Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Young, Mr.Young

Two 3-run a row?? Yay Young! I can now like you since I now dislike Crain/Everette... :)

Delmy, you really helped out today....but ya know...Slowey deserves some credit. 1 run over 6 innings pitched is pretty darn good In my opinion. Ahh.....2 outa 3 from the Yankees. It feels so good.

Off Day Tomorrow (again?! I want MORE BASEBALL!!) , and then Liriano's game on Friday....can't wait to see him live at the dome.

Dear Minnesota Twins,
Please, PLEASE do not make asses of yourselves against the Mariners again. Please do not leave balls hanging for Ibaniez to hit. And Please have Span and Young play everyday of the series.


Leaving note: Slowey looked absoulutely AWESOME in his navy jersey today (and Blackburn as well yesterday). :)


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