Monday, June 1, 2009

The Off-day Blues

My daily schedule becomes wrecked when there is no Twins baseball on at 7. Is there something wrong with me? Naw, I'm just a die-hard fan :)

So, to keep me busy I have thought of many funny things (Mostly/Kinda Twins related) to post here today.

(First off, Way not to be swept in St. Petersburg twins. And Delmon Young? You are REALLY ticking me off here.)

Ok, back to keeping my mind busy when no Twins baseball is on:

This season we've sucked on the road. This is my interpretation of the situation.

*On the Road: Roadkill
*At Home: Heros

And, Does Anthony LaPanta have real hair? It disturbs me how thick it is in the front. Maybe it's to make Coomer jealous. And when they are broadcasting, Coom might as well kiss Anthony because his face is so close.

LaPanta Hair: Real? or Faux?

And to finish off my rambling, A song I could NOT get out of my head today: Ode To Joy, Twins style.


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