll have to wait till Oakland to add to his RBI collection.

Dear Twins: Keep up the good work! Only 12 games left and you can go home! And Blackburn, we aren't giving up a leadoff homer this series, right??

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


What an effort put on by the boys last night. I was just in awe in how nobody sucked! Last nights lineup was by far my favoritest lineup that Gardee could have made. Span, Punto, Mauer, Morneau, Kubel, Ruiz, Buscher, Harris, Gomez, and Slowey. How can you get better than that!!??!

I am going to do a top 10 list of last night's game because there was so much stuff that rocked:
1. Slowey's career high 12 K's
2. Buschbaby's Homer
3. Gomez's Homer
4. Punto's awesome play
5. Bass kickin' ass
6. Everybody got a hit
8. Morneau's doubles
9. 3, 3 run innings, and 1 4 run inning combining a total of 16 hits on the night.
10. We WON!

Does anybody here agree with me that Randy Ruiz frickin' ROCKS?! And they were thinking of sending him down to AAA when Casilla comes up. Um, HELLO? He's hitting AWESOME. Send Everett down or something! Just keep my new Best Buddy (Slowey is still my #1 though...) Ruiz up in the Bigs!

The upcoming road trip scares me so bad. We have the angels first and we happen to be faceing their best pitchers to start off. Then Mariners (you know what happens when we play them...), Athletics (hopefully we can gain some ground there), Jays, Then we finally come home for the Tigers and Royals.

Twins, remember that long road trip last year when you absolutly sucked? This year, lets not suck and do some damage. You are better than last year and you know it!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

An All-Around Awesome Game

Last nights game was a super awesome one. This is what i liked

1. Carlos Silva sucking it up for us (thank you Carlos!)
2. Kubel's homer
3. Brian Buscher (everytime he came up to bat, I screamed: GOO BUSCH BABY!!!!)
4. Liriano
5. Punto's awesome DP
6. Ichiro dropping the ball
7. Jim Riggleman getting ejected (my first ejection!!)
8. Twins winning

Ahh...yes. I was a very loud Twins fan yesterday yelling in my Slowey shirt at nearly every Twins play. I also got my long waited for Gomez jersey (wearing now). And I also decided one thing.....


They are so cute!! I'll have to get one next time I'm at a pro shop. They aren't at the dome....sadly :(

Today: Twins win...but I am so sad how the bullpen was sooo close of making me spaz out if they lost. Thank you Buschbaby for hitting the game winning sac fly. Jesse Crain....I still hate you, and thank you Reyes, for winning.

Lets all go wish for an Oakland sweep of the Sox so we can be 2 games ahead of Chicago. Yay!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Young, Mr.Young

Two 3-run a row?? Yay Young! I can now like you since I now dislike Crain/Everette... :)

Delmy, you really helped out today....but ya know...Slowey deserves some credit. 1 run over 6 innings pitched is pretty darn good In my opinion. Ahh.....2 outa 3 from the Yankees. It feels so good.

Off Day Tomorrow (again?! I want MORE BASEBALL!!) , and then Liriano's game on Friday....can't wait to see him live at the dome.

Dear Minnesota Twins,
Please, PLEASE do not make asses of yourselves against the Mariners again. Please do not leave balls hanging for Ibaniez to hit. And Please have Span and Young play everyday of the series.


Leaving note: Slowey looked absoulutely AWESOME in his navy jersey today (and Blackburn as well yesterday). :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Baby, Baby!

Thank you to Glen Perkins' new daughter (lola? I think...). She made her daddy toughen up and pitch a gem. And what a gem it was. A gem against the YANKEES. Haha...I just LOVE when we beat them!

And Everette, be excited about your homer! In your just were like "it wasn't was just luck." EVERETTE, be proud! You are gunna need to be better since Casilla is coming back and you will be benched.

First place again, We just keep on flipping back and forth: 1/2 game ahead, behind, ahead....lets try to run away with this right now, ok Twins?

I can't wait to see Liriano this Friday as I am going to the game. I am soo wearing my Slowey shirt...or possibly my new Gosilla shirt ( I got it at Scheels...It is SO AWESOME).

Up next, my favorites, Blackburn in Slowey. Can I say...SWEEP?

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Just our luck

And Michael Cuddyer is injured again. Broken Foot by a line drive and 3 days before he was going to rejoin the Twins on Monday. Sad day.

But...Alexi Casilla is coming back soon (yay!!) This is great so we can finally get stupid Adam Everette out of the lineup (I strongly dislike him).

Kevin Slowey...did amazing again last night...But Nathan....NATHAN? What are you doing: loading the bases in the 9th inning? Please stop that...we need to beat KC.

And what about the Red Sox? They lose to the White Sox when we need them to beat them...we beat the White Sox bad...but not the Red confusing sport.

Tonite is Liriano and another win! Go Twins!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

And the "Best Burn" award goes to....

