Sunday, June 28, 2009

Two of Three?

I'll take that! I was really worried coming into this series. The Cardinals are a tough team, but WE won the series! Now if only Detroit could have some bad luck...

Game One...
FABULOUS job by G-Perk. He went the distance in pitching AND laid down two great sacrifice bunts. Close game, but we held on.

Game Two...
Poor Kevin Slowey. He got beat up early and was taken out in the third. He only got to bat once (sadly) and didn't get win number 11. GREAT performance by Bobby Keppel however. New guy pitching against his idols. What a dream come true that must have been for him! Dang Pujols has to ruin all of our fun...

Game Three...
Hands down Liriano's best performance of the season (sadly, it came 3 months into the season). Congrats to Morneau who hit a homerun. He hadn't hit one in SO long. The fans needed that excitement again :)

Busch Stadium looks amazing...and that was just on TV. It makes you really excited for next year doesn't it? I like to call Busch Stadium "Busch-er Stadium" because everytime I see BUSCH behind the batters it makes me think of Brian. And he got to play in game three at his stadium. Hoorah!
Busch-er Stadium.

Now that interleague is done, we need to focus on winning this thing. Lets go and beat up KC. Be fortunate guys, because we don't have to face Greinke. (yesss!)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Down under

Again. We try so hard to go over .500 let alone reach .500, and then just fall. Today's bat's were ICE. We got nothing.

Can we just forget that game? It's kind of hard too. 4 games back, 1 game ahead of Chicago, and once again 1 below .500. I guess there is some positives....

1) We are going to Milwaukee, and they just got swept and so it's the perfect time to beat them again.
2) Kevin Slowey gets to bat on Thursday in Milwaukee... (LIE! he is batting when in St.Louis on the 27th because of "sore ribs". Sad day folks, sad day)
3) I hate Detroit >:(

Congrats Cuddy, on your homerun for the only Twins run today and to Brian Buscher who got the other hit.

Not much else to say about today's blah game. So sorry to all the dads that came out to the dome to see a pittiful performance, and to Joe Mauer, whose 12 game hitting streak ended today.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Oh, Delmon Young!

How you please me! I quote from the post below "Keep it up Delmon (and hit a homerun...that will make me EXTRA happy!) ;) "

And what does he do? He hits a homerun in the bottom of the second (his 1st at bat).

He heard me! I swear it!

*sigh* :)

Forever Young

Twins baseball for ya last night. No Homeruns or big stuff like that, just the old fasioned bunts, singles, and sacrifices. Just how we like it!

First off, Nick Punto's bunt for the squeeze was PERFECT. Young (we'll talk about him more later) ran it perfectly as well.

Slowey, that superman, got his 10th win. Tied with Halladay, which is pretty spectacular. Can you say SLOWEY THE ALL-STAR? :)


Any last but not least, Delmon Young. He has made me happy these past few weeks, and yeserday, he won the game with his hitting...and fielding. The homerun saver was amazing (even though Gomez did look awesome scaling that wall...). Keep it up Delmon (and hit a homerun...that will make me EXTRA happy!) ;)

Baker tonght=Lots of K's. Run support tonight please!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Love Interleague

Top 3-4 Reasons for Interleague:
1) We rock
2) It is fun to watch teams we never play
3) We get to hit when away from home (i.e. Kevin Slowey=Best pitcher/hitter)
*4) Kristina thinks Andrew McCutchen is pretty hot. ;)

Have we gone over the .500 mark yet? Seems like we crawl to .500, then slip away, then crawl back etc. etc. etc. Today, our goal is to go over .500, and I think we have a pretty good chance at it.

Last night Glen Perkins didn't wear his ug-ly cut-off jersey during his "debut take two". If you don't know,
For the Love and I HATE when he wears his ugly jersey (and makes everyone else wear them). At least Kevin Slowey doesn't wear those things. Can you just imagine him in those things. Yucky.
Good Bad

...And while looking for these pictures, I came across this one from last nights game (6/16)

Either Mijares doesn't know how to hug, or he thinks Mauer fabrezed his jersey...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Baker Time

Great Performance last night Scotty (well, we won't count the 9th inning). You were nearly unhittable. You were really cookin'!

Great to see some more HR power last night too. Morneau, so happy you are actually thinking and not just trying to be macho. And Kubel, well, you just do your thing! (P.S. Bremer SO called the 3 run homerun last night).

Oh, have you seen this guy who is about 6 foot 1, 210 pounds, and last name starts with 'H' and ends in 'Arris'? Because he, is on Fire right now. The look of dissapointment on his face when his double didn't clear the fence. He tries so hard every game, and that's why he is my BF of the day. (one flaw, he does like to watch strike 3 and make a big deal over how it "wasn't even close")

And....Delmon Young. You proved me wrong last night, and I am glad you did! This was the first time this year I was actually happy you were in the line-up. Now that is something you don't hear from me everyday!!

Thumbs up for you Delmon Young!

Lets focus on winning the rest of this road trip, ok guys? (and please encourage Liriano to do good today...please)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


sigh. I am really not in a good mood since we cannot possibly win against the suckiest teams in baseball. I thought maybe, just maybe, we could end this crappy road record and start winning some more. I was wrong (unless miraculously we win every single game here in Oakland and in Chicago...).

So last night watched a little bit of the game (up until they got 3 Tolbert! hehe ) and then went to bed since these 9:10 games are rediculous, and thought this should give them the win tonight. Wrong again. Our pitchers blow our lead. This same thing happend with Slowey (what?!? exactly.). We built a lead, just for him to give up two HR's that eventually beat us.

And Morneau. You're trying too hard and it's making you look like a big pile of SUCK. When you swing, you don't even look at the ball! and you are missing by a mile! Not only you, but the top of the order is not pulling it's weight. Come ON guys. Wake Up here!

I will blog happy soon because the Twins WILL WIN TONIGHT (provided Delmon doesn't start)

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Off-day Blues

My daily schedule becomes wrecked when there is no Twins baseball on at 7. Is there something wrong with me? Naw, I'm just a die-hard fan :)

So, to keep me busy I have thought of many funny things (Mostly/Kinda Twins related) to post here today.

(First off, Way not to be swept in St. Petersburg twins. And Delmon Young? You are REALLY ticking me off here.)

Ok, back to keeping my mind busy when no Twins baseball is on:

This season we've sucked on the road. This is my interpretation of the situation.

*On the Road: Roadkill
*At Home: Heros

And, Does Anthony LaPanta have real hair? It disturbs me how thick it is in the front. Maybe it's to make Coomer jealous. And when they are broadcasting, Coom might as well kiss Anthony because his face is so close.

LaPanta Hair: Real? or Faux?

And to finish off my rambling, A song I could NOT get out of my head today: Ode To Joy, Twins style.

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