Thursday, August 7, 2008

And the "Best Burn" award goes to....

...our very own...Nick BLACKburn!

This burn did a very good job (but...did you think he had some trouble with his control? He threw like a bajillion balls!) but there was 1 person who litterally STOLE the show.

Mauer? Nada
Morneau? You wish...
Everette? Yeah right!
Casilla? Close...but he's still on the DL *sob*
Span? BINGO!

Span hit a 3 run triple, hit an RBI bunt (nearly 2) for 4 RBI's on the day...and he robbed the Mariners of a 2 run go-ahead homer (Crain, I just gotta say that you are soooo dang lucky). are THE MAN.

Very catchy new name for the Spanster I'd say...

So, offday I photoshopped some more Reyes...

He sure does love that Bud Lite....

K-Slo on 8/8/08! C'mon Twins....lets sweep KC...again!


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