Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I am really confused...

So we can go and beat Chicago 3 times and let Seattle, who are 27 games back in their division, kick our butts? I am so lost here. 10 runs in the 7th inning? That is PATHETIC.

We seriously need to win the next 2 games or I, and other twins fans, will seriously lose their marbles. Twins! Be glad! You aren't facing Hernandez! You got one of the worst pitchers (at least this year) last night and you couldn't maintain your lead!

1 Positive thing about the game: Nick "Mighty" Punto hit his second homer. Go PUNTO!

I am just so fusterated right now that I could say a million swear words but I am going to keep them to myself, wait till 9 frickin' 10 PM and listen to the game and try to calm myself down hoping they will win.

They have to win right? This is the worst team in baseball! Why can't we win!!??!!


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