Saturday, August 16, 2008

An All-Around Awesome Game

Last nights game was a super awesome one. This is what i liked

1. Carlos Silva sucking it up for us (thank you Carlos!)
2. Kubel's homer
3. Brian Buscher (everytime he came up to bat, I screamed: GOO BUSCH BABY!!!!)
4. Liriano
5. Punto's awesome DP
6. Ichiro dropping the ball
7. Jim Riggleman getting ejected (my first ejection!!)
8. Twins winning

Ahh...yes. I was a very loud Twins fan yesterday yelling in my Slowey shirt at nearly every Twins play. I also got my long waited for Gomez jersey (wearing now). And I also decided one thing.....


They are so cute!! I'll have to get one next time I'm at a pro shop. They aren't at the dome....sadly :(

Today: Twins win...but I am so sad how the bullpen was sooo close of making me spaz out if they lost. Thank you Buschbaby for hitting the game winning sac fly. Jesse Crain....I still hate you, and thank you Reyes, for winning.

Lets all go wish for an Oakland sweep of the Sox so we can be 2 games ahead of Chicago. Yay!


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