Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Whistling the bad times away...

Ok, So we lost (again) to the worst team in baseball, the worst pitchers in baseball, the worst players in baseball (cept Ichiro and stupid Ibaniez...Ibaniez...yes...HE'S THE SPOILER. 11 RBI in 2 games vs. Us...Get him AWAY!!

We need to win this game in order to keep our reputation. The White sox won, so we are now 1 game behind when we should have had extra ground with a win on Monday.

Thank you to Jason Kubel for actually TRYING last night. And Bullpen...Please start pitching better!! Thank you!

So to make me (and all) happy, I photoshopped some pictures of Reyes... just to keep my mind off the game(s).

Here you are:

I feel soo much better already. And for more happy pictures check out Those Girls' site for some more happiness.


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