Saturday, August 23, 2008

Starting off Right

Whoa. This is way better than I expected the Twins to play against The Angels. We've guaranteed a split of this series!! And they've come against 2 of their toughest pitchers.

Watching the first 3 innings of the game in which we could have scored 2 runs, I was starting to feel nervous. But Delmy's homer blew my nerves away. Even though we only had a 2 run lead at that point, I knew that Perkins was going to pull through and pitch another great game.

Oh yeah, Ruiz? Man, you can HUSSLE down that line! How DO you do it? I would pinch run you for Morneau any day.

Speaking of Morneau....why does he have to suck against these guys? I bet he felt so good when he got that late hit last night. Poor Morneau, he'll have to wait till Oakland to add to his RBI collection.

Dear Twins: Keep up the good work! Only 12 games left and you can go home! And Blackburn, we aren't giving up a leadoff homer this series, right??


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