Sunday, August 3, 2008


Thank you...Thank You, Liriano for pitching SO great today! And now you can celebrate first place with the Twins!

And Kansas City deserves some credit because KC is great at being spoilers and helping teams [The Twins] out.

I'd like to say that when Lamb put the tag on that runner, I bleated out BAH BAH! Really loud...just to show my support of de lamb. :)

I have not yet said goodbye to Monroe and Hernandez thus far so I will say it now: SEE YA, DON'T THINK WE NEEDED YA. (Although, I think I will miss Monroe for some reason...)

This weekend I accomplished the task of recieving my long waited for Slowey T-shirt that I can tell you, will wear it to every Twins game I go to from now on no matter who is pitching just to show the love and support of the Slowey. :)
Ah! There it is!! :D

Now, with Liriano up, I don't have to wince about who is pitching anymore because I reeeely didn't want to see Hernandez pitch when I went to a game. I would have wanted to see Slowey or Blackburn expecially, and Baker and Perkins aren't that bad...but I did not want to watch Hernandez pitch just because he scares me every time he pitches. But Now with's all good to watch!

Some little things I'd like to throw in here: Welcome to the club Randy Ruiz. You are a BIG boy but you have so much power in you. I am gunna like you...I know it. Also, I wish a happy (belated) birthday to Matt Guerrier.

Leaving Note: Juan Rincon...I know you were very sad when the Twins relesed you and I do hope you went over to see your BFF Reyes before the game. He misses you Rin, he does.


Mrs. Slowey said...

i have that shirt too! (the Slowey one). Not many of us out it's fun to wear! people give you looks when you wear it! :)

Anonymous said...

where did you get your Slowey t-shirt from!? I'm from wisconsin, and ive been looking on like every website trying to find one!

S.Rail said...

I actually got mine as a gift. I think they may have got it at a pro-shop, but I'm not sure. I don't think they sell them at the games, but they should!

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to find one with the number on the front but I havn't come across any, and all of the ones online are sold out of smalls! lol Thank you for your help!

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