Saturday, August 30, 2008

Twins Domination

Twins: 12 A's: 2
R.Sox: 8 W.Sox: 0

We win, Sox Lose. Twins: 1/2 game behind. We are back where I like it (if only we were a half a game up). I just hate when the Twins drop to 1, 1.5, or even 2 games behind because it takes so much work to get back to the top.

Everybody did good yesterday...except Punto who was o-6, but it's ok, He'll impress us tonight. Slowey pitched an awesome game, giving up only two runs, and that was from a home run, so who even cares. 6 hits over 6 innings, is pretty darn good in my opinion. Mauer, good grief man! 4 RBI's and 5-6? That makes your average skyrocket!

So I read today that Casilla gets moved down to the 8 spot, and hey, That's an excellent idea. He hits better when he and Gomez are hitting next to eachother. Remember when they were 1&2 hitters? Our Lineup is so great starting at the number 8 spot: Casilla, Gomez, Span, and Punto. How can you have a faster lineup than that? And add Ruiz in there and we're good.

What amazes me, is that we scored 12 runs yesterday right? Not ONE run came from a homerun. Not 1. The Twins are so good that they don't need Homeruns (that often) they'll just double, single, double, drive people in while in scoring position. That is how we are still in this race is by Hustle and good, timely hitting when we need it.

Liriano tonight, this should be an excellent game. :)


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