Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Sorry, that was just me taking my anger out in my keyboard.

I am so pissed right now, and truthfully, I don't know why. Maybe because we just lost the series TO SEATTLE which is the WORST TEAM IN BASEBALL.

Last nights game was terrible. And know what? It was NOT Scott Bakers fault. We just suck, against sucky pitchers.

Right now I feel like we have lost our playoff hopes. Yeah, I know there's still the big Chicago series, and we still have a month plus of baseball left, but 2 games behind feels like a MILLION games behind. And just think, 4 games ago we were in first place! Hopefully Chicago will lose a series and we can get back into first place.

Wow, Blogging this all out makes me feel a whole lot better. The Twins aren't done, no way, far from it. We are going to win today, and win a whole bunch more and Chicago WILL LOSE!!!

P.S. Randy Ruiz!! You hit your first Homer! Nice job buddy! We knew you had the power in there somewhere... ;)


Tricia said...

I think maybe you can just have Span be the permanent boyfriend of the seems like he's earned it!

S.Rail said...

I agree. I forgot to put up a new one yesterday...but when I think about it, he was my boyfriend yesterday because he saved a run, which could have gone in to Xtra innings. I do love Cuddy, but what would we do without span?!

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