Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Baby, Baby!

Thank you to Glen Perkins' new daughter (lola? I think...). She made her daddy toughen up and pitch a gem. And what a gem it was. A gem against the YANKEES. Haha...I just LOVE when we beat them!

And Everette, be excited about your homer! In your interview...you just were like "it wasn't me...it was just luck." EVERETTE, be proud! You are gunna need to be better since Casilla is coming back and you will be benched.

First place again, We just keep on flipping back and forth: 1/2 game ahead, behind, ahead....lets try to run away with this right now, ok Twins?

I can't wait to see Liriano this Friday as I am going to the game. I am soo wearing my Slowey shirt...or possibly my new Gosilla shirt ( I got it at Scheels...It is SO AWESOME).

Up next, my favorites, Blackburn in Slowey. Can I say...SWEEP?


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