Thursday, May 28, 2009

Not Bad...Not bad at all!

Twins: 5 R.Sox:6 (L) Liriano
Twins: 5 R.Sox: 2 (W) Blackburn
Twins: 4 R.Sox: 2 (W) Slowey
Twins: 1 R.Sox: 3 (L) Salami (Swarzak)

Splitting the series against the "Big, Tough, Homer-happy" Red Sox isn't that bad considering what happend to us in New York... (cough)

Sure, it we could have done better, but, we could have done worse. Poor Mauer, didn't do so well against Boston, so hopefully he will do alot better against Tampa in this next series.

And, What are the chances that BOTH managers and BOTH catchers get ejected from the same ballgame? At least Redmond didn't go and break the teams' drink machine with a bat like
Carlos Zambrano. Jeez, that guy is nuts!

Dear Delmon Young,

Yeah, um, you are making me kinda mad in how you are not doing so well. So, do you think that you could maybe do better? You really need to work on your 1) Hitting 2) Hustle 3) well, yeah there is only 2 but the 3 makes it look professional. So, yeah. Please get on that or you may have some fans not very happy (if they already aren't happy).

*Love you lots [not really]


Kristina said...

Agreed - c'mon Delmon. We need you, buddy.

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