Friday, August 1, 2008

I love the Minnesota Twins.

Three out of Four. THREE, OUTA FOUR from the leading White Sox. We could have been 6.5 games back by the end of this series. But where are we? One half of a game game back. We could be in first place by tonite!

I am so happy that I decided to wear my Nathan shirt today to show my love for my team and how they won the series against the sox. I am also bringing my dirt shirt with me this weekend when I go to the cities.

I was very pleased with Kubel last night. I admit in the beginning of the game I was saying "Stupid Kubel" because he wasn't doing anything productive. When he hit the homer I was satisfied. And to think...Gardee wasn't even gunna put him in the lineup in the first place.

Speaking of Gardee....That was a sweet drop kick of his hat there. And whoa...Twins fans can sure show when they are angry. Hats, Baseballs, FOOTBALLS...all over. Ozzy Guillen even had an argument with an old guy over the Sox duggout.

Cleveland is next and this would be a great time to move right up in to first place. Don't you think Twins?

Oh, and Casilla...PLEASE get better! PLEASE!!! We need you! And if you are out for the rest of the season...what will Gomez do? Oh! The tought I cannot bare it!!!


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