Wednesday, August 20, 2008


What an effort put on by the boys last night. I was just in awe in how nobody sucked! Last nights lineup was by far my favoritest lineup that Gardee could have made. Span, Punto, Mauer, Morneau, Kubel, Ruiz, Buscher, Harris, Gomez, and Slowey. How can you get better than that!!??!

I am going to do a top 10 list of last night's game because there was so much stuff that rocked:
1. Slowey's career high 12 K's
2. Buschbaby's Homer
3. Gomez's Homer
4. Punto's awesome play
5. Bass kickin' ass
6. Everybody got a hit
8. Morneau's doubles
9. 3, 3 run innings, and 1 4 run inning combining a total of 16 hits on the night.
10. We WON!

Does anybody here agree with me that Randy Ruiz frickin' ROCKS?! And they were thinking of sending him down to AAA when Casilla comes up. Um, HELLO? He's hitting AWESOME. Send Everett down or something! Just keep my new Best Buddy (Slowey is still my #1 though...) Ruiz up in the Bigs!

The upcoming road trip scares me so bad. We have the angels first and we happen to be faceing their best pitchers to start off. Then Mariners (you know what happens when we play them...), Athletics (hopefully we can gain some ground there), Jays, Then we finally come home for the Tigers and Royals.

Twins, remember that long road trip last year when you absolutly sucked? This year, lets not suck and do some damage. You are better than last year and you know it!


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