...our very own...Nick BLACKburn!

This burn did a very good job (but...did you think he had some trouble with his control? He threw like a bajillion balls!) but there was 1 person who litterally STOLE the show.

Mauer? Nada
Morneau? You wish...
Everette? Yeah right!
Casilla? Close...but he's still on the DL *sob*
Span? BINGO!

Span hit a 3 run triple, hit an RBI bunt (nearly 2) for 4 RBI's on the day...and he robbed the Mariners of a 2 run go-ahead homer (Crain, I just gotta say that you are soooo dang lucky). are THE MAN.

Very catchy new name for the Spanster I'd say...

So, offday I photoshopped some more Reyes...

He sure does love that Bud Lite....

K-Slo on 8/8/08! C'mon Twins....lets sweep KC...again!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Whistling the bad times away...

Ok, So we lost (again) to the worst team in baseball, the worst pitchers in baseball, the worst players in baseball (cept Ichiro and stupid Ibaniez...Ibaniez...yes...HE'S THE SPOILER. 11 RBI in 2 games vs. Us...Get him AWAY!!

We need to win this game in order to keep our reputation. The White sox won, so we are now 1 game behind when we should have had extra ground with a win on Monday.

Thank you to Jason Kubel for actually TRYING last night. And Bullpen...Please start pitching better!! Thank you!

So to make me (and all) happy, I photoshopped some pictures of Reyes... just to keep my mind off the game(s).

Here you are:

I feel soo much better already. And for more happy pictures check out Those Girls' site for some more happiness.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I am really confused...

So we can go and beat Chicago 3 times and let Seattle, who are 27 games back in their division, kick our butts? I am so lost here. 10 runs in the 7th inning? That is PATHETIC.

We seriously need to win the next 2 games or I, and other twins fans, will seriously lose their marbles. Twins! Be glad! You aren't facing Hernandez! You got one of the worst pitchers (at least this year) last night and you couldn't maintain your lead!

1 Positive thing about the game: Nick "Mighty" Punto hit his second homer. Go PUNTO!

I am just so fusterated right now that I could say a million swear words but I am going to keep them to myself, wait till 9 frickin' 10 PM and listen to the game and try to calm myself down hoping they will win.

They have to win right? This is the worst team in baseball! Why can't we win!!??!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Thank you...Thank You, Liriano for pitching SO great today! And now you can celebrate first place with the Twins!

And Kansas City deserves some credit because KC is great at being spoilers and helping teams [The Twins] out.

I'd like to say that when Lamb put the tag on that runner, I bleated out BAH BAH! Really loud...just to show my support of de lamb. :)

I have not yet said goodbye to Monroe and Hernandez thus far so I will say it now: SEE YA, DON'T THINK WE NEEDED YA. (Although, I think I will miss Monroe for some reason...)

This weekend I accomplished the task of recieving my long waited for Slowey T-shirt that I can tell you, will wear it to every Twins game I go to from now on no matter who is pitching just to show the love and support of the Slowey. :)
Ah! There it is!! :D

Now, with Liriano up, I don't have to wince about who is pitching anymore because I reeeely didn't want to see Hernandez pitch when I went to a game. I would have wanted to see Slowey or Blackburn expecially, and Baker and Perkins aren't that bad...but I did not want to watch Hernandez pitch just because he scares me every time he pitches. But Now with's all good to watch!

Some little things I'd like to throw in here: Welcome to the club Randy Ruiz. You are a BIG boy but you have so much power in you. I am gunna like you...I know it. Also, I wish a happy (belated) birthday to Matt Guerrier.

Leaving Note: Juan Rincon...I know you were very sad when the Twins relesed you and I do hope you went over to see your BFF Reyes before the game. He misses you Rin, he does.

Friday, August 1, 2008

I love the Minnesota Twins.

Three out of Four. THREE, OUTA FOUR from the leading White Sox. We could have been 6.5 games back by the end of this series. But where are we? One half of a game game back. We could be in first place by tonite!

I am so happy that I decided to wear my Nathan shirt today to show my love for my team and how they won the series against the sox. I am also bringing my dirt shirt with me this weekend when I go to the cities.

I was very pleased with Kubel last night. I admit in the beginning of the game I was saying "Stupid Kubel" because he wasn't doing anything productive. When he hit the homer I was satisfied. And to think...Gardee wasn't even gunna put him in the lineup in the first place.

Speaking of Gardee....That was a sweet drop kick of his hat there. And whoa...Twins fans can sure show when they are angry. Hats, Baseballs, FOOTBALLS...all over. Ozzy Guillen even had an argument with an old guy over the Sox duggout.

Cleveland is next and this would be a great time to move right up in to first place. Don't you think Twins?

Oh, and Casilla...PLEASE get better! PLEASE!!! We need you! And if you are out for the rest of the season...what will Gomez do? Oh! The tought I cannot bare it!!!

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